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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Rewind 2022

A promo image for Linear Rewind

Linear Rewind 2022

A busy and productive year is coming to an end. To help you celebrate everything you built and shipped this year, we are releasing Rewind 2022 - a visual summary of your 2022 in Linear.

You can generate your personal rewind or create a rewind for your entire workspace. Please note that we need a certain amount of data to create meaningful reports, so if you are new to Linear you may not be able to create a rewind yet.

Linear Rewind is private by default - only you and members of your workspace can see it. All graphs in the report can be copied and shared. Please consider who you choose to share them with, since they might contain sensitive company data.

We’re releasing our own Linear Rewind publicly. You can view it here.

Fixes & improvements

Polishing Season

  • Improved the initial render performance for teams with a lot of issues
  • Added a new shortcut to open the latest shown toast notification CmdOptionO
  • Added a new shortcut ShiftV to show View options
  • [Desktop] Added a new shortcut CmdY to open the Recently viewed dropdown
  • CmdShiftC no longer adds an issue to the active cycle, and instead copies the current URL. You can always add an issue to the active cycle (or any other cycle) using ShiftC
  • Added a new command line action to open the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet
  • It’s now possible to create developer tokens for your OAuth apps for testing and other purposes without going through the OAuth code exchange
  • Clarified the error state when an invited user has no public teams to access
  • Resizable panels in Linear now have better hover indicators
  • The fast sub-issue creation flow now pre-fills the properties chosen for the last sub-issue to the next sub-issue
  • Improved animation when closing a draft issue to point to the sidebar rather than the bottom of the page
  • You’ll now be notified if you are removed as an assignee from an issue
  • Converting an issue to a project now adds an entry to the issue activity
  • The backdrop of the fast creation modal now fades in correctly and the animation has been tweaked to be more natural
  • Improved error handling when changing active cycle dates
  • The loading spinner in the search bar now spins clockwise (forwards, to the future!)
  • Dates over a year ago will no longer include the day when shown in lists
  • The desktop app now supports playing videos using the HEVC codec (iOS and macOS)
  • Added a warning before discarding new edits on a project update
  • We now explicitly remove labels that don’t exist on the new team if you switch teams when accepting an issue in Triage
  • You can now use a date picker to choose a custom date for snoozing triage issues. You can still use the keyboard to specify custom dates for snoozing
  • Improved Slack unfurls for issue comments
  • Recently viewed roadmaps are now prioritized in the Open roadmaps list
  • You can now favorite an issue from the right click context menu
  • All copy actions in context menus are now grouped into one Copy... group
  • [Desktop] You can now navigate within Recently viewed dropdown using arrow keys
  • You can now toggle empty groups when grouping by project in issue views
  • Sub-issues in a different projects no longer block the archival of a parent issue
  • Added the ability to show/hide Triage issues on My Issues page
  • Changed styling around issues in board views to increase contrast on light themes
  • [Desktop] Added ability to open documentation, help center and keyboard shortcuts guide from the native help menu
  • We’ve made it easier to find and filter issues with attached Help Scout links via the Links filter
  • Added a tooltip for Focus grouping on My issues page
  • On mobile, the sidebar will now properly open above any details pane
  • When grouping by roadmap, groups are now ordered according the tabs on the Roadmaps page
  • Admins can now change what name will appear in your invoices through the billing page
  • Dropped official support for older Safari versions. Please upgrade to at least Safari 14.1 (MacOS) or Mobile Safari 14.5 (iOS)
  • Low priority notification digest emails outside work hours are now delayed to the morning of the next working day. You can disable this functionality in your notification settings
  • Improved the consistency of styling in the issue creation editor
  • Replaced links to connect Git integrations with buttons on team workflow settings page
  • Discord autocomplete will now return better results based on your input
  • Added two new filters; past cycles and future cycles. These will match all cycles in the past/future and complements previous/upcoming filters which only match the last and the next cycle
  • Dialogs no longer close when pressing down on the content and releasing on the backdrop. A slight delay has been added to recognizing presses on the background to make sure dialogs aren't accidentally closed
  • Imported labels will now be matched on workspace labels as well as team labels and regardless of case
  • Added a confirmation step when assigning more than 15 issues to yourself
  • Improved Escape shortcut behavior so it deselects selected text on an issue page before going back to the issues list
  • You can now see the assignee name when hovering the avatar of issues on the board
  • Issues viewed in a narrow window will no longer show as overdue when they have been completed
  • Fixed an issue where filters on the labels page would not correctly update
  • Fixed a regression where middle clicking did not open a new desktop window
  • Fixed a problem with the assignee dropdown showing an incorrect selection when opened
  • Fixed a bug where error messages during workspace creation didn’t display correctly
  • Standardized sizes of avatars shown in project change actions menus
  • Made all buttons sizes and highlight states consistent across all toolbars
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong GitHub repository to be selected when importing two repositories with the same name
  • Fixed a bug when creating issues from Intercom where the assignee field was overwritten after selecting a label
  • Fixed populating new workspaces with your email domain’s logo
  • Fixed a bug where the assignee wouldn’t be notified when an issue was auto-closed
  • Emoji reaction shadows are no longer cut off
  • Fixed rendering bugs causing content to flicker when appearing
  • Fixed a bug where links would show the wrong URL when editing them
  • Fixed checkboxes being displayed twice in Safari with certain themes

