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The magic of software

Computers used to be magical. But much of that magic has been lost over time, replaced by subpar tools and practices that slow teams down and hold great work back.

Frustrated with building and managing software projects in high-growth companies ourselves, we founded a company to build something better.

We named it Linear to signify progress.

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Our team has led and delivered large-scale software and design projects in multiple startups and high-growth environments like Uber, Airbnb and Coinbase.

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Headshot of Alex Cornell
Alex Cornell

Past: Mobile at Substack and Facebook. Cofounder at Cocoon and Dialpad.

Headshot of Nathalie Alex
Nathalie Alex

Past: Co-founder at Techmate Talent

Headshot of Alex Suevalov
Alex Suevalov

Past: Staff engineer at Contentful, senior engineer at Opera and DataArt.

Headshot of Karri Saarinen
Karri Saarinen

Co-founder, CEO.
Past: Principal Designer at Airbnb. Founding design at Coinbase. YC Alum. Co-founded RailsGirls.

Headshot of Igor Sechyn
Igor Sechyn

Past: Engineering at Atlassian, Auth0, Graphy.

Headshot of Davina Baker
Davina Baker

Customer Experience.
Past: Senior Customer Experience at Slack.

Headshot of Edgar Ambartsoumian
Edgar Ambartsoumian

Past: Designer at Aerolab &

Headshot of Zoe Bauer
Zoe Bauer

Past: Consulting. PjM at Stanford HAI. Technology and ops at Bridgewater Associates.

Headshot of Matt Sacks
Matt Sacks

Past: Frontend at Stripe, Abstract, and Simple.

Headshot of Tom Moor
Tom Moor

Past: Principal Engineer at Abstract, Co-Founder at Buffer.

Headshot of Cristina Cordova
Cristina Cordova

Past: Business and product at Stripe and Notion, investor at First Round Capital.

Headshot of Paco Coursey
Paco Coursey

Past: Web at Vercel.

Headshot of Tuomas Artman
Tuomas Artman

Past: Senior Staff Engineer and Engineering Manager at Uber.

Headshot of Aaron Quinn
Aaron Quinn

Customer Experience.
Past: Senior Customer Experience at Slack.

Headshot of Sebastian Bogner
Sebastian Bogner

Past: Engineer at Uber.

Headshot of Jori Lallo
Jori Lallo

Past: Early Coinbase engineer. Created the API and frontend architecture. YC Alum.

Headshot of Jacob Shumway
Jacob Shumway

Past: Co-founder at Status.

Headshot of Sean McGivern
Sean McGivern

Past: Engineering at GitLab.

Headshot of Andreas Eldh
Andreas Eldh

Past: Code and design at Quinyx, Tictail & Klarna.

Headshot of Uros Smolnik
Uros Smolnik

Past: Head Of Engineering at Gnowbe.

Headshot of Erin Frey
Erin Frey

Customer Experience.
Past: Customer experience and growth at Kip and YC & Yale Alum.

Headshot of Romain Cascino
Romain Cascino

Past: Engineer at Swile and TheFork.

Headshot of Sarah Barnekow
Sarah Barnekow

Customer Success.
Past: Partnerships and Sales at GitHub, Slack, and Abstract

Headshot of Adrien Griveau
Adrien Griveau

Past: Designer at Microsoft, eFounders, Jour. Created GitHub issues client Gitscout.

Headshot of Katie Royer
Katie Royer

People Ops.
Past: Recruiting at Guidewheel, HR at Kindred Bravely.

Headshot of Bryan Stern
Bryan Stern


Past: Senior Staff Engineer at Slack.

Headshot of Tyler Black
Tyler Black

Past: Enterprise Accounts at Stampli & Abstract

Headshot of Sabin Roman
Sabin Roman

Past: Engineering Manager / Staff Engineer at Uber.

Headshot of Casey Bertenthal
Casey Bertenthal

Past: Sales at Abstract, Wake, and Zenefits.

Headshot of Nan Yu
Nan Yu

Past: CTO at Everlane, VP of Product at Mode.

Headshot of Raissa Largman
Raissa Largman

Past: Staff infrastructure and platform engineer at Slack. Stanford Alum.

Headshot of Leela Senthil Nathan
Leela Senthil Nathan

Past: Staff Engineer at Stripe.

Headshot of Brian Hendery
Brian Hendery

Customer Experience.
Past: Senior Customer Experience at Slack.

Headshot of Julian Lehr
Julian Lehr

Past: Growth and BD at Stripe and Google.

Headshot of Alyssa Garrison
Alyssa Garrison

Past: Co-founder at Techmate Talent

Headshot of Marcos Fiscal
Marcos Fiscal

Past: Lead Tech Recruiter at Techmate Talent, Manager at Premise Data.

Headshot of Paul Dijou
Paul Dijou

Past: Senior engineer at Facebook / WhatsApp.

Headshot of Guillaume Lachaud
Guillaume Lachaud

Past: Staff Engineer at Uber, YC Alum.

Our investors

Stephanie Zhan
Sarah Cannon
Dylan Field
CEO, Figma
Emilie Choi
COO, Coinbase
Charlie Cheever
Founder Expo & Quora
Gustaf Alströmer
Partner, Y Combinator
Julia DeWahl
Angel investor
Tikhon Berstram
Founder, Parse
Bobby Goodlatte
Angel investor
James Smith
CEO, Bugsnag