Project graph

The graph shows you the progress you're making toward completing your project and estimates when you'll complete it.

Project graph visual showing progress

Project graphs autogenerate once you've started a project and we've collected enough project issue data for them to be created. They update hourly so your graphs are always up to date based on the latest issue activity.

Cmd/Ctrl I to open or close the project details sidebar and view the graph

Space to toggle peek while hovered over a project on the timeline

From the project view, open the project sidebar Cmd/Ctrl I to view the graph. If it's not there, that means that we have not generated it yet.

From the roadmap or team project list view, you'll see a tiny version of the graph on the project bar. Use issue peek to view the graph in more detail by hovering over the project bar and then pressing or pressing and holding the Spacebar.

ProTip: It can be helpful to set a target date to deter scope creep and create accountability for the project to ship in a reasonable amount of time.

A gray line shows you the project scope and how it has changed over time, giving you an easy way to see (and mitigate) scope creep.

The purple line shows you your velocity toward completing the issues in the project. Going up and to the right means progress is being made. A stagnating line signifies no progress. If you notice it go down, it's likely because issue estimates were changed or issues were removed or canceled from the project (reducing the scope).

If you have a target date set, it'll show up as a red vertical line.

We show an estimated completion date for the project as long as you've moved it to the Started status. It'll show up as a cone at the end of the purple line, indicating an early and late estimated date. We calculate it using past issue velocity and issues remaining in the project, weighing the more recent activity more heavily.