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New updates and improvements to Linear.

The next generation of Linear projects

The next generation of Linear projects

We've redesigned projects from the ground up. You can now start projects in Linear when they are just an idea and centralize all of your project work in Linear through research, planning, and execution.

Closing the gap between planning and building

When planning a project, information often gets scattered across multiple platforms like docs, Slack channels, Figma files, and spreadsheets. This fragmentation can lead to data getting misplaced or outdated once work starts, placing a heavy burden on team members to keep project resources accessible and updated for everyone involved. Keeping stakeholders informed throughout the project's lifecycle is challenging.

Our new project design closes the gap between planning and execution. Now, you can now start, plan, and execute your projects entirely within Linear. All project information is consolidated in one place, making it easy to find what you need and establish a clear understanding of priorities and progress. Syncing data between planning documents and issues is now automated, removing the hassle of manual updates.

Project Overview

When you open a project in Linear, you'll now see an Overview tab. At the top you'll see project properties including the status, lead, team members, target date, and a quick description. You'll also see any documents that have been created in the project as well as links to artifacts such as specs, design files, and meeting notes.

The project overview with project properties, project docs and external links, and a description with issues and documents embedded

Collaborative, rich-text project descriptions

Project Overviews also have a project description that you can use while building out your project. During early phases of project development, you can use this space to jot down notes and ideas. Later, it can be transformed into a formal brief with a detailed description of the project. The text editor supports our full suite of functionality, such as building tables, @-mentioning teammates, issues, projects, and documents, as well as adding comments.

Milestones with descriptions

You can now build out a project's milestones directly from a project Overview page. Individual milestones support a detailed description with rich text editing and collaborative features.

Milestone with a detailed description including linked issues, a linked doc, and a comment

Turn text into issues and documents

To make the switch from building and planning easier, we've made it possible to turn text into issues or documents in a single click. Simply highlight text or a list of bullets to turn it into issues in the project. If the text is in the milestone description, issues will automatically be created under that milestone. You can similarly highlight text and turn it into a document linked to the project.

Highlighting a list of bullets in a project doc or description in the Overview will show an option to turn the bullet list into individual issues in the project

Attach views

You can now attach views to projects so that important issues are easy to access. They will show up as tabs pinned to the top of the project.

A project in Linear with attached views for Launch tasks and High priority bugs