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Cycle graph

The graph shows you the progress you're making in your cycle.

Cycle graph visual showing progress

Cycle graphs autogenerate once a cycle has begun. They update hourly so your graphs are always up to date based on the latest issue activity.

Cmd/Ctrl I to open or close the cycle details sidebar and view the graph

Space to toggle peek while hovered over an issue in a cycle

When viewing a specific cycle, open the cycle sidebar with Cmd/Ctrl I to view the graph.

From the "All Cycles" view, you'll also see the graph belonging to the current cycle.

We have separate lines for Started and Completed issues. This lets you see exactly what is being worked on and what is done. You can also see how much scope has been added or removed since the start of the cycle.

You can see how a cycle’s issues break down by project and label, in addition to assignees, as well as what percentage of issues in those categories have been completed. You can hover over any assignee, project or label and click "filter" to show related issues.

You can also hover over the graph to see the exact values of scoped, completed and started issues over time.