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User views

Create views that show you how work is distributed across your team.

Image showing all the issues assigned to a particular team member in Linear which are displayed after clicking into their profile.


You'll often want to create a view that shows issues assigned to one or more members of your team. There are a few ways that we make this visible: user profiles, assignee grouping, filter by assignee, and the cycle sidebar.

O then U to open a user profile

O then M to open your user profile


User profiles

To see a view of all issues assigned to a specific user (or assigned to you), you can open up a user profile. The easiest way to do this is with the shortcut O then U, which will show a list of all users in your workspace. Select a user to go to their profile where you'll easily see how many issues are assigned to them (top bar next to their name) and can filter or scan the full list. You can also access user profiles by clicking on a user avatar in the activity feed or your user profile with O then M or from the avatar dropdown menu.

Custom Views

Custom views is a better option than user profiles if you'd like to favorite the view, share the view with other members of your organization, refine the issue list to specific parameters, or view issues across multiple users. Learn more about custom views.

Filter and Group

Most views supporting grouping by assignee on list views. If you want to see distribution of remaining work in a project, you can group by assignee and then filter by Started and Unstarted statuses.

Cycle sidebar

From any cycle view, use Cmd/Ctrl I to open a sidebar that shows the cycle details, graph, and distribution of work across the team. Next to each user's name, you'll see a total issue or estimate count for their issues in that cycle as well as the percentage completion. Hover over a specific user's name to filter the list or board view down to their issues only.