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New updates and improvements to Linear.
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Abstract rendering of Linear's board view, showing buttons to toggle between list and board view. The app stylistically fades out and away from the toggle.

Combined Board and Issue view

As part of streamlining the sidebar, we have combined the team Board and Issue views. We have removed the Board view option and now let you switch between board and list layouts in the Issue view by toggling the buttons in the top right corner. You can also switch layouts using the Cmd/Ctrl B shortcut. This works for any view that supports boards, including Active issues, Backlog, and custom views.

To make the board the default layout for a team or custom view, toggle the layout to board and then open view options and select Set as default. Anyone visiting that view in your workspace will now see the board view (and any other options you've configured).

You can now also use grouping in view options to group your board issues by status, assignee, project, priority and cycle. The default grouping for the Backlog view is by priority to help with backlog prioritization.

Triage issues in views

Triage issues are now available in project, label, user, and custom views as well as the All issues view. Previously, we excluded triage issues from these views unless you filtered for that specific workflow status. To show or hide triage issues in those views, simply open view options and toggle the button. Most of the time, you won't want to show triage issues in other views until they've been reviewed and updated, but in some cases it's good to show them so that they don't get lost in the mix.

Templates and labels for Slack

We’ve made a few large improvements to our Slack integration. If your team has a default template set, the issue creation modal will be pre-filled with that template when you create an issue using the /linear command. If there are different templates set for team members and non-members, the app will choose the template based on the issue creator’s team membership. You can now select labels for your issues along with the existing issue fields. We've also improved our search results when querying for issue fields such as assignee, labels, and team name from Slack.

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] Fixed a server error when querying webhooks without a label
  • Fixed a problem that could cause clients to crash at startup
  • Team labels can now be converted to workspace labels
  • Fixed a bug where issue defaults could be incorrect after navigating between custom views
  • Issues created from the empty state on “Active issues” now default to an active status
  • Items in our RSS feeds are no longer duplicated
  • Controls for snoozed issues are now shown in full screen
  • Favoriting the active or upcoming cycle now dynamically links to the correct cycle
  • The toolbar has a new design across all views
  • Navigating to team settings now ensures the navigation items are visible in the sidebar
  • Improved the format of the Discord /linear wrap command
  • Fixed an issue where the offline badge would be shown when there were a large number of outstanding transactions
  • Submitting a subissue with Shift Enter will now copy all properties to a new draft
  • Middle click/click in the desktop app now opens a new window correctly
  • Fixes an issue where quoting identifiers in search would return more results than if you didn’t use quotes
  • We now correctly distinguish between MR open and MR review request in the GitLab integration and move the issue to the corresponding issue status
  • Using the migration assistant for Jira or Shortcut will now import comments. Additionally, you can now import comments when using the migration assistant without adding or inviting the users that made the comments
  • Issues created from Slack will now include message content in the message link
  • Project roadmap no longer renders progress graphs. To quickly see the progress, press Space to peek into project details
  • The Zendesk integration now supports embedding internal notes from Problem tickets
  • When grouping a view by project, assignee, or cycle, you can now click on the group header to open a corresponding project, user, or cycle
  • Added support for preserving Jira ticket numbers when importing data to a new team
  • Fixed a bug causing Shortcut imports to sometimes be missing issues
  • Fixed an issue where team priority sort order preference was not respected in custom views
  • Fixed an issue where the placeholder text was not removed when uploading an image into an otherwise empty issue
  • Project links now show a more relevant icon based on the link URL
  • Slightly optimized application idle CPU usage
  • Added a Created tab on the user page where you can find all issues created by a specific user
  • Fixed a problem where viewing the billing page would incorrectly update the billing email address to the email address of the current user
  • Added the ability to switch between cycles and custom views by holding and clicking on the title
  • Archived projects are now correctly shown in search results
  • Added ability to save custom view options as default for every user

Discord integration

Discord integration

We want to make it as fast and easy as possible to track your team's ongoing work with Linear. Discord has increased in popularity especially among Linear's web3 customers and today we're excited to add it to our growing list of integrations.

We've included three commands in the integration. With the /linear issue command you can create new issues directly from Discord and they will be automatically linked to the channel where the issue was created. Use the /linear search command to quickly search for Linear issues from Discord and display a quick overview of the issue in channel. The /linear wrap command will provide you with a summary of your in progress and completed issues for the day, allowing you to keep your team up to date.