We are also doing a live AMA about Polishing Season this Friday (6pm CET, 12pm EST, 9am PT). If you have a question for our team, join us on Slack or Twitter.

Polishing Season 2022

A screenshot of the Linear app with tiny sparkles

Polishing Season 2022

Every product has bugs. More than we can ever fix. Papercuts, usability issues, imperfections. We all have a long backlog of fixes and improvements we intend to get to someday.

Polishing season is about turning that “someday” into “today”. It’s about dedicating time to quality work. To replace flaws and friction with polish and delight.

For the rest of the year, polishing will be our sole focus. No new feature work, just quality of life improvements.

To make the most out of it, we would love to get your input. Tell us what we should fix. Tell us what we should improve. Tell us what would make your life easier.

Explore our Polishing Season timeline to see what we are working on and submit your polishing request!

Arc Integration

A preview image of the Arc x Linear integration

Arc integration

Today, we welcome Arc to the growing list of Linear integrations.

Arc is a new, next-generation browser from our friends at the Browser Company. Like Linear, Arc is fast, beautifully designed, and features a keyboard-first design - which is where this new integration comes in.

Linear users can now create new issues directly from Arc. Simply hit t to access Arc's command bar and type “New Linear issue” to directly open Linear's issue creation modal.

This integration is pre-built into Arc and doesn’t require any extra setup or configuration. You can learn more about the integration here.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed opening documents on small screens
  • User avatars now have more different colors
  • Fixed a bug where error messages during workspace creation didn't display correctly
  • Added roadmap names to issue export (CSV and google sheets)
  • Urgent issues in the Triage list are now marked with urgent priority icon.
  • Fixed styling inconsistencies in the issue creation modal
  • Fixed a problem with opening custom views from the views list on mobile devices.
  • When filtering for "is not" active cycle the filter will now match issues that have no cycle as well. The same goes for "is not" previous cycle and "is not" upcoming cycle. Existing custom views will not include this behavior change, it will only be in effect for newly created filters. You can remove/add the filter to an existing view to get the new behavior.
  • If importing from a GitHub personal repo, you will now longer be shown the option to import organization level projects, which would lead to an error.
  • Marking a notification as unread won't immediately revert to marked as read if you open it nearly at the same time.
  • Improved the roadmap/projects view on mobile screens
  • Fixed a bug where roadmap tabs would not behave correctly after renaming roadmaps
  • All context menus and command line have a new way to jump up and jump down: Arrow Up Cmd/Option to jump to the first item, Arrow Down Cmd/Option to jump to the last item.
  • Fixed a problem with context menu items not being properly focused when being outside of the viewport.
  • Fix bug where a toggle in team estimate settings wouldn't update correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where issues could be created into old cycles
  • Improved the teams chart in the roadmap details pane
  • The small pulsating animation used for highlighting new features or updates has been replaced with a more static indication. The animation was simply too expensive.
  • Uploaded retina quality screenshots are now displayed at their real size.
  • Fixed a bug causing images to not be properly imported from Jira.
  • Fixed a bug where empty groups would display when grouping by team on project views.
  • Fixed filtering by previous cycle while in cooldown period.
  • Fixed a problem with inability to save sub-issue state in workspace issue template.
  • After creating a roadmap, we now show all projects in the roadmap.
  • We now correctly apply the "show empty groups" view option in project/roadmap views.
  • Un-snoozed notifications will now show the time at which they were un-snoozed when they are unread.
  • Fixed a problem with an initially selected item not being visible in the context menu list.
  • Fixed a bug where menus wouldn't close correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with an initially selected item not being visible in the context menu list.
  • Notifications generated by actions taken by third-party applications will now display more accurate actor information.
  • Fixed a bug where ordering on roadmap pages would not work correctly in some cases.
  • Editing date filters now respects the current value when opening the date picker.
  • Improved error message when entering unsupported url attachment.
  • Fixed a bug where creating custom views from label pages didn't work.
  • Fixed a crash when editing roadmaps.
  • It's now possible to drag and drop multiple projects on list views.
  • The custom view menu now includes a "Duplicate" option.
  • You can now open the native context menu by holding Alt while secondary clicking.
  • Added option to open a page for a label group.
  • It's now possible to add/remove multiple selected projects to a roadmap.
  • Made it possible to change roadmap owner

