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Use Projects for larger initiatives and features on your roadmap.

Projects view in Linear

Projects define larger pieces of work that have a clear outcome or completion date, such as launching a new feature. They can be shared across multiple teams and come with their own unique features, graph, and notification options.

Shift P to add issue to project

O then P to open project

G then P to go to your team projects view

Cmd/Ctrl I to open or close the project details sidebar

G then R to view all projects on the company roadmap

Cmd/Ctrl B to switch between list, board and timeline view

Each team has a projects view that displays a list, board or timeline of all the team's projects. It has similar functionality to the Roadmap but is limited to only your team's projects.

Click into a project to see all the issues associated with it. Find the total estimated effort or total issue count in the top bar (hover over the estimate to see an issue count). Use View options to customize the sorting, ordering, and grouping or apply filters with the shortcut F.

Create projects from the Roadmap or your team's project view. Press the Create project button, which will prompt you to add specific fields. You're only required to include a project name but we recommend setting a project lead and milestone as well as updating the icon. You can always right-click on a project in the roadmap to edit these properties.

Add existing issues to projects or move issues between projects by selecting the issues and using the shortcut Shift P. To create new issues in a project, use C from the project view or add the project property manually if creating the issue from another page.

If you are not a member of the project, we will automatically assign new issues to the project lead upon creation. This ensures that the project lead is aware of all new issues created and can reassign issues other members as appropriate. You can change the assignee before issue creation if needed.

How we work: The project lead is in charge of writing the spec and general execution. Other team members collaborate on the brief, split up areas of work, and then write their own issues.

Press the sidebar icon or use Cmd/Ctrl I to toggle the project details sidebar on or off. You'll be able to update any properties from here as well as add resources such as external files, create project documents, and view the project graph.

Projects can be shared across multiple teams. Add more teams when creating a project or from the project details page by clicking on the team name, then marking off more teams in the dropdown. Once you add more than one team, the project view will create tabs so you can toggle between seeing all issues or issues on specific teams.

Adding team to a project in Linear