Once the Discord integration is enabled, you will also be able to link any Discord message to an issue from Linear. Go to your workspace settings to enable the integration, or read more about the integration in our documentation.

Fixes & improvements

  • Optimized local client database usage for large workspaces
  • Added a preference to change the text size in the app
  • Fixed a bug with the Shortcut migration assistant causing issues to be imported from multiple workflows
  • Fixed a problem where some menus would have too much padding
  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes in menus would not render correctly
  • Fixed an error when trying to accept a triage tickets into another team and assigning a label
  • Fixed API error when querying for comments that are not associated with a user
  • It's now possible to display characters that are normally interpreted as markdown within inline code
  • Improved margin around uploaded emoji
  • We now show a toast after moving an issue from triage
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to navigate to bold links in the desktop app
  • --, ->, <-, and ... will no longer be replaced with ligatures when typing in code blocks
  • Added ability to change completed issues visibility on users' page
  • Improved drag'n'drop in Board view
  • Pasting links over selected text will no longer create embeds
  • Searching for issues from Intercom will now use our new, improved search

Linear app with the light theme, showing search results of issues that include the word design


We've spent the last couple of months rebuilding search from the ground up. The UI has been refined. We've improved how we display results as well as the accuracy, for instance for words split with / or _. You can now reliably use "phrase matching", -negative keywords AND boolean operators in your search queries.

Not only that, but results will show comments, documents, and projects as well as issues.

Emoji Icons

We've learned that some of our customers are heavy emoji users so we've added the ability to set emojis as icons for teams, projects, and custom views. You can even upload custom emoji, individually or by importing emoji from Slack (find this option in workspace settings) to give your Linear a more personal touch.

Feature pages

Still need to convince your team to finally make the switch over to Linear? We just added a brand-new set of Product Pages to our website with an extensive list of all of Linear's features and product specifications. Already convinced your team to make the switch? You might discover new features you haven't used yet (or just enjoy some of the little design details we sprinkled on top of the page ✨).

Fixes & improvements

  • The Zapier integration has been updated to support paginated fetching of users, labels
  • New application icon for Windows client
  • Added a new tabs section on the Views page to simplify browsing long lists
  • Fixed a bug where the issue create modal would stay open after an issue had been created
  • Fixed a data discrepancy problem with teams that have large number of issues
  • Fix the keyboard shortcut for assigning projects in the issue create modal
  • Fixed a crash that could happen during startup
  • Fixed some bugs in search term highlighting that would mix up words
  • We now display the full due date in lists and boards
  • The Create more toggle while creating issues will now retain the previously applied template, if any
  • API: Fixes an error when attempting to load teams for a user without any team memberships

Linear app with new project icons and groupings shown

Project backlog & grouping

Today we’re introducing the project backlog. We want to make it easier to structure, prioritize, and plan upcoming projects inside of Linear – to build a place where ideas grow into fully planned projects.

The project backlog provides a great overview of your project ideas, along with the tools you need to plan and prioritize your upcoming work. We also added a new view where you can find a complete list of past, current, and future projects.

It's now also possible to group projects in your roadmap by status, project lead, milestone, or no grouping at all.

Favoriting default views

We’ve added the ability to favorite all default team views, giving you easy access to the views that you use frequently and greater control of your sidebar. To favorite your teams' backlog, active issues, all issues, board, active cycle, upcoming cycle, or triage views, just click the star. If you have a lot of favorites, try our new favorite folders feature to organize them. Combined with favoriting custom views, projects, cycles, and issues, this change makes Linear fit your workflow even better.

OAuth Actor Authorization

By default, all Linear API authentication methods treat the authenticating user as the API actor. Most of the time this is fine and each user has to authorize their own access.

Linear now also supports OAuth Actor Authorization which allows performing certain API actions as the application instead of the user authorizing the application. To enable the actor authorization, add the actor=application parameter to your OAuth authorization URL. The setting is tied to the authorization and its access token. In this mode, all created issues, comments, and linked attachments will be created as the application.

In addition to creating resources as applications, you can also add an optional user name to go with the application to have it rendered in "User (via Application)" format. This will help identify the user that performed the action via the 3rd party system.