Label Groups

Image of open "add label" menu showing a label group with open sub-labels

Label Groups

After a successful Origins beta with customers, label groups are now available for everyone. This feature creates one level of nesting in workspace and team labels, giving you more options and structure when organizing issues. Internally we’ve created label groups such as Issue Type, Component, and Integrations.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that label groups are properly supported in functionalities across Linear including filters and support integrations. This should give you more flexibility to create the views you need and build powerful analytical reporting (apply for early access). For example, it’s now easy to create a view that filters for all Integrations labels, showing sub-labels automatically.

To create a label group, head to Label settings for your team or workspace. Please note that labels within groups are exclusive, so when applying labels to issues only one label from each group may be applied. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature.

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] Fixed a bug where we weren't respecting null values explicitly passed in for auto-prune properties during team creation
  • [API] Roadmaps now have a field for their associated projects
  • Improved first rendering performance for teams with a large number of issues
  • Filtering by members will no longer show guests if you are not filtering in one of their assigned teams
  • You will be redirected to another organization if possible when logging back in after you schedule an organization for deletion
  • Command menu no longer closes if you drag and select while ending your select outside the menu
  • GitHub pull request automation now takes team reviewers into consideration as well when determining what state an issue should be moved to
  • Fixed a bug that disabled opening links from embeds such as Loom and YouTube in the desktop app
  • Fixed a bug where the link editor would not appear when a link within a list was selected
  • Fixed a bug that would unnecessarily delete the local database when a team was deleted
  • Improved wording of notifications
  • We now show a command menu item to jump to advanced search when there are no quick results
  • Added a set of new icons that you can use for teams, projects, and custom views
  • Improved inline search for characters with diacritical marks
  • now opens issue creation in a modal over the full page
  • Fixed a bug where adding an issue relation from an issue in a private team to an issue in a public team could cause crashes for users outside the private team
  • Stopped automatically pre-populating an issue comment with Intercom conversation details when a Linear issue is linked to an Intercom conversation as an attachment
  • Fixed a bug when applying a template would remove currently assigned labels
  • Fixed Airbyte issue export for large payloads
  • Added the ability to copy a roadmap link using the contextual menu
  • Added the ability to select a favorited project as a default home view preference
  • Improved undoing actions on the projects list page
  • Added the ability to include project and status when creating issues via the Sentry integration
  • When grouping projects by status, the statuses are now ordered with In Progress on top, similar to issue statuses
  • After changing the workspace URL, old workspace URLs now redirect to the new URL
  • Cmd/Ctrl Shift A now selects all issues within a group
  • CSV exports now contain information about related roadmaps
  • Mitigated problems with Safari 14 where local database operations would fail frequently
  • You can now find teams in all menus by searching the identifier
  • Made it easier to find the Contact support and Send feedback actions through the command menu
  • You can now open an issue in the full window from Triage & Inbox by searching for Open full issue view in the command menu
  • Fixed a bug where adding emoji would not work on the first click
  • Renamed a few actions: Merge issue to Mark as duplicate of, and Duplicate issue to Make copy as new issue
  • Fixed a bug where certain keyboard shortcuts were triggering even though some keys had been released
  • Fixed a bug with copying a link in a comment when the link has bold/italic/strike-though styling
  • It's now possible to group projects by team. We also updated the design of group headers in roadmap views.
  • Intercom and Discord issue search will now show most relevant issues in the correct order
  • We fixed a bug where issues where moved back to their In Review workflow state if linked pull requests received comments after they were merged or closed
  • Improved keyboard focus behavior in the due date modal selector
  • Projects now default to the current user as the lead
  • Fixed a bug that would let you post empty project updates
  • Fixed a bug where roadmaps that contained private projects from other teams couldn't be edited
  • Updated styling in the issue creation modal
  • Added ability to order projects on a roadmap by target and start dates
  • Projects list can show both start and target dates
  • Fixed Slack emoji importing not working
  • Improved project create modal layout on small devices
  • You can now filter labels on the labels settings pages by whether they are in use or not
  • The transparent sidebar now follows the theme when using a custom theme
  • Roadmaps section is now protected for guest users
  • We now persist the approved or changes requested state of a review on the pull request attachment even if the reviewer left additional comments afterward
  • The list of team members you can assign an issue to in the Zendesk app is now sorted alphabetically
  • If you are an admin, you can now invite new user directly for each Team Members page in the Settings
  • Added the ability to re-order roadmap tabs
  • Fixed a problem with the Create workspace page where the form didn't give visual feedback if the organization name didn't pass validation on API side
  • When setting a parent issue, the sub-issue is now automatically moved to a parent's project when it's possible
  • Fixed the styling of the board/list toggle
  • Fixed a bug with video scrolling that dragged the whole video instead
  • Changed the styling of the Today marker on roadmap timeline
  • The search icon in the sidebar now leads to the full advanced search
  • Quick search can be access through the / or Cmd/Ctrl K shortcuts
  • You can now choose when to automatically add comments to Front conversations or reopen Front conversations based on activity in linked Linear issues
  • Drag and drop on a board grouped by label now works correctly for workspace labels
  • Fixed a bug causing the Jira migration assistant form to occasionally be cleared unexpectedly
  • Fixed a problem that would cause Safari 14 not be able to process model deletions correctly

