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New updates and improvements to Linear.
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Front integration

We're excited to add Front integration to Linear. Similar to our Zendesk and Intercom integrations, this lets you create or link existing Linear issues from Front conversations. If you've set up Triage for your team, then issues created in Front will show up there for your team to review and prioritize. From Front you can view more information about linked issues such as the assignee, status, and priority. We also re-open archived conversations when linked issues have been marked as completed or canceled.

The integration is build using Front's new Links API which adds Linear links directly into Front's conversation interface. Link one or multiple issues directly from the Linear integration in the Front app sidebar or from a Linear issue by adding the conversation URL. Enable the feature in workspace settings.

Universal links

We're rolling out a new change that will allow you to choose to have links open in the desktop app automatically instead of opening them in your default browser. Keep an eye out for the in-app prompt to remember this setting! The preference call also be toggled under account preferences.

Fixes and improvements

  • Up arrow key in comments now allows editing the previous comment
  • The vertical line to Today on Roadmap now slowly moves as time flows
  • Issue suggestions with # in the editor are now smarter and easier to use
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly calculate the end-time of cycles in certain timezones during the switch from daylight saving time to winter time
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-close issues settings couldn't be disabled
  • Updated design of popovers for related issues
  • Pressing Enter after : no longer always inserts an emoji 😅
  • Cycle indicators in issues no longer treat years as cycle numbers
  • Inline filtering of boards and views now persists between reloads and page transitions
  • Pressing Enter on a check-boxed command menu item will now de-select the item instead of closing the menu if the item hasn't previously been toggled using space
  • The integration from which someone created the issue is now displayed in the issue history alongside the issue creator
  • Project documents now display the last user that edited them
  • Improved the way sub-actions are displayed in the command menu when searching for actions
  • Fixed a bug where shortcuts wouldn't work after clicking a favorite link
  • Menus now always open sub-actions in place, instead of in the big command menu
  • Improved matching when searching for filter options
  • Fixed erroneous matching of URLs to issue identifiers in issue descriptions and comments
  • All filter options are now searchable in the new filters menu
  • Restored Escape to cancel editing issues
  • Improved performance of the new filter UI on large views
  • Current assignee name is now shown on tooltip within Issue rows
  • Fixed posting of linkbacks to GitLab merge requests
  • Fixed bug in timestamps that could display "0y ago"
  • [API] Fixed a bug that caused OAuth application webhooks to not update properly
  • [API] Optimized the execution of more complicated queries leading to faster GraphQL queries
  • [API] Many endpoints now validate for null values in inputs instead of responding with an internal server error

Preview: New filters

Filters in Linear help you find the issues that are relevant to you. We have made filters even more powerful and flexible by re-engineering them from the ground up. We now allow more types of filters and ways to combine them. The interface for creating filters has also been redesigned to make adding filters faster and smoother. Filters also power Views, so now you can use the new filters to create any view you can think of, to save for later or share with the rest of your team.

With our new filters, you can now include or exclude part of a filter, control how label filters should match against issues in the view, and combine filters together to show views with all or any filters applied. To use different operators and refine queries, click on parts of the filter formula to modify it.

We have also added date filters that let you match issues by when they were created, updated, completed, or when they're due. See issue before or after a certain date or combine filters to view date ranges.

New filters are available as a Linear Preview feature. To enable it for your workspace, ask an admin to open the command menu with Cmd/Ctrl K and search for "New filters".

Cycle improvements

Cycles are Linear's way to timebox work into one or multi-week long blocks. We designed cycles so they'd be easy to set up and work automatically, without much manual work to maintain them. As our customers have grown, and Linear has grown with them, we received requests to have more control over cycles. Today we're excited to introduce more controls for cycle schedules, updates, and naming, while still keeping the feature simple and automated:

  • When enabling cycles, you can select if the cycles should start from current week, or the next week, along with other preferences
  • Cycle numbering will now reset back to one if you disable and then re-enable cycles
  • Completed issues can now be moved to the previously completed cycle retroactively (the last cycle now shows up as a cycle option)

We also wanted to provide an easier way to name your cycles. Now if you rename and number cycles (e.g. "Week 1"), this custom pattern will be automatically replicated to upcoming cycles with increments in the number. This will make it easier to set a custom cycle naming pattern and override Linear's default numbering.

Preview: Project docs

Since launching Roadmap, we've had requests for a more robust project details section. This new feature adds the ability to attach long form text documents to your projects. You can use this space to add briefs, RFCs, or write any content that's related to your project and keep it within Linear.

