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Linear 2022 Release

Built for scale

The default tool among startups now also powers a wide range of large established companies, including Vercel, Cash App, and Retool. To support product teams from early stage to global stage, we’ve been working on a Linear built for scale.


Next level project planning

Create multiple custom roadmaps to plan ahead and set the direction. Track and accelerate your progress along the journey with Project Updates and upgraded Cycle and Project Analytics.

The 2023 roadmap is active, showing a timeline view of projects like 'Advanced Security' and 'Analytical Reporting'.

Improved Roadmaps
Create multiple roadmaps, each with their own custom set of projects.

Roll projects up into initiatives, product lines, or quarterly goals.

Details about the Q4 Roadmap that includes 12 projects across 3 teams. Includes Scope per team, and Progress per team.
Analytics chart and details for Cycle 61, which had 115 points of scope. The data can be segmented by assignee, label, and project.

Cycle and Project Analytics

Introducing redesigned and upgraded progress insights for Cycles and Projects. See exactly what’s in progress and what is done.
A list of example project updates, including one for the 'iOS Application' project with the content: 'Great news: Apple has approved our app for TestFlight beta testing this morning.'

Project Updates

Write short status updates that keep everyone in your company up-to-date on the health and progress of your projects.
“We run a very large platform team that manages aggressive roadmaps with various points of cross-vertical intersections. These were very hard to coordinate until we used Linear.”
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Data to enhance your intuition

Building truly great products is both art and science. It’s part intuition and part data. To help with the data part, we are introducing a variety of advanced reporting and analytics features.

Two stacked panels of abstract graphs, isometrically skewed backwards and to the left.
An abstracted version of the data insights panel, plotting issue counts across asignees with a bar chart. The measurement, dimension, and segmentation can be changed with a dropdown menu.

Analytical Reporting
Take the guesswork out of product planning.

View deep, real-time insights into your workspace performance. Identify areas that need your attention and make informed decisions.

Available to Plus workspaces in early 2023.

An abstract illustration of the Linear logo with arrows going into the Airbyte logo, which is surrounded by fading green circles as if pulsing.

Airbyte Integration

Connect Linear to Airbyte and consolidate your data in data warehouses, lakes, and databases.Learn More →
An open dropdown menu on a 'Bugs' view. The 'Export issues as CSV…' menu option is hovered.

CSV Export

Export your work as CSV reports from any view, project, or issue list.
“Linear was the first tool that we successfully adopted as a company around organizing projects and tasks. It’s used across different teams from engineering to marketing to infrastructure and support.”
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Built for teams of any size

Structure tasks and teams with full flexibility. Collaborate across teams and departments, or with external stakeholders.

The Linear sidebar showing the exploring section, currently opened to the Design team, and the 'your teams' section, which includes Engineering and Magic Web Team.

Team management

Organize collaborators in teams while keeping your own workspace tailored to teams relevant to you. 
An open context menu with the 'issue type' option opened to a sub-menu that includes options 'bug', 'feature request', 'and 'improvement'. 'Feature request' is hovered and selected in the sub-menu.

Label groups

Create groups of single-select labels to better organize and standardize work across your company.Sign up for early access.
Part of the guest invitation interface, highlighting the option that you can invite members as Guests with limited access to teams.

Guest accounts

Invite contractors, external stakeholders, or other members with limited workspace access.
An open context menu with the 'issue type' option opened to a sub-menu that includes options 'bug', 'feature request', 'and 'improvement'. 'Feature request' is hovered and selected in the sub-menu.

Multi-team projects

Collaborate across functions and departments with multi-team projects.
“When an issue is added to Linear, it moves from the space of ideas to being actionable. That is aligned with engineering culture at Ramp.”
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Under the hood

Supercharged by Sync Engine

Meet the fastest, most reliable syncing we have ever created. Synchronizing information in real-time across all users, it keeps everyone on the same page. No spinners. No loading. No worries.

instant interactions
0x faster
initial load times
Reliability upgradeoptimized for large workspaces that need ultimate performance


Bring the magic of Linear to Notion with live previews for issues, projects, and views.

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GitHub improvements

Track who reviewed, commented, or requested changes on pull requests without leaving Linear.


Create issues and share a summary of your day’s work directly from your Discord server.

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Enterprise-grade security


SCIM allows large organizations to provision and deprovision users in Linear from their identity providers.

Domain claiming

Add an extra layer of security and keep your teammates in the right workspace by claiming a domain.

App approvals

Control which applications have access to your Linear workspace and workspace information.

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