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New updates and improvements to Linear.
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AI filters

AI Filters

Today we’re releasing AI Filters. Describe the issues or projects you want to see in a few words, and the corresponding filters will be applied using AI. You can chain multiple requests together to quickly find the issues you need.

Here are some prompts you can use to quickly build views:

Issue Views

  • Open bugs with SLAs
  • Open issues assigned to me
  • What are Jacob and Sarah working on?
  • Show me everything that belongs to the design team that is overdue

Project views

  • Open projects 3 months past their target date
  • Completed this quarter
  • Open projects Raissa is part of

Access AI Filters from the Filter button or by pressing F on any issue or project view. You can filter for any field that is available in the regular filter menu. To filter across all issues in your workspace, create a custom view shared with all teams and then filter on top of it.

AI is powerful and at times can be unpredictable. If you're not getting the results you expect, try rephrasing your query. We're working hard to improve the feature and make it more accurate.

AI Filters is part of an ongoing set of experiments from our AI Skunk Works team to explore how artificial intelligence can help to make Linear faster and more effective. Expect to see more from the team in the coming months.

Improved navigation

We have made several improvements that made it easier to navigate within the app and utilize the new desktop tabs feature.

Interactive Popovers

Now, when you hover over links, properties, and controls for issues, projects, roadmaps, and views, an interactive popover will appear. The popovers share more context about the linked item as well as key details and metrics. For instance, when you hover over the project property that shows up on an issue, a popover will appear that includes the project name, description, project health, and percentage completion. Hovering over the PR link on an issue will show you PR details including who reviewed it.

Click on the popover title to navigate to the corresponding page. Interactive popovers are accessible across the app from list views, board views, and sidebar controls.

 + Left Click to open a new tab

For even more convenience, you can now use  + Left Click to open the page in a new tab on your browser or desktop. We've also added the ability to use  + Left Click to navigate to a corresponding page. For example, clicking on a project link will open a dropdown to change the project, while  + Left Click will open the corresponding project page in a new tab.

Right-click contextual menus

All links and controls for for issues, projects, roadmaps, and users now have a right-click contextual menu.

Recently Viewed

On the desktop app, the Recently viewed modal now includes other pages such as projects, roadmaps, and custom views you’ve recently opened. This makes it easier to switch between recently viewed pages. For a detailed list of issues that you’ve interacted with, head to the new Activity tab in My Issues.

Project views that show At Risk projects, upcoming releases, and completed projects this month

Project Views

Today we’re introducing project views. Project views let you create custom views of projects according to properties such as status, project health, team, and target date range. This allows you to better track projects and share this information with other members of your Linear workspace.

Here are a few examples of project views that you can create:

  • At Risk projects: See which projects are currently at risk to quickly spot projects that need attention.
  • Quarterly review: Look at projects completed last quarter and compare that to last quarter's planned roadmap.
  • Upcoming releases: Create a list of projects that are coming up for release by filtering for specific milestones (e.g. Alpha, Beta, GA).
  • Projects across roadmaps: Filter by roadmap to create a view of projects across different roadmaps.

Project Views can be created from the Views page or by saving a filtered project or roadmap view. See more example project views in the docs.

Desktop Tabs

The Linear desktop app now supports organizing work across multiple tabs. Tabs in Linear closely mirror the tab management features you’re accustomed to in web browsers, including pinned tabs, drag to re-arrange, and a host of keyboard shortcuts. You can even use the command menu to search across your tabs by pressing T.

To get started, open a new tab with Cmd/Ctrl Tor by holding Cmd/Ctrl and clicking a link. If you don't see tabs in your desktop app yet, you may need to restart your app or download version 1.18 from

My Activity

We've built an activity log that shows you a historical list of issues that you've interacted with in some way. Go the Activity tab in My Issues to see issues where you've added a comment, reacted to a comment, changed its status, linked a pull request, or created, updated, or deleted the issue. This should make it easier to find issues you’ve touched earlier but are not able to find through search or the recently viewed issues dropdown in the desktop app.

