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Linear is bringing magic back to software.

We’re crafting the project planning tool for teams that care about quality.

Computers used to be magical. But much of that magic has been lost over time, replaced by subpar tools and practices that slow teams down and hold back great work. Frustrated with the status quo, we decided to build something better. Something that teams would actually enjoy using. We named it Linear to signify progress.

What started as a simple issue tracker, has since evolved into a powerful project and issue tracking system that streamlines workflows across the entire product development process. We don’t think of Linear as just a better “tool”, but as a better “way” to build software.

Today, thousands of teams around the globe — from early-stage startups to public companies — use Linear to build their products. Linear helps them to focus on what they do best: Crafting software experiences that feel magical again.


We care deeply about the quality of our work.

Linear has always been a fully remote company. Today, our small but mighty team is distributed across North America and Europe. What unites us is relentless focus, fast execution, and our passion for software craftsmanship. We are all makers at heart and care deeply about the quality of our work, down to the smallest detail.

The three Linear co-cofounders (Jori Lallo, Karri Saarinen, Tuomas Artman) sitting on a couch.
Linear co-founders Jori Lallo, Karri Saarinen, and Tuomas Artman.
Avatar of Tim Qi
Tim Qi
Avatar of Josh Pyles
Josh Pyles
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Nathalie Alex
Avatar of Alan Doyle
Alan Doyle
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Alex Suevalov
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Karri Saarinen
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Igor Sechyn
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Davina Baker
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Edgar Ambartsoumian
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Mufeez Amjad
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Sagan Schultz
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Simone Jacobs
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Zoe Bauer
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Yann-Edern Gillet
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Emiel Janson
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Tom Moor
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Cristina Cordova
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Paco Coursey
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Tuomas Artman
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Maciek Pekala
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Skyline Lau
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Aaron Quinn
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Sebastian Bogner
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Jori Lallo
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Jacob Shumway
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Sean McGivern
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Andreas Eldh
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Allie Hughes
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Uros Smolnik
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Julius Tarng
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Erin Frey
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Romain Cascino
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Maya Nedeljković Batić
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Sarah Barnekow
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Adrien Griveau
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Brando Roche
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Katie Royer
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Bryan Stern
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Alexandra Lapinsky Wilson
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Tyler Black
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Gavin Nelson
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Daniel Warner Smith
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Sabin Roman
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Jack Mangan
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Casey Bertenthal
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Nan Yu
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Raissa Largman
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Leela Senthil Nathan
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Brian Hendery
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Alessandro Oddone
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Conor Muirhead
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Julian Lehr
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Alyssa Garrison
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Kenneth Skovhus
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Marcos Fiscal
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Paul Dijou
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Guillaume Lachaud

Built for the best.
Backed by the best.

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors in the industry. Our backers include highly accomplished venture firms and some of the world’s most exceptional founders and product builders.

Headshot of Miles ClementsMiles ClementsPartner
Headshot of Stephanie ZhanStephanie ZhanPartner
Dylan FieldCEO, Figma
Patrick CollisonCEO, Stripe
Stewart ButterfieldFormer CEO, Slack
Guillermo RauchCEO, Vercel
Dick CostoloFormer CEO, Twitter
Josh MillerCEO, Browser Company
Andrew MasonCEO, Descript
Immad AkhundCEO, Mercury
Claire Hughes JohnsonFormer COO, Stripe
Jorn van DijkCEO, Framer
Christina CacioppoCEO, Vanta
Job van der VoortCEO, Remote
Ilkka PaananenCEO, Supercell
Anthony GuoCTO, Retool
Gustaf AlströmerPartner, Y Combinator
Akash GargFormer CTO, Afterpay
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