Read more in our developer documentation →

Fixes & improvements

  • Zapier integration has been updated to support paginated fetching of users, labels and other Zap triggers. Issues and comments are also now created as the Zapier application instead of the user authorizing the application.
  • Applying a template after drafting an issue will now append instead of overwrite
  • Shortcut migrations will now properly import stories that are not part of a project
  • Project status icons have a new hexagonal design
  • Improved the planned project status icon to be consistent with issue status icon design (thanks for the feedback, Diogo)
  • Removing an issue from a project will now also remove its sub issues
  • Fixed incorrect dates in Google Sheets exports that could be one day early
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop app was not draggable if your inbox was empty
  • Fixed the issue detail pane not updating the correct issue when editing properties
  • Website navigation is now more accessible for keyboard users
  • More actions can be successfully completed while offline
  • Triage and Inbox navigation buttons now work on smaller screens
  • Pressing Esc will no longer navigate the issue view when an image is expanded
  • Archived issues can now be updated immediately after being restored
  • Issue activity now displays the status the issue was changed from
  • Desktop navigation is re-enabled for the Windows desktop app
  • Fixed drag-n-drop to empty columns (no priority, no assignee, etc)
  • Creating issues from the My Issues page will automatically mark you as the assignee



Every so often we run a hackweek at Linear. For a few days, we put down product work and build out smaller features, improvements, or ideas. This hackweek's theme was Magical Moments, but you could work on whatever you wanted, in teams or solo, with the goal of improving the product, creating customer delight, or building something for the team.

VS Code extension

Our Linear Connect extension makes it easy to build other VS Code extensions by providing an authentication provider that takes care of the OAuth flow to the Linear API. You usually won't use or install that extension on its own, but rather as a dependency in another extension.

To show you how easy it is, we built an extension called Linear Open Issue that opens the current Linear issue based on the Git branch you’re on. Give it a spin!

Easter eggs

Magic tricks sometimes require a secret spell and these hackweek projects are no different. Some hackweek projects have already been released but are hiding deep down in a corner of the Linear app waiting to be discovered. A magic trick stops being magical once you know how it works, so we won't tell you where to find them but we'll give you a little hint: open any issue and then try Konami code 🤫.

Other hackweek projects are still in flight and will trickle into the app over the next few weeks. You'll see more accessibility improvements, some sparkle to the website, and a long-awaited integration.

New Select component

We rebuilt our Select component that is used across all views in Settings. This new implementation uses Radix primitives under the hood. Using this library made our select components compatible with W3C accessibility requirements, enhanced keyboard support for navigating between select items, and made all selects to match a currently selected interface theme. More accessibility improvements are coming, stay tuned.

Cycle iconography

We improved the iconography for cycles. They now better represent their cyclical nature and progress can be more easily tracked with the new icons. We added these progress icons to titles and cycle pages, so you can see how your cycle is going with a quick glance.

API change: Improved upload asset security

Not related to hackweek, we're making a change to how uploaded images are accessed to improve Linear's security. So far we relied on obfuscated high-entropy URLs to secure uploaded assets. On April 20th we'll start requiring authentication for opening any Linear hosted assets for API users on If you display comment or issue images in your system, you'll need to pass the same API authentication headers to access the images as you would when making a GraphQL API call. We expect this to have a minimal impact for the majority of Linear's API users.

