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Snooze notifications and issues in Triage, or set issue reminders on other issues.

Linear app showing the snooze notification menu


Snoozing temporarily hides an issue from the Inbox or Triage. At the specified time, it will re-appear as a new notification and unread.

If a new activity occurs before the Snooze time, you will receive an inbox notification for the activity and the Snooze will be canceled.

To be reminded about an issue elsewhere in Linear, use Issue reminders. When setting a reminder, a notification will be sent to the Inbox at the selected time. While Snooze hides issues, setting reminders do not.

H to snooze

H then type date to customize snooze date


Setting Snooze or Reminders

Snooze or set an issue reminder by typing the shortcut H and select one of the default options:

  • For an hour
  • Until tomorrow
  • Until next week
  • A month from now
  • Next cycle
  • Custom...

Custom dates

For custom dates and times, type in the selection instead. Be sure to type the option in full (e.g. next quarter not next quar) otherwise the option will not appear.

  • Month Date Time (e.g. Jan 3 10am)
  • Next quarter
  • Til or until month / date
  • For X months / weeks / days

View Options

In views that support Snooze, you can toggle show or hide snoozed issues issues in Display options. Because setting reminders do not hide an issue, there is no toggle in Display options regarding reminders.