Project status

Projects have a special status that is separate from issue status and affects your views and archive.


Projects are created with the Planned status by default. The status will appear next to the project name in the roadmap or project timeline pages as well as in an icon on the project bar.

Cmd/Ctrl I to open the project details sidebar and click on the status to update it.

G then R to update the status from the Roadmap


Change status

You'll have to manually update the project status to change it (we do not do this automatically, even if all issues are completed). Planned, started, and paused projects appear under the Active tab while cancelled or closed projects move to the Closed tab until they are archived.

Archive projects

Archived projects are visible along with their graphs and details under a team's Archive view. Projects will be archived based on the team's auto-archive setting once all issues have been completed and the project has been marked closed or canceled. We always archive issues in a project at the same time, even if they've been closed for longer than the auto-archive setting, since doing otherwise will affect project statistics.

Delete projects

Deleting a project is different than closing it and an irreversible action. It will permantly remove the project, project details, and all issues and documents associated with project from your workspace. Right-click over the project name or open the three dot menu from the project view, then select Delete, to delete it.