Fixes & improvements

  • [API] Fixed incorrect historic calculations of cycles that have issues with 0 estimates
  • [API] Fixed filtering using a null-constraint within an OR logical operator
  • Workspace security settings have been moved from the "Members" section into their own section accessible for workspace admins
  • Triage issues will now appear in the "My issues" view
  • Added the CmdShift' shortcut to copy issue title
  • Project name input is now always correctly focused when opening the create project dialog
  • Milestones can now be deleted even if there are projects in them
  • Added an option to select a custom date for snoozing notifications
  • Fixed display of GitHub linkbacks messages when containing HTML characters
  • You can now search for an assignee from the Slack integration issue creation or assign dialogs with only two characters
  • If an issue has multiple attached open pull requests, the issue will only be moved to the review status when the last pull request is marked as in review
  • Improved accessibility of custom select components
  • Fixed a regression in application startup performance for many workspaces
  • Our PWA now uses the new desktop icon
  • It's now possible to format message when contacting Linear support from the application
  • Failing to open mail links will now offer to copy the email address to your clipboard
  • Fixed an issue where changing checkboxes in a document wouldn't be saved
  • Adding issue attachments on mobile will no longer cover the available options with the software keyboard
  • Improved background colors for code blocks in issue descriptions & comments
  • Improved behavior when converting plain text into a code block
  • Embed links will no longer expand inside of code blocks
  • Project graphs are now not drawn when the project has been started and completed within the same week
  • We fixed some text mysteriously going missing when pasting from issues as plain text in other apps
  • Fixed an issue that might have made the client think that issue archive transactions were hanging for a long time
  • Fixed a regression where assignees would not be correctly subscribed to the issue
  • We now use consistent emoji fonts across the application
  • Cycle and progress icons now display the progress more clearly
  • Fixed an issue where you could not initiate an action immediately on closing a modal
  • Pull requests will no longer be linked with issues on close if they were not already linked with an issue
  • Fixed "Add to cycle" when issues from multiple teams are listed
  • Improved rendering performance in desktop app
  • Linear onboarding is now better optimized for mobile devices
  • Improved validation of URLs when creating attachments
  • It's now possible to toggle the transparent sidebar from the Cmd/CtrlK menu
  • Status filter now only includes issue statuses that are part of the view
  • More icons and images across the app have alternative text
  • Fixed some places where styles differed in the issue template editor
  • We improved the search results surfaced inside of Front when linking an issue

favorites, linear

Favorite folders

We've added folders to your Favorites section to keep it tidy and well-organized. You'll see the option to create a folder by hovering over the word Favorites in your sidebar. To add favorites to a folder, open the folder and then drag and drop them in. You can open favorites from your sidebar or with the shortcut O then F.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Zoomed images inside of modals can once again be closed with a click
  • Introduced a new tab component. Tabs are both nicer to look at and more A11Y friendly.
  • Fix where moving an issue to another team would redirect to an unrelated issue
  • When navigating to an issue, keyboard shortcuts for scrolling work automatically
  • Improved the cycle order when grouping by cycle
  • It is now possible to add links to authenticated URLs onto issues
  • Stale issues with a future due date will no longer be automatically closed after the configured time period
  • Lists and ordered lists can now be changed into to-do lists automatically
  • Webhooks will now be correctly sent when a project is deleted
  • Improved the styling of sidebar popovers when transparent sidebar is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where users imported from JIRA could have invalid email addresses on account
  • [Front integration] It's now possible to reload and logout from Front integration when error messages are displayed
  • Errors when writing operations to the local database will no longer fail the entire operation if the client is online
  • Fixed an issue with the GitHub commit integration moving issues that had already been completed back to the merged status
  • Increased contrast for banners in the sidebar
  • Workspace labels are now available in the Intercom integration
  • Fixed shortcuts to move items between columns when board isn't grouped by workflow state
  • Our README page tells a new story in a fresh coat of paint
  • Keyboard shortcut D has temporarily been added back for deleting inbox notifications as we research other options
  • Esc key to exit image zoom no longer also exits an open modal at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars could be rendered over the content
  • Documentation search will now automatically open when ?q is part of the URL
  • Changed position and labels of the Save and Reset buttons in view preferences
  • The Set parent issue action is now performant in organizations with many issues
  • Fixed issue where a duplicate workspace URL wasn't handled correctly when creating a new workspace

new desktop logo featuring Linear's circular white logo with faint grid lines and glow over a purple square background

New desktop app

We released a new version of our desktop app. In addition to under-the-hood updates, we've made visual changes to the application and other small updates to make the app feel more native-like. This includes a translucent sidebar for macOS, which can be customized in account settings. To celebrate the release, we worked with @Gavmn to create a new icon.

You can download the app here if you haven't already. Existing users should receive the update automatically.

Improved board navigation

We've added more keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to move issues on the board view. We already supported moving issues to the top or bottom of a column with and . Now you can also move issues one position up or down with and . To move issues between columns, use and . These keyboard shortcuts work to move a single issue or groups of issues.

