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Custom Views

Create filtered views of issues or projects that you can save and share with others in your workspace.

Issue and Project Views
Custom view for open bugs


Create custom views using filters to show only the issues or projects you want to see. You can save, share and favorite these views for easy access and faster team collaboration.

They're helpful if you often use the same filters, want to filter issues across multiple teams or projects, need to revisit or share a filtered list of projects or want to create shared views for easier team collaboration (e.g. bug reports).

G then U to go to Views

O then V to open a specific view

Option/Alt V to create a View from a filtered board or list


Access views

Access Views in the sidebar or type G then U from anywhere in the app to see a full list of Views across your workspace, teams, and any personal ones you've created. O then V will show a menu of available views that you can open.

Create views

To build a custom view from scratch, click on Views in the sidebar, select Issue views or Project views as desired and click New view. Alternatively, click Save after filtering a list of issues or projects.

Edit views

To edit an existing view, click on the view name from within the view itself and you can choose the Edit view… option in the pop-up menu.

You also have the option to duplicate an existing view from here, just click on the Duplicate view... option.

Create a view from a filtered list

You can save any filtered board or list as a custom view with the keyboard shortcut Option/Alt V or by clicking on the Save view icon. The icon appears next to the Display Options icon after you've add at least one filter to any team-specific list or board. When you create a custom view from a project or cycle-specific view, it'll automatically apply the project or cycle as a filter in the custom view.

Share views

Share view

If a shared view is created with the All teams setting, then the view will be shared on the workspace level and appear under Workspace views on the Views page. If you select a specific team when creating the view, then only members of that team will see the shared view and it will be listed under Team views in the View page.

To share a view across multiple teams but limit it to projects or issues within a specific team or teams, create an All teams view and use filters to refine the list.

Copy view link

To share a specific view in Slack or wherever you discuss work, copy a link by clicking the custom view's three dot (more) menu and selecting Copy view URL or by copying the View's URL in the browser. Sharing a link does not automatically give anyone access to a view, it must be shared first.

Favorite views

We recommend favoriting views that you access frequently, which will add the view under the Favorites section in your sidebar. Do this by clicking on the star next to the view name or from the more menu (three dots). Favoriting custom views also adds them as an option under default home view in Settings > Account > Preferences.

View sidebars

Use the righthand sidebar to understand the view's contents and quickly filter for common properties. Project view sidebars display information on those project's leads, teams, projects, roadmaps and health. Issue view sidebars display assignees, labels and projects.

Shows view sidebar on an issue view, with a quick filter option on hover state for assignees

View subscriptions

Views are rarely static; issues enter a view when their properties align with the View's filters, and leave when they no longer align. In some cases, knowing when this is happening can be beneficial -- you might be interested in when a certain label is applied to an issue, for instance.

To configure notifications, click the Notifications menu at the top of an existing view. You can choose to be notified when a new issue has been added to the view, when an issue in the view is completed or canceled, or both. Once you've configured a view subscription, you can manage the subscription in notification settings. To reduce notification noise, you won't receive notifications in views you subscribe to for actions you take yourself.

View owners

Every view has an owner property visible in that View's dedicated sidebar as well as on the main Views page in Linear's main sidebar. This field defaults to the creator of the view but can be changed to other users as desired. Before deleting a view, we advise checking in with its owner to ensure it's no longer needed.