2022 Release: Built for Scale

Mural of features launched in Linear's 2022 Built for Scale release

2022 Release: Built for Scale

We are excited to announce our 2022 release.

Our focus this year has been to scale Linear to new levels. To power not just the thousands of startups that are building with Linear, but also the wave of large, established companies that have migrated their teams off of the bloated legacy tools of the past.

Today, we are launching a wide range of new and upgraded features. We’ve improved roadmaps,, upgraded Cycle analytics, added a Notion integration, and enhanced the GitHub integration among other changes. This release page includes a preview of our upcoming Analytical Reporting feature and better label management.

Head over to our release page to see the complete list of new features.


When you open Linear, you will see a new version of Roadmaps that lets you create multiple roadmaps, each with their own list of projects. Create roadmaps to roll your projects up into initiatives, product lines, or company goals — just like you may have done with milestones. Each roadmap can be customized with projects from any number of teams and individual projects can be part of different roadmaps.

On the Roadmaps page, quickly navigate between different roadmaps or view all projects in the workspace. Each roadmap can be grouped, filtered, and ordered in any way you want. In the right sidebar, we've added analytics so you can quickly see which teams contribute most to the roadmap's projects, which projects are being worked on most actively, and how close projects are to being completed.

If you were using milestones previously, they have now been converted to roadmaps. Because they provide very similar product grouping functionality, we made the decision to remove milestones in favor of further developing roadmaps. To help with the transition, we converted existing milestones to roadmaps.

We are still actively developing these features so we are very interested in your feedback. If there’s something you miss about milestones that isn’t solved by roadmaps, we want to hear about it. Please reach out.

Notion integration

You can now bring the magic of Linear into your Notion workspace. Paste a link to a Linear issue, view, or project in Notion to immediately see a detailed preview of your data directly in Notion. This integration is opt-in and enabled by members of your workspace individually.

Pull request review status

We've added more detail to GitHub pull request and GitLab merge request links on issues. When your PR or MR is being reviewed, we'll show you the avatars and review states of the three most recent reviewers. Get a better sense of how the review is going without leaving Linear.

New Linear interface theme

We gave the application interface a fresh coat of paint. Modals and popovers now have a beautiful glass effect, where the content underneath shines through. The dark theme was updated with new colors and a more saturated look that puts more focus on the content. We hope you enjoy it and would love to see remixes done using Linear's custom themes.

If you're a fan of the original dark theme, it's still available as Classic Dark theme in settings. The Light theme remains unchanged in this update. We also added a preference to turn off translucent interface components in case they have a negative performance in older devices.

Intercom & Zendesk customizations

We've added customizable settings to our Zendesk and Intercom integrations to better support your customer support workflow. In Zendesk, you can now choose when to automatically add internal notes to Zendesk tickets or reopen Zendesk tickets based on activity in linked Linear issues. In Intercom, we've added a setting for whether you want a conversation to automatically reopen when a linked Linear issue receives a comment. Go to Zendesk or Intercom settings to update your integration.

Enterprise grade security

We added support for SCIM provisioning alongside SAML authentication. This simplifies management of user accounts for IT admins in larger organizations as it centralizes it in their identity provider system.

Upon enabling SCIM, the system will synchronize accounts between Linear and your identity provider and keep them that way. It syncs user information such as names and their current status, and whether they have the application access enabled or not. SCIM is available on Enterprise plans.

For Plus and Enterprise customers, we've enabled domain claiming so that you can claim the domain you own and not allow other workspaces to white-list it.

Sync-Engine upgrade

We have been making performance improvements to our Sync-Engine, specifically with larger workspaces in mind. First-time users should see considerable improvements in startup times when they load the application. You should also see significant improvements in startup times if you're loading Linear for the first time in a while. More performance optimizations are in the works, stay tuned.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Rolling out label groups in beta to Linear Origins
  • After 9 months, Linear's Slack app has been officially approved and is now discoverable in Slack's app directory
  • The illustration in the empty project screen now adapts better to the selected theme
  • Label creator and date of creation are now available in the settings screen to help you better manage labels
  • It's now possible to filter labels by name in the workspace and team label settings pages
  • Fixed a problem where an admin who was not part of a team could accidentally archive a status that was still assigned to issues
  • It's now possible to click a full row on Cycle and Project details to filter on a specific assignee, label, or project
  • Improved the Inbox empty state when filters are applied
  • Fixed a bug where select organizations would not receive reminders to post project updates
  • Improved focus management while navigating sub-issues
  • We held an impromptu Figma AMA while mitigating a DDoS attack

Faster sub-issue creation

Linear issue with an applied template, showing Changelog issues and sub-issues applied

Faster sub-issue creation

Previously, when you created issues in Linear, it wasn't possible to add sub-issues unless you opened the issue in full screen editing mode. We've improved the issue creation flow so that you can quickly add sub-issues from the modal as well.

Press Cmd + Shift + O to add sub-issues and start breaking the parent issue down into smaller chunks of work.

This new fast sub-issue creation flow is also available in full-screen issue creation flow. Press V to open the full screen editing view, then use the shortcut to add sub-issues without needing to save the issue first.

Templates with sub-issues

We've added sub-issues to issue templates. Now, you can break down your issue template into smaller sub-issues. This works for both team and workspace level templates. To apply a template, use Ctrl Option Shift T from the modal or Option C from the full screen view.

Calendar preferences

If you prefer that your calendar starts on Mondays, now it can in Linear. We've added a personal preference for what you'd like the first day of the week to be in the date picker. Date pickers across the application will respect this choice. Visit your account preferences to customize this setting.

New website

After months of explorations (our design file became so big, it broke Figma), we finally shipped a new homepage:

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] Added an option to filter projects on slug ID
  • [API] Your user account will no longer be subscribed to issues when creating comments using actor=application via an OAuth application
  • Fixed a bug preventing proper mapping or inviting by email when migrating users from another system in the Migration Assistant
  • Fixed a bug where we showed a zero-count link badge on an issue in a view if it had no links attached to it
  • Fixed a bug in the team selector in the invite members dialog
  • Long emoji names are now properly truncated when shown in suggestions
  • Choose when to automatically reopen Intercom conversations that are linked to a Linear issue
  • Fixed a problem with some keyboard shortcuts not working in some views including My Issues and Views
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent typing a space character in some filters
  • Fixed an unnecessary prompt when closing an issue that had not been changed
  • Improved handling for Escape in full-screen issue creation and fixed double confirmation
  • Improved logic when applying a template when using with a template ID defined
  • Fixed an issue where snoozed notifications would not immediately disappear from the Inbox
  • Improved position of the Settings Back button in the desktop app
  • Fixed a double scrollbar on project details on Firefox
  • Fixed support for the Europe/Kyiv timezone and fixed the spelling of Kyiv in the timezone selector
  • Fixed an issue that caused some editor content such as user and document mentions not to be indexed in search
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips would take too long to open
  • Fixed errors when running out of disk space and navigating to an issue whose comments hadn't yet been loaded
  • Issues now have an Open in new window option and shortcut in the desktop app
  • Guest users will now be suspended if your workspace cancels your subscription
  • Fixed a problem where comments and issue history would take longer to load if a user was removed and then re-added to a private team
  • Fixed a bug where notification filters would show up multiple times in the list
  • Fixed a problem with the duplicate issue action duplicating only one level of sub-issues
  • Fixed a bug where the icon input in project details was partially hidden
  • Fixed a problem where clients would retain ghost issues when issues were moved from a public team to a private team
  • Fixed a bug where the Started value would be wrong in the legend of cycle or project graphs
  • Fixed a bug where project names would get too little space in roadmap lists
  • Fixed a problem launching Linear in private mode on Firefox
  • Fixed a bug causing the Slack welcome message to occasionally be posted unexpectedly
  • Improved logic around applying templates to existing issues
  • All projects are now accessible through the O P shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where the header area became undraggable when a list was scrolled
  • Fixed project reminders being sent even if reminder frequency was set to never
  • Slack notifications will now show the correct actor if the action that generated the notification was taken by a third-party application

Graph improvements & Cycle capacity

Cycles view with graph displaying work in progress

Graph improvements

We've enhanced graphs on project and cycle views. They now have separate lines for Started and Completed issues and show you more details around what types of issues were completed.

Previously, the progress line in graphs reflected the sum of completed issues and partial completion of any started issues. This could be confusing, so we've split them into their own lines. This lets you see exactly what is being worked on and what is done.

On top of that, we've added additional content to the cycles graph and sidebar. We show you how much scope was added or removed since the start of the cycle. You can see how a cycle's issues break down by project, label, and assignee, as well as what percentage of issues in those categories have been completed. We are also introducing interactions with those graphs, you can now hover over them to see the exact values of scoped, completed and started issues over time.

Cycle capacity

We've added functionality to help you plan your cycle. Cycle capacity shows how many issues or estimate points you should be able to fit into the cycle based on your team's velocity.

The capacity is calculated from the completed issues or estimate counts from your three previous cycles. If no cycles have been completed yet, we calculate a very rough estimate on capacity based on your team size.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Cmd/Ctrl N in the desktop app now opens the new issue interface. To open a new window use Shift Cmd/Ctrl N .
  • Some element borders are now thinner on retina displays
  • Fixed paging over archived issues
  • Comment drafts are now persisted across navigations and reloads
  • You will now be prompted to save comment draft changes before navigating away
  • Fixed a missing link from a board issue widget to a cycle
  • When creating custom views with Triage issues, the view now correctly shows all issues before the view has been saved
  • Roadmap now opens the All tab by default
  • Improved copy in collection filters
  • Project and cycle are now inherited from the parent issue when converting a checkbox list to sub-issues
  • When two links are added to an issue in quick succession, they will now be shown as two separate entries in the issue history log
  • Logos for integrations will now be better displayed when they are used as the avatar for issue actions
  • Fixed overflowing text in project lists
  • The character = will now be removed from Git branch names if it is present in an issue title
  • Fixed a crash when passing description to the new issue url (
  • Selected issues in the list can now be exported as CSV
  • Issue search results can be exported as CSV
  • We will now only include the first message from an Intercom conversation in the comment body when linking an existing issue to an Intercom conversation
  • Ctrl A / Ctrl E shortcuts now work correctly on macOS for text blocks that contain mentions and links
  • A Windows shortcut to move cards between columns on a board Alt /Altchanged to Ctrl /Ctrl

Fixes & Improvements

Design system grid with icons representing different features in the app

Fixes & Improvements

At the bottom of every Linear changelog lives a long bullet point list of smaller changes. We call this list Fixes & Improvements. The items on this list usually don't get a lot attention, because they don't look as exciting as the big, new features that we highlight at the top of the changelog. But that doesn't mean they are not important. On the contrary.

Fixes & Improvements, as the name suggests, contains two different types of work:

Fixes are bugs that we squash. They are negative things that we remove from the app.