Create a document with Cmd/Ctrl K by searching "document" or add one from the project details sidebar. Link to documents from issues, comments, or other documents by typing "+" then the document name.

Project documents are available as a Linear Preview feature. To enable it for your workspace, ask an admin to open the command menu with Cmd/Ctrl K and search for "Project documents".

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved ESC behavior on the search page. ESC will now clear the search input field if it contains any text. Otherwise, it will navigate back.
  • We now display a more accurate issue source in issues that are created through the API and integrations, such as Slack, GitHub, etc.
  • You can now react to personal new comment notifications in your Slack DM with the Linear bot to add a reaction to the new comment. Approve the new permissions by turning your personal Slack notifications off and then back on in your settings.
  • Fixed a SAML login issue for the Google identity provider
  • "Move to cycle" action no longer adds an "Active" prefix to the active cycle
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar would not always highlight the correct item
  • Improves navigation to cycles and triage settings in the workspace overview settings page
  • Fixed sidebar highlight states for the roadmap and my issues navigation elements
  • Fast issue editor now has better tooltips for the save button
  • Increased the width of the suggestion popover when mentioning an issue
  • The assignee options for assigning an issue from Slack will now only show members of the issue's team
  • You can now select the project and status while creating a new issue from Slack
  • Cmd/Ctrl Enter now creates the issue instead of opening the property selector in the fast issue editor when a property has keyboard focus
  • Fixed a bug that could cause keyboard events in the contextual menu to be applied to the outside context
  • Improved startup time of the application
  • When checking a todo-item on an issue, we no longer create an "issue description changed" history entry
  • Removed team selection from sidebar's new issue button in favor of team selection in the modal
  • Added better error messages when trying to delete a team from a project that has issues associated with the project
  • 'Select all' and 'Select none' are now available commands when viewing lists and boards
  • Fixed layout problems with an empty archive
  • Branch names that refer to previous issue identifiers will now correctly create a link in GitHub and GitLab
  • Avatar changes are now saved automatically after uploading
  • Fixed a bug causing issues created from Slack to sometimes be created multiple times
  • Fixed an issue that could make it impossible to delete projects
  • Fixes an issue with archiving projects when the project contains issues with relations
  • Removed team selection from sidebar's new issue button in favor of team selection in the modal
  • Intercom conversations will now be correctly reopened when an internal comment is posted from Linear
  • Slack notifications about new issues and comments for teams and projects will no longer have Linear mentions converted to Slack mentions in the issue or comment
  • Fixed possibility of double scrollbars appearing in lists when scrollbars are set to always visible
  • Inline code no longer breaks to wrap unnecessarily
  • Fixed a bug where the default state for creating issues would be incorrect
  • All application modals now use a darker background-color
  • Fixed the ordering on the triage page
  • Added some text to the "Add team" button in the project page
  • We no longer search GitLab MR comments for magic words to link issues, as that could lead to confusing results
  • The label list for the Intercom integration is now sorted alphabetically
  • You can now unselect a label or assignee when creating a new issue with the Intercom integration
  • If an OAuth application has webhooks enabled, we will now properly show that on the authorized applications page
  • Avatars are now correctly vertically aligned on integration setting pages
  • Fixed an issue where the inbox took a long time to render on a fresh client if the workspace contained a lot of issues
  • Moved the search button in the app sidebar
  • The project details sidebar design was refreshed with collapsible sections
  • Fixed a non-draggable area at the top of the desktop app window at small sizes
  • Added Cmd L shortcut to link URLs to issues. The shortcut is Alt Ctrl L on Windows to prevent conflicts
  • Fixed sidebar item highlighting not correctly updating when switching themes
  • You can now hide all completed issues in the all issues view
  • Removing a favorite from the sidebar is now undoable
  • Fixed a bug where the favorite icon on the issue page didn't update correctly
  • Fixed issue where adding a backtick in the editor would lose a character when formatting as inline code
  • Fixed up the hover state of links in toast messages
  • Editor suggestions will no longer be triggered inside of links or inline code
  • Pressing enter now opens submenus in contextual menus
  • Updated Pull Request link styling in issues
  • Added syntax highlighting for CSS
  • Improved the understandability of the home view settings menu
  • Timeline bars will end at the end of the day
  • Fixed cursor jumping to issue description when creating an issue from
  • Buttons that trigger context menus now consistently show as active while the menu is open
  • Fix timeline estimate blue bars not ending at the correct date
  • The Google Sheets export integration now also exports the parent issue's identifier
  • [API] Labels that are added to an issue are now validated to belong to the team of the issue
  • [API] Fixed a problem that caused ordinal fields to flip the null-filter
  • [API] Added new query endpoint, administrableTeams, which lists all teams that the user has admin access to


Linear has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type I audit, affirming the effectiveness of our security processes and controls.

