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New updates and improvements to Linear.


Project view visualized in a swimlane with Project Status as the rows and Target date (in quarters) as the columns


Swimlanes bring a powerful new way to visualize your projects and issues on the board view. This highly requested feature allows you to group cards into rows based on different dimensions and instantly see how work is distributed across teams, projects, assignees, and other properties.

Use swimlanes to:

  • View a high-level overview of the roadmap by quarter or team
  • Use simple drag-and-drop to reorganize, reassign, or update issues
  • Understand resource allocation across members of your team
  • Review work per project or assignee during a stand-up

To create swimlanes, open the display options from any issue or project board view and select grouping by Rows.

Display options UI showing new Rows selection option that you can use to create a swimlane

Protip: You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and update cards on board views without using your mouse. The following shortcuts are especially helpful when using swimlanes:

  • Move to the left or right column
  • Move to the top Shift or bottom Shift of the group
  • Move up K, down J, right , and left
  • Collapse/expand row T

See all shortcuts by opening searching for board in the keyboard shortcuts list.

New UI

Last week we revealed a refreshed design for Linear’s interface. We redefined the foundational layers of the application's design to improve the hierarchy, balance, and density of all interface elements. You can read about the changes and the design process in-depth in our two-part series: