The magic of software

Computers used to be magical. But much of that magic has been lost over time, replaced by subpar tools and practices that slow teams down and hold great work back.

Frustrated with building and managing software projects in high-growth companies ourselves, we founded a company to build something better.

We named it Linear to signify progress.

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Our team has led and delivered large-scale software and design projects in multiple startups and high-growth environments like Uber, Airbnb and Coinbase.

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Karri Saarinen

Principal Designer and design systems lead at Airbnb. Founding design at Coinbase. YC Alum.

Jori Lallo

Early Coinbase engineer. Created the API and frontend architecture. YC Alum.

Tuomas Artman

Staff engineer and manager, scaled Uber's mobile engineering team to 400 strong.

Miha Rebernik

Engineering leader and manager at Coinbase. YC Alum.

Our investors

Stephanie Zhan
Sarah Cannon
Dylan Field
CEO, Figma
Charlie Cheever
Founder Expo & Quora
Emilie Choi
COO, Coinbase
Gustaf Älströmer
Partner, Y Combinator
Tikhon Berstram
Founder, Parse
Julia DeWahl
Angel investor
Bobby Goodlatte
Angel investor
James Smith
CEO, Bugsnag