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Prioritize issues requested from other teams and customer support.

Linear triage view

Triage is a special Inbox for your team. Anytime an issue is created from an integration or by a workspace member outside your specific Linear team, it will show up here. This gives team members a chance to review, update, and prioritize issues before they are added to the team's workflow.

G then T to go to Inbox

1 to accept

2 to decline

3 to merge

H to snooze

O then T to open a different team, then go to the Inbox with G then T

Go to your team settings to enable Triage. Once you toggle it on, the Triage Inbox will show up under the team name in the sidebar.

Navigate to your Triage Inbox with G then T. If you are in another team's views, use O then T to open the team you want to view first.

New issues will default to Triage status if they are created through an integration (e.g. Slack, Sentry), created when inside of the Triage view, or if members outside of your specific team create the issue.

When members of your team create new issues, they'll be set to the default status as configured in team workflow settings. This can be overridden manually by changing the status (Triage shows up at the bottom of the dropdown list).

Open the issue to review it and take one of the following issue actions: accept with 1, merge with 2, cancel with 3, or snooze with H. You can escalate an issue to the current cycle by setting the issue property. To ask for more information from the user who created the issue, comment on the issue and keep it in Triage until you're ready to take an action.

It's common to see duplicate reports for an issue or for teammates to report a bug that's known. Merge these requests instead of canceling them. Taking the merge action will add the duplicate issue's content as a comment to the canonical issue and move over any linked attachments. If you use one of our customer support integrations, they'll be relinked to the canonical issue so that the support conversation is re-opened once the canonical issue resolves.

You can snooze Triage items if you aren't ready to take an action. Press H then select the snooze duration. Read more about Snooze.

Get more out of Triage by connecting it to our integrations with Intercom, Front, or Zendesk. Your customer support team will be able to create new Linear issues and link to existing ones directly from their customer support tool. Closed issues re-open customer conversations automatically for easy follow up with customers who have reported bugs or requested features.