Security has always been a top priority at Linear. We have focused on making all aspects of the service secure, including product design, server architecture, and employee access. Now, automated monitoring through Vanta and formal policies allow us to stay up to date on our security posture at all times.

For customers that wish to receive a copy of the report, please email

Faster initial app launches

We've optimized how we load workspace data when you access it for the first time. Large workspaces contain a lot of data and we no longer wait for all of the data to be available before letting the user interact with the application. Instead, less frequently accessed data will continue to be streamed in while the user uses the application.

This optimization can make initial app launches for large workspaces up to 10 times faster.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug causing Slack actions to sometimes fail if no workspace Slack integration is installed
  • Imported comments will now be migrated with their original creation date rather than the time of the migration
  • Renamed URL based "issue attachments" as "issue links" in the UI to prevent confusion with file attachments
  • Fixed a bug causing the Linear GitHub bot to sometimes not post a comment with a Linear link on GitHub pull requests
  • Fixed erroneous matching of URLs to issue identifiers in issue descriptions and comments
  • The Intercom integration will correctly show an error when you attempt to link an already linked issue to the conversation
  • Keyboard hints are now shown on issue navigation buttons at all times
  • We now always preserve the title and description when switching teams while creating issues
  • Clarified that in order to select a custom view to be your default home view, it must be favorited
  • Keyboard hints are now shown on issue navigation buttons at all times
  • [API] It's now possible to create a related comment when creating an issue attachment with the attachmentCreate mutation
  • When migrating team members, we now attempt to map imported team members to existing team members by name
  • The issue detail view within the Intercom integration will now include the issue's team name
  • Notifications for issues created and assigned from Slack will correctly show the person who created/assigned the issue rather than "Assigned by Linear"
  • Fix cycle not populated correctly when creating an issue from a cycle page
  • Fix missing shortcuts when opening a sub-issue (or targeting the parent issue)
  • Fix missing shortcuts related to notification when opening an issue from the inbox
  • The team list for the Intercom integration is now sorted alphabetically
  • You can now use Slack actions with only your personal Slack notifications integration enabled
  • Slack actions will no longer show up in project and team notification messages if the workspace Slack integration is not enabled
  • Fixed a bug where having an issue draft would cause problems with the triage functionality
  • Fixed a problem where command menus would get cut off
  • Improved performance when creating and rendering custom views
  • Triage actions now appear at the top of the command menu
  • Fixed new comments not being posted to Intercom conversations as requested
  • Fixed a problem loading comments and issue history for issues that are moved from a private to a public team
  • Fixed a race condition in sync that could make clients fall out of sync under certain network conditions
  • Individual integration settings show enabled status more clearly, along with more information about the user who enabled it and when
  • Pressing / now correctly focuses the search field again
  • Fixed GitHub magic word matching and general issue identifier matching in text
  • Added a warning when labels or projects would be removed from an issue when it's moved to another team
  • Fixed a few cases where the default issue state would not be applied correctly
  • Added a tooltip for comments in notifications in Inbox
  • We've fixed an issue with the migration assistant that could break when processing external issue descriptions for Jira
  • It's now possible to use arrow keys to move between the issue title and description
  • Tab colors will now match your Linear theme when supported by the browser
  • Fixed a bug where issues might incorrectly be hidden from views if they had been closed and re-opened
  • Fixed visual bug in organization switcher
  • Improved GitHub and GitLab issue linking with magic words and fixed an issue where magic words wouldn't be recognized in multi-line descriptions.
  • Improved the performance of issue editor when large code blocks are present
  • Long file names for attachments will no longer overflow on smaller width screens
  • Images in editor are now displayed as smaller thumbnails
  • Issue triage actions now open in large command menu
  • Fixed cycle end dates displayed when selecting cycle from a list.
  • Referencing the current issue in a comment will no longer create a relation from the current issue to itself
  • Relations referencing an issue from itself will no longer be created when merging issues
  • Added `Ctrl`+`L` shortcut to link URL to issue
  • Fixed a bug where issues restored from archive would be archived again the following day
  • Mentioning parent & child issues in comments no longer creates a relation
  • Admins will now be able to see and modify all issue imports
  • Zooming on tall images no longer causes them to extend off the bottom of the screen
  • If someone deletes an issue while you're looking at it, issue history is now correctly retained