By default, the activity log orders issues by the activity date. You can change the ordering, grouping, and apply filters like any other view to focus or find the issues you need.

Open drafts menu in an issue showing three saved drafts to choose from

Issue Drafts

Drafts offer a way to store issues that you're not ready to create yet. Save an issue you're composing as a draft by using Esc or clicking the X icon and choosing Save draft when prompted. Your draft retains the issue's title, description and properties.

Saved drafts will persist on logout and are available across devices, unlike the existing feature that minimizes one issue you're composing when clicking elsewhere in Linear. Access your saved drafts by opening a new issue and clicking the Drafts button.

Keyboard shortcut trainer

There are many keyboard shortcuts in Linear that can help speed up your workflow. To help build habits of using some of the most valuable shortcuts, we've added a lightweight trainer. Trainer hints trigger when clicking certain buttons and menus in Linear's interface, and can be turned off by clicking on a hint or by using the toggle in Preferences.

A screenshot of Linear's updated drag-and-drop functionality

Improved Drag & Drop

Easily reorganize your issue lists by dragging and dropping issues into different groups regardless of your chosen ordering method.

To try this out, click and hold an issue within a group and drag it to another group; the issue will automatically be placed in the new group and update accordingly. On a page grouped by status for example, dropping an issue into a new group will move that issue to the new group and update its status automatically.

Vercel integration

Vercel released their official Linear integration. It allows Vercel users to convert feedback from comments on Preview Deployments into actionable Linear issues.

When leaving comments on Vercel Preview Deployments you’ll have the option to Convert to Issue which will prompt you to create an issue that will appear in your Linear board under a selected project. Your comment screenshots and replies will also appear in your issue.

A screenshot of the milestones feature in Linear

Project Milestones

Every project is a journey. You might have a clear end goal in mind, but the path to get there is shrouded in a fog of uncertainty, making it challenging to navigate and stay on track.

To shine some light into the fog, we are introducing Project Milestones — a new way to divide and organize work within projects.

Milestones mark important points in a project’s lifecycle that the team needs to synchronize on. They make these key moments legible and break the project down into more granular phases.

A screenshot of milestones

Creating project milestones in Linear is easy: All you need is a name and a target date (the latter is optional). You can then assign issues to it (+M is the fastest way to move an issue to a milestone).

The project side-panel contains an overview of your milestones with progress data for each of them. Click on a milestone to instantly see all issues associated with it.

Milestones are also visible on roadmaps, highlighting the stage each project is currently in and how much progress has been made. This gives you a better understanding of what’s going on across multiple streams of work.

A screenshot of a roadmap that highlights the most recent milestone for each project

We designed Milestones to answer a fundamental question that every project team faces: “Where are we?

Milestones act as reassurance that you are still on the correct path, but they also give you a sense of how far you have come. They are a reflection point. So you can look back and celebrate what you have achieved, before taking the next step towards your final destination.

Triage notifications

We've added notifications for when an issue is added to a team's triage queue. These will allow you to stay up to date and respond quickly to issues in your team's triage queue. You can easily subscribe to these notifications from the team's header in the sidebar, the command menu, or the "Teams" section in your notification settings.

Once subscribed, you can triage issues directly from your inbox. You can also receive the notifications across all the other regularly available notification channels.

Label group support for Views and Insights

You can now group issues by "Label group". This will let you pick a label group in the View options and group issues based on the labels inside that group.

Because an issue can only have one label from a group, you are sure each issue will only appear once in the list, unlike when grouping by "Label".

This feature is also available on Insights where you can select it as a Dimension or Segment, even on scatterplot charts.

screenshots of the new linear insights panel

Linear Insights

Today, we are excited to launch Linear Insights into public beta.

Insights offers instant analytics for any stream of work. Aggregate, segment and visualize data across your entire workspace. Spot trends, remove blockers, and make better decisions.

To learn more, head over to the new Linear Insights website, where you can find exact specifications and interactive use cases.

Insights is available in public beta to all workspaces on the Linear Plus plan.
You can sign-up to a free 30 day trial to see if Insights is right for you.

Improvements & Fixes

  • [API] GraphQL responses now include a list of deprecated fields used in the request under
  • [API] We are now correctly clearing issue description if empty string is passed to issueUpdate mutation
  • Improved the No priority icon to be more easily distinguishable from the High priority icon
  • Your last selected quick filter tab will now be remembered even after you close the application
  • Added ability to clear recent searches
  • Added sorting by project name
  • Snoozing and reminder actions will now have titles that better represent the input you typed in
  • Tweaked the project health icons
  • Clarified copy on error message when attempting to link a Discord message in a private channel
  • [Desktop] It's now possible to create a new project from File => New project

  • Fixed a problem with service worker not being registered and and desktop push notifications not working in Firefox
  • Fixed a bug where completing or canceling an issue linked to a Front conversation did not always reopen the Front conversation if that setting was toggled on
  • Fixed an incorrect page title appearing when editing a template
  • Fixed incorrect hover states for workflow icons in the list component
  • Removed accidentally exposed developer actions from command menu
  • Fixed a bug in Inbox where inputs could lose focus when a new notification came in
  • Fixed an issue where the filter buttons clickable area on project page was too big
  • Fixed Add a member button not appearing in certain cases
  • Fixed a problem where an issue's project wasn't immediately set to none when the project was deleted and you were looking at the issue
  • The inbox now correctly displays when issues were marked as duplicates rather than indicating that they were canceled
  • Fixed order of items in quick filters section
  • Fixed a bug where some users were having trouble integrating Linear with Notion.

A screenshot of the Linear app with different SLAs notifications (high risk, low risk, moderate risk, breached, achieved)

Service-level agreements (SLAs)

Use SLAs to set guidance on when time-sensitive issues should be completed. This gives your team more controls to ensure important issues stay top of mind.

SLAs can be applied to issues manually, or automatically via a set of admin-configurable rules. Linear's default rules apply SLAs for high priority and urgent issues, but you can also substitute or add criteria to rules such as team, project, or label.

When SLAs are at risk of being breached or become breached, subscribers receive a notification immediately. To receive similar notifications for issues you are not subscribed to, you can enable additional SLA notifications options in your notifications settings.

SLAs are available to all workspaces on the Linear Plus and Linear Enterprise plans.

Improvements & Fixes

  • API: Fixed a bug causing the OAuth token revoke endpoint to not properly recognize tokens passed in the Authorization header with the Bearer prefix
  • Fixed a problem with page search losing focus when typing
  • Improved returning from link toolbar to formatting toolbar in editor. By hitting esc the link toolbar will be closed and formatting toolbar will be shown again
  • Better calendar date detection for snooze and reminder actions input
  • The issue filter for dates from a month ago will now properly show up as "1 month ago" rather than "28 days"
  • Improved search results when filtering for nested actions, you can now type .e.g "label bug" or "assign tom"
  • Improved download speeds for user uploaded attachments
  • Fixed a bug causing the OAuth application form to clear when toggling webhooks
  • Improved edit roadmap modal, added "select all" button
  • "Today" button on roadmap page is moved next to "Zoom" control
  • Fixed an issue where the correct issue state would not always be shown for issues in the command menu
  • Fixed an incorrect warning on the project timeline view when a project is created in a completed state
  • Guests will now be able to access Figma integrations as expected
  • In Inbox you can now delete all notifications for done/cancelled issues
  • We fixed a bug where creating a team by copying settings from another team would cause label groups to be lost in the new team
  • Fixed a bug that allowed team members who are not admins to see suspended users in the members list
  • Changed the order of action for a comment moving emoji reactions before comment reply
  • When navigating the inbox and removing items, we now select the next item relative to the way you have been going through the list
  • Fixed "Go to archive" keyboard shortcut,G X, not working on list views
  • Fixed merging team label groups into workspace label group
  • Text formatted as inline code can now also have strike through formatting
  • Opening a GitHub PR related to an issue will now assign the user if the issue is unassigned
  • The edit issue shortcut has been changed to Option E from E. The old shortcut will be repurposed for notification archiving in Inbox view to match popular email applications
  • Projects and Cycles detail panels can be resized
  • Collapsed sidebars will now close automatically if the cursor leaves the app
  • Comment replies notifications are sent only to those users who participated or mentioned in a thread
  • It's now possible to link URLs when creating an issue
  • Prevented users from losing their comment edit when refreshing or closing the page
  • Improved performance in inbox
  • Added "None" option for Show completed issues menu
  • It is now possible to update your Workspace's address from within billing settings. Updated address details will appear on future invoices.
  • Improved team archive page performance.
  • Typing "today" for a date action will now provide a a match for today rather than a year from today
  • Fixed a problem with long label names being overflown in create issue suggestions
  • Project selector now sorts projects by relevance. Completed projects are also available in the list.
  • Fixed a bug where projects would not be ordered correctly when using manual ordering and grouping by team on a roadmap
  • Fixed an issue where a combination of or and in filters would exclude elements incorrectly
  • It is now possible to see just triaged issues in triage view
  • Fixed a bug with workspace issue templates creating sub-issues in triage status
  • Tweaked text selection colors across the app to better match the current theme.
  • Improved the UI for editing issue relations on smaller screens
  • We improved the relevance of results in the command menu
  • Fixed a problem with page search ( f) losing focus
  • Issue states that have the same name but different type are now grouped separately
  • The confirmation dialog when deleting a label now shows how many issues the label will be removed from
  • Fixed a bug where comments on linked Linear issues were sometimes not syncing to Front conversations
  • Fixed link being opened twice when clicking on "Open in…" in the attachment modal

