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Linear Asks

Turn Slack requests into actionable issues

Linear Asks is the easiest way to create and manage workplace requests. Streamline bug reports, feature ideas, IT tickets, HR requests, and more.

See how it works

Create requests in Slack. Manage them in Linear.

Linear Asks is a new take on intake. Submit requests directly from Slack and automatically send them to the relevant team in Linear. Eliminate cluttered channels and reduce context switching.


Works where your team already is. In Slack.

Let everyone in your Slack workspace turn their requests into Linear issues — even if they don’t have a Linear account.


Create custom templates for different Slack channels.

A Slack template for a bug report, filled with information about a login issue.

Private Asks

Create private Asks via DM for sensitive requests.

A Slack message from adrien that reads: 'Could I get access to Google Analytics?'

Automation Triggers

Turn any message into an Ask simply by using an emoji.

A Slack notification from the Linear Asks app that reads: 'Lora Baines changed status to Done for DATA-386 "New query for Sales dashboard"'.

Instant Updates

Get notified about comments and status updates directly in Slack.


Respond to requests faster than ever before.

Review, prioritize, assign, and update each issue without ever switching back to Slack.

A comment thread in Linear that is synced with Slack. Sara H. Douglas commented 'I got this one!' and Alex C. replied 'OK great, thank you!'.

Realtime thread sync

Reply to Asks directly from Linear.


Manage incoming requests from a shared team inbox.

The Triage view in Linear, showing a list of issues created by Asks.The Triage menu in Linear, with options for 'Accept', 'Mark as duplicate' and 'Decline'.

Built for speed

Fly through your requests with rapid-fire keyboard commands.

Three private teams within Linear: 'People', 'Compliance', and 'Security'.

Private teams

Control who has access to
sensitive requests.

“With Linear Asks we can centralize all internal request workflows across hundreds of employees including legal, IT, and customer support.”

Create powerful pro workflows.

Advanced features like SLAs, Triage, and Linear Insights unlock new levels of control over your request workflows.



See trends around response time, workload, and other reports.

Linear's insights panel, showing issues based on external creation source.Linear's insight panel for selecting an external source, showing 'Asks', 'Front', 'Intercom', and 'Sentry'.
Linear's issue activity view, showing that Leela created the issue from Asks, Linear updated the description, and Linear notified nan based on the Triage responsibility setting.

Triage responsibility


Automatically assign or notify team members.

Automatic deadlines

Apply SLAs to time-sensitive Asks to communicate urgency.

How teams use Linear Asks

Linear Asks supports all types of workplace requests. From engineering and design to IT, legal, and HR.

Streamline bug reporting

Enable people outside of engineering to quickly file bug reports without worrying about complex issue details.

Links between Slack and Linear, showing how the #eng Slack channel uses the Bug template in Linear.

Standardize Ops requests

Configure templates with concrete instructions, placeholders, and checkboxes to standardize and streamline intake.

Slack messages showing example IT requests, like 'I need a new computer' and 'The conference room audio is not working'.

Build an IT help desk

Turn any message in your #ask-IT channel into an IT ticket by reacting with a 🎫 emoji.

A Slack template for 'Data science' filled out with a request for help with an SQL query.

Improve customer success

Add Linear Asks to shared Slack channels to enable your most important customers to file bug reports and feature requests.

A Slack template for 'KYC request' with automatic placeholders for identity requirements like 'Driving license' and 'Credit or debit card'.

Centralize data request intake

Manage requests and questions to your Data Science team more efficiently.

Slack message from the Linear Asks app showing that user Leela created a new Bug report from a Slack message.

Manage sensitive HR tickets

Create private Asks via DM for sensitive requests that only you and your HR team can access.

A Slack direct message notification from a user asking about their paycheck.

Activate Linear Asks
for your team

Linear Asks is available on the Linear Enterprise plan.
Request a free trial to see if Asks is right for you.