Audit Log

Linear Plus plan subscribers have now access to Audit Log which tracks important security related events for your workspace. We track new sessions, changes to workspace settings, integrations and any authentication related changes. You can view recent log events from workspace settings, or query and filter them through Linear's GraphQL API. Logs are retained for 90 days.

Audit Log is available for all Plus plan subscribers.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added buttons to create an issue from list group headers when grouping by cycle, project & assignee
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pipe characters in issue titles
  • Only admins are now allowed to toggle the Milestones feature
  • Fixed a bug in Safari where the color picker didn't show any colors
  • Fixed a bug where board layout would look weird on user pages
  • Updated the positioning of command menus
  • Made the template picker easier to find
  • [API] Added new endpoint `issueBatchUpdate` that can be used to updated multiple issues with one request
  • Fixed some GitHub issue descriptions causing imports of those issues to fail
  • Fixed a bug where issues created in active cycles would end up in the backlog
  • Added a Linear Preview feature to use board layout and manual ordering with any grouping
  • Fixed bug where the "Active issues are required to belong to a cycle" setting would not be respected
  • Fixed a bug where the Comment button would not work in Safari
  • Fixed showing the correct issue ID in toast after issue is moved between team
  • Fixed a double click + right click interpreted as triple click in the editor
  • Fixes tab navigation in Favorites sidebar section
  • Improved handling of expired GitLab tokens.
  • Double clicking desktop titlebar now respects system preferences
  • Tab in a todo list now correctly nests the list item
  • Fixed bug in desktop app where Cmd+arrow would not work in input fields
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the desktop app from updating. Please grab the latest version from our download page.
  • Team visibility settings have been moved from Team Members to General settings section
  • Added support for Clojure in code blocks
  • Assignees and creators will now be properly transferred over from GitHub when mapped to existing users and using the issue migration assistant
  • Old issue URL's now redirect to reflect the latest issue identifier

Slack notification actions

We've made it easier to update Linear issues directly from Slack. You can now comment on an issue, assign one to a teammate, or subscribe/unsubscribe from an issue, all directly from Slack.

If you receive a Slack notification about a comment on your issue, you will be able to immediately respond via the "Comment" button on the message. You will also be able to unsubscribe or assign the issue by selecting the actions under the "More actions..." dropdown. Additionally, when an issue link is unfurled, the message will now include these actions, allowing you to respond, subscribe to or assign the issue right from the Slack message.

Fixes and improvements

  • When you re-assign an issue, assigned notifications for the previous owner are now deleted
  • Improved support for SAML with support for OneLogin
  • We now delete all appropriate notifications from the previous assignee
  • Issue assigned notifications are no longer deleted when an issue's priority is lowered from urgent
  • Autocompleting an inline suggestion in the editor will no longer create two spaces after the suggestion
  • Autocompletion in the editor now matches text up until the cursor position, making it possible to e.g., @mention someone without first adding a space after the cursor
  • Relationships between issues are now copied when merging issues
  • Projects in the project picker menu are now sorted more intelligently
  • Added keyboard shortcut hints to sidebar navigation controls for desktop application
  • Changed highlight on a linked comment to disappear after the user clicks the page
  • Clicking the issue history entries timestamp now copies the link to your clipboard
  • API filters now truncate all dates to the closest millisecond
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent creating issues from Slack
  • Fix inline filter not focusing when opened from the command menu
  • Fixed a layout issue in the sidebar for long workspace names
  • Fix to allowing cancel in confirm step before moving issues between teams
  • Fix to issues where Linear's layout shifted unexpectedly
  • Fixed bug where closing emoji autocomplete would try to discard the issue
  • Fixed when attempting to clear search input could result in a previous search term reappearing
  • Fixed some instances where text was not properly escaped for Slack notifications
  • Fixed the issue URL not being posted in a channel after an issue is created from Slack
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Intercom integration not to load for very long conversations
  • Fixed a race condition that would allow navigating away from the editor before images had completed uploading
  • Fixed a bug where buttons and toggles in the issue create modal would not work correctly with the keyboard
  • Related issues where sometimes shown and sometimes filtered from search incorrectly, this is now fixed

Desktop Navigation

Today we're rolling out a new version of our desktop application with improved navigation controls and recent issue history navigation. These changes will bring our desktop application closer to the navigation controls found in the web version. To quickly jump between issues Recent Issue History menu displays the list of issues you accessed recently. You can also access the same list through Open Issue... shortcut O then I.