Improvements are similar to bugs but different. Like bugs, they are imperfections. Unlike bugs, we don't remove them. Instead we turn them into something positive. They are negative user experiences that we can turn into user delight. They are little big details. Internally, we call them Quality of Life improvements and we think they are incredibly important.

Here are some of the fixes and improvements we shipped last week. May they improve your life and the lives of engineers, designers and PMs around you.

  • Allow bulk changing estimates on issues from different teams, if estimate configuration is the same across all teams
  • Fixed ordering of users on members page
  • Fixed missing state filters on the My issues page. Added a new Completed issues - Past day view option
  • Released to make it easy to download assets
  • Fixed notifications and Slack messages not properly sent when posting a new project update
  • Fixed a small glitch on Safari when the bottom scrollbar was behind issue cards
  • Fixed a problem with the Mark as blocking shortcut on issue page
  • Fixed a bug causing Intercom conversations that were assigned to teams to become unassigned after the conversations were reopened by Linear
  • Guests will now be able to install third-party applications if they have already been installed on your workspace, or if you have third-party application approvals turned on for your workspace and the application has been approved
  • Long issue activity lists are collapsed by default and show only last thirty items
  • Added the option to order issues by estimate
  • Fixed a problem where the notifications screen would not correctly display desktop notification subscriptions
  • Fixed a bug where pasting text from a code editor wouldn't work
  • It's now possible to copy a link to a specific project update
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing non-admins from creating third-party applications approvals
  • You can now select multiple labels when creating an issue from Intercom
  • Improved a11y when creating labels using the command menu. Colors are now displayed as names, rather than hex values.
  • Fixed a bug where same comment was posted multiple times in the Front application when conversations were reopened
  • Fixed an issue where under rare conditions moving an issue with labels to another team would fail
  • We now hide teams that you haven't joined by default in the team selector for new issues
  • Added a view option in the notification inbox to hide read notifications
  • Displays short dates with year if in a different calendar year.
  • Notifications for third-party application approvals will now be automatically deleted when somebody responds to the request
  • Fixed an error where inputting a number would yield no search results if an organization had more than thirty two teams
  • Fixed an issue where updating a documents icon would not be reflected locally until a refresh
  • Added the ability to group projects by status and by lead when the workspace isn't using the "Roadmap" feature
  • [API] Going forward IssueHistory entries will correctly reflect if they were created by an OAuth application when the token used to create the entry uses application actor authorization

Third-party Application Approvals

Third-party application approval request screenshot

Third-party Application Approvals

We’ve been working on improvements to how third-party applications are managed at the workspace level. Admins on the Plus plan will now be able to approve or deny requests to install third-party applications from other members.

Visit your workspace application settings to turn on this feature. All existing installed applications on your workspace will be automatically approved. Once application approvals have been turned on, team members will have to request approval during the authorization flow, providing an optional reason for why they would like to install the application into your workspace. If an application has been previously denied, they will see a message to that effect, along with the reason why the application was denied, if one was provided. Admins will then receive a notification about the new request and can choose to approve or deny the request. These notifications can be configured in your notification settings. Once the request has been answered, the original requester will also be notified of the response.

From the application settings page, you can also deny a previously approved application, approve a previously denied application, or revoke authorization for an installed application. Learn more about third-party application approvals here.

Fixes and Improvements

  • [API] Added support for fetching, creating, and updating project updates to the API
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent creating labels with a space in some situations
  • Fixed a bug not showing Slack channel names
  • Issues related by mention in comment now correctly adds the comment author as the person adding the relation too
  • Replaced inline editing of title/description in a project/cycle sidebar in favor of modal editor
  • Selected projects can now be copied as markdown
  • It's now possible to apply fast filtering on labels and projects on a cycle page, like assignees
  • Improved keyboard accessibility for view options dropdown
  • It's now possible to convert selected list to a sub-issues list using the editor toolbar button
  • Fixed priority ordering on a project page, now team priority ordering setting is taken into account
  • We improved the display of custom links on issue lists and in filters
  • Creating a sub-issue from command menu no longer leaves the command menu open
  • It's now possible to create issues directly from more board columns with the "+" button
  • Video uploads in an unsupported browser format will now show an error message
  • Fixed "apply template" shortcut in the issue create modal
  • Fixed a crash when using inline search in Inbox
  • Completed issues in future cycles will be moved to the currently active cycle
  • The project name is now shown next to documents when opening them from the command menu
  • When converting an issue with sub-issues to a project, the original parent issue is moved to a newly created project as well

Board Ordering

The new board ordering menu, with Priority selected.

