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Customer Story


Linear enables us to move fast

Linear keeps us quick and nimble, even as we scale.

Our team yearned for a straightforward approach to issue tracking. As we grew from a startup to a 1,000 person company, the tool we were using to manage our work just got more complicated. We spent hours each week maintaining it: rearranging roadmaps, decluttering lists of labels, and prioritizing issues. We realized that our old tool couldn’t manage our scale or workload, and started to slow us down, so we looked for alternatives. Every single project management tool we tried fell short—until we tried Linear.

Once we started using Linear, it all came together. Everyone loves using it. It’s fast. It’s so much easier to communicate about issues and projects, which is critical for a distributed company like ours with employees working across different timezones. We trust Linear as our single source of truth.

Even as we continue to grow, we’re moving faster because Linear keeps our workflows simple. We don’t have to spend time on implementing processes to manage work anymore. Our team can focus on what’s actually important: building our product.

Signature of Marcelo Lebre
Marcelo Lebre
President and Co-founder