Help Center

We've upgraded the help center to make it easier to find and access information when you need it. To open the help center, press ? from anywhere in the app or by typing help in the command line. It will bring up a sidebar with a search box and three key sections: articles from the Linear Guide (our user documentation), workspace and team settings links, and keyboard shortcuts related to your help center search. We pre-fill the results on some views, for example, showing you cycle-related articles and shortcuts when you open the help center while viewing cycles. From here, you can also access links to go to the Slack community, view the changelog, and send us a message.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added ability to copy URLs of multiple issues in the clipboard
  • Improved performance of the command menu
  • Improved the look and feel of code snippets across our website
  • Ordering and grouping issues by status now have issue states sorted in the same order
  • Duplicating an issue in a team with a default template no longer displays the default template instead
  • Fixed a problem with actions being triggered while modal views are open
  • Fixed a problem where filtered cycles were not pre-selected cycle when creating an issue
  • Fixed the users' suggestions popup logic to show only active team users
  • Fixed missing prompt message when closing a new issue with pre-filled data
  • Fixed the notifications email digest being sent too frequently
  • Fixed a bug where project board views would show statuses from other teams
  • Fixed parsing of code blocks when creating a new Linear issue from a Slack message
  • Fixed a bug causing issue imports of stale issues to appear not imported with comments
  • Active issues created from Slack will now be properly added to the team's active cycle if that setting is enabled
  • Clarified the pricing structure of paid Linear plans
  • More images across the documentation, changelog, and blog now display alternate text
  • Fixed duplicate actions sometimes appearing
  • Disabled git integration settings for non-admin users
  • Fixed a bug that caused issue creation through Sentry to fail if no priority was set
  • Fixed a bug where the app could use a lot of CPU
  • Fixed triage issue snoozing
  • Clicking the button to upload files will no longer remove focus from the input
  • Added possibility to copy a list of issues as a markdown list
  • When a comment is edited and a mention to a user is added, that user is now correctly subscribed to the issue
  • When searching for issues in an action, issues with quotes and other special characters in their title will now be matched more accurately
  • You will no longer lose item focus in list view when performing actions
  • and history navigation events no longer fire while text inputs are focused in the Mac app
  • Find more information across our website navigation
  • Teams in context menus are now filterable by their identifier
  • Improved the transition-animation of the command menu
  • When moving multiple issues, the Toast now links the issues that were moved and the team that the issues were moved to
  • Linear is hiring to bring magic back to software through our new Careers page
  • Setting due dates on issues is now undoable
  • You can now assign workspace labels via the "Add labels..." action to multiple issues from different teams
  • Toasts won't close as long as you hover them with your cursor
  • Images across our website load significantly faster
  • Fixed a sync problem that would occur under specific circumstances and could get clients out of sync
  • Updated notification wording to make it more clear when issues were auto-closed by Linear
  • Added support for yaml and xml in code blocks
  • [Zapier] Added priority filtering for new and updated issue triggers
  • [Zapier] Fixed setting issue priority on the create issue action
  • [API] Empty teams will no longer mistakenly return members
  • [API] Exclusive filters will now also match null references
  • [API] Error messages for invalid queries are now more versatile and consistent
  • [API] User queries now support filtering by active and admin properties
  • [API] Fixed an issue where issues created with a cycle but no status would be removed from the cycle

Sidebar update

Last week, we pushed out changes to the sidebar navigation which added team icons and sub-menus, with the goal of making it easier to navigate team views. This improved the experience for many users, but added more steps for users who frequently navigate to views such as the board and backlog. We like to ship fast but realized we moved a bit too quickly this time, so we spent the last few days iterating on the design to improve the experience for those users.

The improved design features team icons but brings back views that were moved to sub-menus. You can once again access any view in the sidebar in one click. We're still working on additional improvements. Watch out for them in future changelogs and please keep sending us your feedback. We're listening.

Conversation previews

When debugging, it's often helpful to refer to the original user report. It can contain key details for identifying the problem. It also makes it easy to contact the customer if more information is needed or to let them know that the issue has been fixed.

To make it even easier to include this information in Linear issues, we've added rich issue attachments to our support integrations with Front, Zendesk, and Intercom. In addition to linking to the original support ticket or conversation, we now display a modal directly in Linear with the original user request and key information such as the ticket creation date, subject line, and ticket type. We've kept the feature that lets you auto-fill the issue description with the user request when creating Linear issues but doing so is no longer necessary.

When linking additional support tickets to a Linear issue, we now create an activity item and display related comments directly underneath it. This makes it easier to read the comments in context and differentiate them from other comments in the issue's activity feed.

