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The Inbox is your notification center in Linear and where you’ll find important updates on issues in your workspace.

Inbox view in Linear


You'll receive an Inbox notification for key events on your subscribed issues. You're automatically subscribed to issues when you create them, are assigned them, or are mentioned in an issue description or comment. Find a full list of notification types and how they work in this doc.

You cannot customize which notifications go to the Inbox (they all will) but you can customize which ones trigger other alerts in notification settings.

G then I to go to Inbox

J / K or / to move through issues in list or issue view

Backspace / e delete notifications

Cmd/Ctrl D to delete all read notifications

Cmd/Ctrl Shift D to delete all notifications

Shift S to subscribe or unsubscribe from issues

H to snooze

Cmd/Ctrl F to quick search Inbox view


Find your Inbox in the sidebar. The fastest way to get there is with the keyboard shortcut G then I, which takes you to the Inbox from any page.

The basics

View notifications

Scroll through the notifications in your Inbox using J / K or / while on the list or individual notification view.

From the list view you can take Inbox-related actions such as deleting or snoozing notifications as well as actions to update the issue properties. Right-click over an issue to bring the contextual menu with available actions.

Click into the notification to view the individual issue in a special Inbox view, from which you can take Inbox actions as well as make changes to the issue.

Inbox actions

You can delete notifications with Backspace, delete all with Shift Cmd/Ctrl D, or delete all read notifications by using Cmd/Ctrl D. Deleting notifications are one of the few actions that cannot be undone with Cmd/Ctrl Z.

Select a notification and then use U to mark as read or unread, Option/Alt U to mark all issues as read or unread, and H to Snooze the issue (more below).

To unsubscribe from an issue via the Inbox view, you must click into it first and then unsubscribe use Shift S, the button in the top menu bar, or the unsubscribe option in the Activity feed.



To snooze issues, type the shortcut H and then select an option or customize your own date and time. Hide or show snoozed Inbox items in view options and see all snooze options in the docs.

Quick search

Press Cmd/Ctrl F to bring up the quick search bar and then type to filter the list by title, issue ID, notification type, or assignee. It'll update the list to show only issues matching that search. For example, see only notifications where someone commented on an issue or issues that have been auto-closed by Linear. Esc will clear the search.

Display options

Open display options to update what properties are displayed on your notifications. You can also choose to hide or show snoozed notifications.