In addition to visual back and forward buttons, we also added new keyboard shortcuts (CmdArrowLeft CmdArrowRight) in addition to existing ones (Cmd[ Cmd]) to make keyboard navigation easier on some non-US keyboard layouts.

If you already have the Linear desktop application installed, you will get a prompt to upgrade to the latest version (1.4.0). If you don't yet have the desktop app installed download from

Fixes and improvements

  • Inbox notifications for comments now scroll and highlight the corresponding comment in issue view
  • Default templates are applied when creating issues from the + button in the list and board headers
  • Previewing a Figma link is now faster and smoother
  • Clearer selection state in the editor
  • Added controls for setting the default status for new issues
  • Issue imports are now correctly marked as "processing" when they are enqueued for processing
  • Issue history now correctly uses the avatar of the user assigning the issue to another user
  • Fixed editor suggestions hanging on screen after issue creation modal is minimized
  • Fixed edge case where the active cycle would briefly disappear from the UI
  • Fixed an issue where users were incorrectly deleted from the client, leading to crashes
  • Fixed the layout of the invite accept screen
  • Fixed error when changing an issue to/from blocked from another relationship
  • Fixed formatting of user avatars when undoing actions
  • Fixed a bug where "hidden columns" would be empty after deleting a hidden status
  • Fixed uploading the same file multiple times would not work in the editor
  • Fixed unfurling of custom view links in Slack
  • Improved the display of images that could not be loaded in the editor
  • The Slack integration will no longer show an error when an issue is being created from a very long message

GraphQL Filters

We added extensive filtering options to our GraphQL API to make it easier to find specific entities without wading through all of an organization's data.

Filtering is available wherever results are paginated. It lets you filter based on entity properties, use and/or logical operators, and filter based on an entity's relations. Here are some examples of the more complicated queries that you can accomplish using the new filtering:

  • Find all issues with the label bug or defect with a high priority in the workspace assigned to you
  • Find all projects where a particular person is the lead that has open issues and is due in the next month
  • Find all labels that contain the word design, have a high priority, and are associated with issues in a particular team's projects.

With our recent changes that let OAuth applications consume webhooks, filtering should make it easier to create real-time API applications that don't need to poll all of the organization's data very frequently.

Read more on filtering in our developer's guide.

Rate Limiting

With the recent changes that help you get the exact data you need from our API (GraphQL filters) and improvements to how you can get real-time updates from us (webhooks), we're starting to roll out rate limiting on our GraphQL API.

We're starting without enforcing the limits, but exposing them to you in our API response headers. If you're using API keys to query us or if you're an OAuth app developer, you should look into whether your current usage would get limited after a certain amount of requests.

In the next few days we'll also begin sending out emails to API key owners and OAuth app developers who are repeatedly getting limited and asking them to adjust their usage.

These changes are necessary to ensure equitable availability of our API for everyone and to prevent potential abuse. If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to us on any of the standard channels, such as email, the Slack community (#api channel), or Twitter.

Read more on rate limits in our developer's guide.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where clicking a PR in issue lists would open the incorrect PR
  • Front and Zendesk are now updated with a more clear message when the linked issue is merged into another and cancelled
  • Highlight the issue comment when opening from a link
  • Fixed some issues in sync where stale data relationships could cause client errors
  • Webhooks now include `organizationId` to differentiate between workspaces when installed using OAuth applications
  • Increased maximum project name length to 80 characters
  • The app now works correctly in Firefox with `resistFingerprinting` enabled
  • Added a warning to issue compose in situations where there are unsaved changes and user reloads the page

Small fixes & improvements

We love launching new features, but this week we have focused on smaller bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements to the product. Here are some highlights:

Ordering by link count

When keeping track of user requests you often get a lot of links in related issues. To help with prioritizing requests we have added the option to sort lists by the number of links in each ticket. To enable this, go to the view options menu in the top right corner and select "Link count" under "Ordering". You can also display information about links in issues in the list view by enabling the "Links" display property.