Our API has been expanded to also support rich issue attachments. When creating attachments, you'll be able to define a list of attributes, or messages, which will be displayed in the attachment modal. Read more in our API documentation.

Automated Sentry issues

You can now configure your Sentry integration to automatically create Linear issues based on Sentry alerts. Try it out today by creating a new Sentry alert or adding a Linear action to an existing alert. We recommend enabling Triage with this feature, so that newly created issues from Sentry will go there and can then be reviewed and prioritized by your team.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug where snoozing issues in Triage also hid them in other views
  • Workspace admins can now delete comments from all users on paid plans
  • Triage view will now allow un-snoozing issues that have previously been snoozed
  • Fixes highlight of an active cycle sidebar item
  • Zendesk and Front integrations now allow including issue description through a personal preference when filing a new issue
  • Changes default grouping of "All issues" view to group issues by status
  • Fixed a bug where issues could get stuck in completed cycles
  • Fixed a bug causing the GitHub commit integration to sometimes fail
  • Fixes "blocked content" issue when attempting to embed loom videos without the "www."
  • Fixed linking more than one Front conversation into an issue from within Linear
  • Updated icons in toast popups
  • Fixed an issue where the issue create modal would throw away issue drafts
  • Linked customer support tickets, and other links, now appear in the issue history
  • Fixes a problem with project summary popover not being closed when choosing project color
  • Fixed a bug that was causing comments to be created when attaching files to the drafted comment
  • Added team icons in all menus, dropdowns, and other UI elements
  • [API] Fixed a bug where issues created without an explicit status set would fail if the team had disabled triage
  • [API] Fixed passing base64 encoded images in issue description

GitHub commit linking

Our GitHub integration just got better with the addition of the ability to trigger workflows from commit messages. Simply add magic words (e.g. closes ENG-123) to your commit messages and we'll move the issue to In Progress when the branch is pushed and Done when the commit is merged to the default branch.

To avoid needing access to your codebase, this new functionality requires a small amount of additional setup. Admins can head over to settings to enable the feature for your team.

Inbox filters

We recently overhauled filters for issues and projects and now we've also added filters to the Inbox. While we encourage you to keep your Inbox clean, it can sometimes be useful to filter out notifications for a specific team, project, or priority. You can also filter by notification type. Just like when filtering issues, you can combine and modify filters.

New sidebar & team icons

We released the new sidebar design in preview a couple weeks ago and have now enabled it for everyone using Linear. We show fewer links in team sections and added sub-menus, making it easier to navigate. We also added the shortcut Alt/Option and click on a team or section name to collapse or open it. Teams now have icons which you can update in team settings. If your team name matched a keyword, we paired it with a related icon, otherwise they've been assigned the default icon.

SOC 2 Type II

In October we announced the completion of our SOC 2 Type I audit, an independent review which verified the effectiveness of our security controls. We are now happy to announce that we have completed the SOC 2 Type II audit, which confirms the security of our systems throughout an ongoing monitoring period.

Security continues to be a top priority at Linear. We're committed to providing a secure and trusted environment for product teams. Thanks again to Vanta for helping us monitor our processes at all times.

