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Workspace Region

Choose your data region.

Your data region selection chosen at workspace creation is permanent, and cannot be updated at a later date.
Workspace data region selector when creating a new workspace


When creating a new workspace, you may select which region the workspace will be hosted in. Currently, you can select between two regions:

  • United States
  • European Union

This choice determines where data for your workspace will be stored. Under normal circumstances, performance differences between the regions are not noticeable.

You should select the region based on where you want your data to be stored. Most of the data associated with the workspace — including issue descriptions and uploaded attachments — will only be stored in the selected region. Exceptions to this rule are listed below.

Data always stored in the United States

Regardless of which region you select for your workspace, the following data will be stored in the United States:

  • Information about the workspace, all user account information and user created API keys, used to authenticate users and direct them to the right region.
  • Notification emails that are sent to workspace users will be stored in the U.S. for 7 days by our email sending partner.
  • Usage data, used for analytical purposes.
  • Workspace data and user account information used for analytical purposes. This data has been stripped of any information that might be confidential, including issue titles and descriptions, comment content, project names, team names, and document content and roadmap names among others.
  • User account information associated with any crashes that happen on the client or when processing a client or API request, in order to be able to debug crashes.