Improvements to multi-team views

For views with issues from multiple teams, we have improved the performance in cases where only a few teams are filtered out. This should bring noticeable speed improvements to such views in larger workspaces. We also made it possible to hide all columns in multi-team board views.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug that would cause duplicate relations between issues to be created
  • Fixed hover styling on section headers in the sidebar
  • Fixed issue where you could get board views grouped by the wrong property
  • Fixed a bug which caused some projects to not be archived
  • Generated branch names will no longer include emoji characters
  • Issues imported from Asana will now have subtasks added as a checklist on the parent issue
  • Fixed issue history entries so they don't line-break in the middle of words
  • Links created via the API will no longer all be grouped together when filtering by link source
  • We now disconnect unusable Sentry integrations that had their tokens expired due to a previous bug
  • Old team identifiers can now be deleted in the team general settings
  • We now correctly escape Jira project keys in the Migration Assistant
  • We fixed some bugs and edge cases with image uploads
  • GitHub/GitLab integration doesn't share issue details from private teams in linkbacks anymore
  • Improved the positioning of the floating toolbar in issue and comment editor
  • Improved performance of accepting triage issues

Easier invites

Inviting people into your workspace is a key component of access management and we've improved the flow that makes it easier to accept invites and mitigates some previous edge cases.

Accepting an invite email will now work even if you're already signed into Linear and have an existing account, and works even if you're not signed into the correct account that the invite is for. This makes the entire process clearer.

We've also added the ability to easily resend invites. You can find this feature in the Members section where the outstanding invitations are displayed at the end of the list.

Webhook improvements

We've recently made a few improvements to webhooks. You can now find webhooks in organization API settings, allowing you to create webhooks for all public teams in your organization. Existing webhooks will continue to work in the same way, and you can still create webhooks for individual teams.

OAuth applications now also have the ability to create webhooks. This is useful if you want notifications about relevant events pushed to your app rather than having to poll for updates. Whenever a new organization authorizes your application, a webhook will be created, sending the events of your choice to your provided URL. We recommend switching to webhooks rather than frequently polling, especially if you are polling a large data set. Check out the webhook documentation for more information.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved support of Jira on-premise installations in migration assistant.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause the desktop app to consistently use more CPU after a fresh login
  • Selected labels are now grouped together in menus
  • We now properly notify admins and revoke Figma and Sentry integrations if we can't access the services anymore
  • Projects with zero effort now correctly show progress
  • When moving issues between teams, your teams are now listed at the top
  • Improved user experience and speed of moving issues between teams
  • Fixed issue suggestion widget on the editor that might not show the exact match for an issue identifier
  • Fixed url redirection to the wrong issue after moving it to another team
  • Notification reminder emails for a single notification now have more descriptive subject lines

Multi-team boards & manual ordering

It's now possible to use board layout for all* views in Linear. This includes the "All" tab under multi-team views as well as all custom views. Previously, only views containing issues from a single team could be manually ordered and viewed in board layout. Since teams can have their own states and each state is its own column on a board, some issues on multi-team boards will be moved to another team when they’re dragged to certain columns. When moving an issue to a state that only exists on another team, you will need to confirm that you meant to move the issue to that team. In addition to board layout, manual ordering in list layout is also available for multi-team views. To enable board view or manual ordering, go to view preferences in the top right corner of the view.

* My Issues, Archived issues, and completed cycles can not be viewed using board layout

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed caret jumping in the editor in Firefox when navigating with arrow keys
  • Fixed issue where dragging inside of the search input on the desktop app moved the window
  • Fixed an issue that caused comment and issue content to disappear when the theme was changed
  • Reopening a closed pull request is now also displayed in Linear
  • Fixed an issue where special characters would not be filtered from generated branch names
  • Fixed some places on the desktop app where the window was not draggable, but it should have been
  • You can now filter by issue attachment source, e.g. Intercom, Slack, Zendesk, etc.
  • Fixed a bug causing issue migrations to sometimes fail when importing users
  • We now respect pointer settings on the search page
  • Fixed a bug where issue history would be displayed in the wrong order
  • The user mapping section in the migration assistant correctly recognizes existing users and allows you to map/search all workspace members
  • The billing page now correctly updates after updating your payment method
  • Fixed a bug preventing some URLs from being used for issue attachment links
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't delete templates that were the default for team or non-team members
  • Relations are now created to issues when they are mentioned in issue descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where in certain situations a canceled issue might be moved to the next cycle