You can read more about our security practices and how to receive a copy of the SOC 2 Type II report in our Security Documentation.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a new shortcut + Shift + P to set a parent issue. In the resulting list you now can also remove the relation.
  • Fixed inability to save a new team icon
  • Notifications of auto-closed issues aren't posted as Slack notifications anymore but they are still available in the Inbox
  • The "Set parent issue" action is now more flexible and allows reparenting in bulk, even if some selected issues already have a parent
  • Triage issues are now sorted above completed issues in custom views
  • Fixed the alignment of badges in issue cards on the board
  • Fixed the inability to switch labels by clicking on a title on the label page
  • Fixed a missing shortcut tooltip on "Add issue..." buttons
  • We will now correctly show all Jira projects when setting up the Jira Link integration, and we will check for sufficient Jira permissions before allowing the integration to be created
  • Fixed Zendesk integration's ticket re-opening automation to work with host mapping (custom domains)
  • Projects progress graphs no longer show impossibly good progress if a project is completed early
  • Fixed a crash when opening view options on small screens on the triage page
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts sometimes targeting the parent issue while creating a sub-issue
  • When changing a team's identifier and there's a conflict with the old identifier of a different team, you can now choose to delete the old identifier
  • Fixed an issue where due date filters would not work correctly
  • The Sentry integration now allows applying workspace labels
  • Removed non-functional view options from inbox
  • Embedding a Figma link for a file (without a specific frame) no longer results in a broken image
  • Issues in completed cycles will now automatically move to the current cycle if they are moved to a started or unstarted status
  • In list view labels are now condensed into a single badge if there are too many
  • The shortcut O then D to open a list of documents now works everywhere
  • Fixed an issue where some docs were not properly displayed in suggestion search
  • GitHub links on PRs will now be properly formatted even if some linked issues have descriptions and others don't
  • The contextual menu no longer blocks keyboard shortcuts (including browser shortcuts)
  • Added the ability to filter notifications in Inbox
  • Fixed a bug where formatting with markdown syntax could remove a space between words
  • Error messages are now more descriptive for issueCreate mutation failures in the API
  • Fixed using Cmd/Ctrl+Enter to save a document title change would not persist the change
  • Links in the editor are no longer broken up by bold and inline code
  • Fixed an issue where Escape would not navigate back on issues with Figma embeds
  • Project names now always show inside the bars in the roadmap timeline
  • Alt/Option+ click now quickly toggles read status on notifications in the Inbox
  • Fixed some multi-select actions in custom views
  • Fixed hiding columns on boards when grouping by project
  • Notifications now show an icon for urgent issues
  • Allows Cmd/Ctrl+K (and Cmd/Ctrl+R) while a contextual menu is open
  • Holding the Alt or Option key while opening or closing a sidebar section will now open or close any section including favorites
  • Remapped the delete notification action from D to Backspace. Remapped the delete read notifications from Cmd/Ctrl + D to Shift + Backspace.
  • Fixed text content of descriptions/documents/comments not being cleared when deleted by user

Preview: New sidebar & team icons

We've improved the design of the sidebar and condensed the immediately visible views, making it easier to navigate. Team sections now show fewer links: Issues, Projects, and when enabled Cycles and Triage. Hovering over these Issues or Cycles will show sub-menus for related views such as backlog and upcoming cycle. As a bonus, you can now Alt/Option and click on a team name or on Your teams or Other teams to expand or collapse those sections.

You may have noticed that we added new icons a few weeks ago. As part of this preview, we've added icons to teams. Hopefully, this will make it easier to recognize teams and give them a unique identity. You can choose any color, though we've gone ahead to assign icons and generate random colors for them. If your team name matched a specific keyword, we paired it with the most appropriate icon, otherwise we gave it the default icon. To differentiate team icons from project icons, the color of team icons is applied to the background of the icon.

The new sidebar design and team icons are available as a Linear Preview feature. To enable it for your workspace, ask an admin to open the command menu with Cmd/Ctrl+K and search for "Preview".

Split View for Triage

A couple weeks ago we released Split View for Triage as a preview feature and we've now enabled it for everyone using Linear. The new interface for Triage allows you to view your list of issues side by side with the focused issue, making it easier and faster to go through your issues and take actions with more context.

Fixes & improvements

  • [API] When filtering users, you can now filter for the authenticated user using { isMe: { eq: true/false } }
  • [API] Fetching templates for a team now also includes workspace templates
  • Fixed a bug where user initials in the default avatar might be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where workspace labels would get removed when an issue was moved between teams
  • When creating a workspace label, you can now choose to merge any team labels with the same name into the workspace label
  • Added a button to go back to today in the project timeline view
  • Added the option to filter assignee and creator by current user
  • Fixed a bug where the upcoming cycle filter would not work during cool-down periods
  • Completed states are now sorted in ascending order in lists
  • Issues are now un-snoozed when they're moved out of Triage
  • Completed projects no longer show the current date in their completion graph
  • Tooltips disappear as you start typing
  • You can now edit project link labels and urls without first deleting them
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow relations to be added to an issue if the issue title began with the word "edit"
  • Tall videos now have a max display height
  • Double clicking / navigation in Inbox or Triage will no longer resize the desktop window
  • We improved the interactions around cutting, copying, and pasting nodes in the editor
  • We improved the interactions around moving and copying images in the editor
  • Fix roadmap projects not correctly positioned when opening the page using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented multiple notifications from being deleted or snoozed