In-app help center search powered by OpenAI generating a response to a query

OpenAI powered in-app Help

Today, we're releasing an upgraded in-app help center to Beta. In addition to some design tweaks, we added the ability to use OpenAI's GPT-3 model to ask questions from our documentation. You can also still use regular keyword based search for both docs and keyboard shortcuts.

We're excited about the possibilities to help Linear users quickly learn about concepts and features. You can try the beta today by pressing ? inside the application and typing your question.

The new intelligent help search was built in collaboration with Relevance.AI who are also a Linear customer.

HMAC signed webhooks

To improve security of Linear's webhooks, we added HMAC based signing of webhook messages which can be used to verify their authenticity. You can get the signature secret from your webhook settings, which is available for both regular and OAuth webhooks, and use it to calculate SHA256 based signature of the content for verification.

Read more in our developer documentation.

Improvements & Fixes

  • When copying the current view URL (using ShiftCmdC), any additional applied filters are now included in the copied URL
  • Improved command / contextual menus navigation by allowing to loop through items with and ⇧⇥
  • You can now use X to select in split view
  • We now import comments when using the migration assistant for Asana
  • The Shortcut and Jira importers will now import due dates
  • Non-admin users can now trigger Google Sheets export
  • We narrowed the OAuth scope for our Google Sheets integration
  • You can now connect multiple Notion workspaces to the same Linear workspace
  • notion:// and craftdocs:// deeplinks are now supported as editor, issue, and project links
  • Project health badges now change color as they age
  • The status type filter is now available in more contexts
  • Tweaked some colors in translucent panels in dark themes
  • Issue titles in lists will now only have a tooltip if the title overflows
  • Improved the copy of duplicate relations on the original issue. It now reads duplicated by instead.
  • The urgent priority icon now tones down in color when the issue has been completed
  • When hovering over a pull request attachment on an issue, we now show the repository the pull request was created in
  • We only let you choose from open and recently completed projects when creating an issue from Slack or Discord to make it easier to find the relevant project
  • Improved calendar date matching when typing dates via command line actions, such as reminders
  • We now collapse multiple dashes into one in the generated git branch name
  • Issue preview popovers in the editor now work correctly when the team identifier has been changed
  • Adds a signature key field to the webhook form and signature and timestamp headers to outgoing webhook requests
  • Improved scroll restoration when navigating to projects and back to project list/timeline
  • Added a popover showing comment information when hovering a comment link
  • Added Create issue button for No project, No assignee, No label group headers
  • Improved restoring a scroll position when navigating back in settings section
  • Added an info text on list and board views when completed issues are filtered out because of view options

  • The desktop app will no longer potentially trigger firewall warnings on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where personal view options would revert to an incorrect value after saving as default
  • Fixed a bug that caused a failure when attempting to create new issues from Slack
  • Adding a link attachment with quotes in the title no longer causes an error
  • Fixed a bug causing a less relevant time suggestion to show above more relevant ones when setting reminders
  • Next is now used properly when indicating upcoming days of the week when setting a reminder for a date
  • Fixed CmdShiftC conflict: the command toggles code formatting if the editor is focused, and otherwise copies the current page's URL
  • Fixed a problem where issues were reordered automatically even when manual ordering was selected
  • Label picker should now be fully visible on mobile
  • Fixed a bug where creating issues from views with certain filters could result in ___null___ property values
  • Fixed smart links parsing when importing from Jira
  • Fixed a problem with some comment notifications not scrolling to the comment and not being marked as read when clicked
  • Lists in text inputs are no longer forced to have an empty paragraph afterwards
  • Creating an issue from another issue will now default to the same project
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a comment did not scroll to it when on the same page
  • Fixed comment emoji reactions not visible on focus
  • Fixed comment actions not visible on focus
  • Fixed a problem with middle mouse click not opening links in the browser
  • Fixed authentication problems in Safari's pinned tabs

Image of an open threaded comment message input area beneath an existing comment

Threaded Comments

Send threaded comments to answer questions or give feedback while leaving the main comment feed focused on the work at hand.

To start a thread, press the arrow icon on an existing comment or use the Shift+R shortcut. To collapse threads when viewing an issue, use Shift+X or the command menu.

When a threaded comment is sent to an issue you subscribe to, you'll receive a notification to your inbox.

Improvements & Fixes

  • It's now possible to clear last applied filter using Shift+ F and clear all filters using Shift+Cmd+F in all filterable views: issues, projects, teams, and inbox
  • In triage's view options, you can now order by priority, last updated date and due date
  • Increased prominence of triage actions menu when viewing issues in triage status from your inbox
  • Added a toggle to unsubscribe from issues you accept or decline from the Triage action buttons
  • You can now choose to show issues in Triage on label views in View options
  • Added support for importing the newer style of GitHub projects to Linear
  • Emoji are now more consistently sized across browsers and platforms
  • We now allow admins to initiate an email change for a user in their workspace from within the members page in workspace settings. The user will still have to verify access to the new email address before the change goes through.
  • Fixed a problem when printing an issue page
  • The Find in view text input is now correctly unfocused when closed
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add sub-issues from the full-screen issue creation page
  • Fixed a problem where our user mention scrollbar wasn't dismissing on Safari
  • Fixed a bug where too many sub-issues would be created after switching between templates
  • Fixed a problem with inbox comment notifications not being marked as read under certain conditions
  • Fixed Cmd/Ctrl + K not working to link a text selection when editing a sub-issue
  • Fixed visual flickering when rendering the names of parent issues
  • Fixed a problem with the project selector offering projects from a different team when editing a team-level template
  • All URLs that are used in project/cycle description are now converted to clickable links when rendered in a sidebar or list divider
  • Fixed a problem with triage/inbox lists jumping when selecting first element in the list
  • Fixed a bug preventing Slack notifications from being sent for new issues if they included large attachments
  • Fixed a problem on iOS devices where opening a Figma preview would break view scrolling
  • The desktop app will now correctly reload all windows when clearing application data
  • Fixed a bug with Open in desktop tooltip being shown on phones and tablets
  • Revised minimum height of the create issue modal, so it doesn't get squashed when using horizontal orientation on phones and tablets
  • Fixed a problem with opening URLs in issue descriptions on iOS devices
  • Fixed an issue where undoing an issue action in a modal view could action the incorrect issue
  • Fixed the graph of the current cycle incorrectly displayed on the list of cycles on mobile device
  • If you have issues in multiple active cycles these will now be grouped together under a Current cycle heading on the My Issues view
  • Pasting text from OneNote, Word, and other Microsoft Suite products will no longer paste as an image

Reminder modal with preloaded suggestions for specific dates and times

Improved time travel capabilities

Productivity software is the closest thing we have to a time machine.

