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Board layout

Nearly all views in Linear can be shown in board layout in addition to list view.

Linear app showing the board layout

You can toggle on board layout with the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl B. Alternatively, you can switch between board or list layout using the board and list icons next to Display options.

Cmd/Ctrl B to switch to board layout (or back to list)

X to select one issue

Shift X or or Shift Click to select multiple issues

Option/Alt Shift Up or Down to move a selected issue to the top or bottom of the column

Functionality and keyboard shortcuts are almost exactly the same on board and list views with a few exceptions.

  • Board views and List view can not be ordered independently. If a List view is ordered by priority for example, Board view will also.
  • Board views to default to grouping by Status but you can click into Display options and Grouping to group by Focus, Status, Project, Priority, Cycle, Label, Label group, or SLA status (if applicable).
  • When grouping by status, board views are always ordered with statuses from first to last, whereas some list views have unique ordering for statuses.
  • You can hide columns in board views but in list views, you can only temporarily hide the equivalent column/grouping option by using filters. You can then make a custom view if you'd like these filters to be permanent.
  • Selection limitations (see below)

Hide columns you don't need by selecting Hide from the column menu (three dots). Hidden columns will show up as the last column on your board. Drag issues into hidden columns without having to unhide them.

The same shortcuts work to select issues in the board view, such as X to select specific issues and Shift X or Shift Click to select multiple. Unlike list views, you cannot select multiple issues at once across different columns in the board view, only issues within the same column.

Dragging issues up or down long columns can be cumbersome, so you can use keyboard shortcuts instead. Option/Alt Shift Up will move issues to the top of a column whereas Option/Alt Shift Down will move it to the bottom. By default, when you move issues to a new column on a board, it will go to the top if you make the change with the keyboard shortcut S or command menu and to wherever you placed it if you used the mouse.

Board views with multiple columns can be scrolled horizontally by holding Shift and scrolling vertically, or hovering the column titles and scrolling vertically.