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The new standard for modern software development

With its meticulous design, breathtaking speed and opinionated yet flexible workflows, Linear unlocks your team’s full potential. It is the tool of choice for high-performance teams to build products better.


Linear is a tool to remove barriers. Powerful yet simple to use, it helps you to plan ahead, make better decisions and execute faster. You don’t have to come up with best practices for how to use Linear — we already built them directly into the product.


Linear is built in pursuit of high-performance. Automatic workflows and powerful Git integrations create focus and routine. Customizable views and filters let you keep track of your work from any angle. Everything is streamlined so that you can progress with full speed, full flexibility and full visibility.


Building truly great products is both art and science. It’s part intuition and part data. To help with the data part, Linear offers a variety of advanced reporting and analytics features.

Level up

Linear is designed based on the practices and processes that distinguish world-class product teams from the rest: relentless focus, fast execution, and a commitment to the quality of craft. It’s a professional tool built for professional teams.


Enterprise-grade security, state-of-the-art encryption, advanced identity management, admin controls, and much more. Everything in Linear is designed to keep your data safe and secure. Because your business is nobody else’s business.