Board Ordering

We are adding the option to choose between different board ordering preferences. Previously, it was only possible to order issues on a board manually. With this change you can now order issues on your board by priority, creation date, due date, or many other options.

You can find these Board Ordering choices in the “View Options” in the right uper corner of your issues view.

When issues are orderdered by a specific property, you are able to drag them between different columns of your board. The position of the issue within a column is determined automatically. This ensures that the order of your issues is consistent across list and board layouts.

Cycle Descriptions

We are adding the ability to add short descriptions to cycles. When planning a cycle, use the description field to specify a goal or focus area of the cycle so that everyone on your team is aligned.

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] OAuth apps can now provide a custom avatar URL when creating Comments or Issues with a custom user name
  • [API] You can now specify createdAt dates in the past when creating issues and comments
  • It's now possible to filter by team in inbox even when using project updates
  • Fixed a few places where the outline for focused elements would be truncated
  • Reduced the amount of "New version available" messages you're likely to see
  • Improved logic when duplicating an issue with sub-issues, now all children inherit a team and a project from the parent issue
  • Improved accuracy of search results when querying an issue number without the team identifier
  • Default milestones are no longer created when Roadmap feature is being toggled on
  • Correctly display integration logos and names in the inbox if those are responsible for sending the notification
  • Fixed bug where Shortcut imports could be missing stories that were not in projects
  • Issues snoozed from the API are now correctly hidden when the "Show snoozed" filter is disabled
  • Document suggestions with the same name now include the associated project name
  • We improved the search matches when searching for issue identifiers while mentioning an issue
  • Fixed a bug where using the "match any filter" option with a state filter would yield incorrect results
  • Fixed intercom integration showing an error for conversations without linked issues
  • Improved error handling when commenting on an issue
  • Links to issues in private teams no longer include the issue title in the URL
  • We now show instructions when attempting to enable desktop notifications in Brave with push service disabled
  • Users can now be filtered by username in more places across the app.
  • Unassigned Intercom conversations will now remain unassigned after they are reopened by Linear
  • Updated formatting for Intercom notes produced by the Linear Intercom integration
  • It's now possible to filter by estimate even if some teams in the view have estimations disabled
  • Fixed a problem when pasting content into placeholders
  • Fixed a bug where clicking refresh in a Figma embed would open the Figma link
  • Fixed a styling issue when accepting triage issues on small screens
  • Fixed styling issues in cycle and project badges on boards when using a larger font style
  • Fixed an error that caused archived issues to be selectable when referencing active issues
  • Fixed a bug where filters would not be correctly applied on inbox
  • Fixed project updates notifications not properly marked as read in the inbox
  • Fixed images in issue descriptions synced using Jira Link not transferring over properly
  • Fixed long threads of comments being cut offinwhen printing the issue page
  • Fixed a problem where cycle history wasn't correctly calculated when the team had estimates disabled
  • Fixed the styling of new issues in board views
  • Snooze actions now appear when typing "remind" in the command menu
  • Completed issues are no longer reopened if a linked GitHub PR is edited
  • Cycle details now have tooltips detailing the exact time when a cycle starts and ends
  • It's now possible to select items from the different columns on a board
  • Fixed copying branch name from issues with special characters in issue titles
  • If issue creation fails for some reason, we recover the issue so that you can try again
  • Fixed an issue where you weren't able to close certain modals when text inside was selected
  • Fixed an issue where project update reminders were sent to some orgs with the never setting
  • Linear issues created automatically by the Sentry integration now correctly links from Sentry to Linear
  • Issues imported from GitHub will no longer sometimes lose images in their descriptions
  • Fix a bug showing the emoji reaction button on the wrong comment when hovering one with the cursor
  • Improved CSV export and handling of null values
  • Changed minute marker in short date format from 'm' to 'min' to avoid ambiguity with 'mo' (month)
  • Escape key in fullscreen issue editor now unfocuses the editor
  • Fixed "Delete team…" option showing to users that do not have permissions to do so in contextual menu
  • The "Copy image" action is now correctly disabled on browsers that do not support it