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Customer Story


Drove value for our customers

Linear was the first tool that we successfully adopted as a company around organizing projects and tasks.

It’s used across different teams from engineering to marketing to infrastructure and support. We had buy-in across the organization because of the speed and how enjoyable it was to use.

From an engineering perspective, it’s been helpful to have the ability to standardize tools and processes. Default templates mean that rather than having to refer to a wiki on how to create an issue, the information is there when you need it. Cycles make it easy to keep track of work and automatically bump tasks to the next cycle if they get missed. We’re even able to get back to users faster when we fix bugs and ship features thanks to the GitHub automation which sends a notification once a PR is merged. We use Linear comments extensively. It’s the place where people have conversations and share updates — and we point to Linear as the source of truth.

Signature of Alex Tapper
Alex Tapper
Deployed Engineer