It provides us with information from the past, for the future we want to build, so that we can make the most out of the present moment. Linear is no different. On the surface, it's an issue tracker. But under the hood, it works more like a time travel device.

Roadmaps, for example, are not a map of the terrain you are in today. They are an atlas for the world you are trying to create in the months ahead.

An issue might be filed based on a bug you are experiencing in the present moment, but it's also a conversation starter with your future self to make sure it will eventually get fixed.

Even the sync-engine is all about time management. By synchronizing information in real-time across all users, it ensures that no one gets stuck in the past.

Today, we are announcing two upgrades to Linear's time travel abilities: Issue reminders and an improved date picker UI.

Issue Reminders

One of Linear's most popular features is the ability to snooze notifications. With Issue Reminders we are bringing the same capability to all issues.

You can now set reminders for any issue by pressing H or searching for remind in the command menu.

Set a time or a date, like "4pm" or "next Tuesday", and Linear will deliver a new notification to your Inbox at the specified time. You can also add email, desktop and Slack notifications from your notification settings.

This allows "present you" to focus on the task at hand, without having to worry that "future you" will forget about the issue.

Improved date picker UI

To make selecting the right point in time even faster, we are shipping an improved date suggestion picker. Try "tomorrow", "on Friday", "in 3 hours", "next week", "6pm", "Jun 5", or "next Cycle".

The improved date picker is available for snoozing inbox notifications, Triage issues, and the new issue reminders. It is designed for the future, but available from today.

Improvements & Fixes

  • [API] Demoting admins to members and promoting members as admins is now only allowed for workspaces with a paid subscription
  • Users in workspaces not using SAML can now update their own email login credentials from the Profile page, without writing into support
  • We’ve started transitioning notification emails to send from instead of
  • All newly created workspaces now have Roadmaps enabled by default
  • Audit log now includes more information about user requests, including user agent, in the API in requestInformation field
  • Added support for hiding columns like No assignee or No project on Board
  • Added a view option for showing/hiding archived items in search
  • Added support for opening a collapsed sidebar by moving the cursor close to the left edge of the app
  • When creating an issue with /linear in a Slack thread, you can now optionally choose a channel to post the bot message that displays the issue’s details
  • In Slack, unfurls and notifications now contain an issue’s project if it belongs to one
  • Improved order of command line actions
  • Fixed notification text for project member notifications
  • Added missing border on project card in inbox notifications
  • Link actions now appear when you search add link in the command line
  • Pressing Esc on Settings will now re-open the previous page instead of the default page of the workspace
  • Clicking on a comment timestamp from Inbox or Triage now properly copies the comment URL instead of opening the issue in full view
  • Fixed misaligned group headers in roadmap view
  • Fixed a problem with due date indicators showing the wrong icon if done date was the same as due date
  • Fixed a problem when issues in a custom workflow state called Triage would end up in Triage queue
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to type a space character in context menu filters
  • Fixed a bug where the input for a comment on an issue in the Slack mobile app was often unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where some contextual menus wouldn’t close when an input in the background had been edited
  • Fixed a problem with the create issue dialog showing the discard warning when trying to switch to full-view editing mode
  • Fixed an edge case where an issue could reference itself when marking another issue as a duplicate of it
  • Fixed text layout overflows for some specific languages
  • Fixed a problem where a label with a space could not be created via the command menu
  • Fixed a regression in search results not properly showing spaces and an incorrect font-size
  • Fixed a bug preventing editing labels on imported issues
  • Fixed a bug where issue mention popovers didn't show any content if the issue was archived
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to change teams when creating a custom view
  • Fixed a bug where a long group header name would cut off action buttons for a group in a board view
  • Fixed a bug where pasting an embedded YouTube video from one issue into another would throw an error
  • Fixed inability to open roadmap context menu in tabs by using Ctrl + Left click
  • Fixed a bug which caused roadmap tabs to not function correctly and onboarding modals to show up too many times