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Public roadmap, call recorder and research repository for Linear

Marking a piece of customer feedback as solved by a Linear issue.
Close the feedback loop by associating customer feedback with Linear issues
Marking a piece of customer feedback as solved by a Linear issue.
Close the feedback loop by associating customer feedback with Linear issues
A changelog for the completed Linear project "Add Linear issues to changelog".
Automatically generate a beautiful changelog from your completed Linear projects
Productlane's public Roadmap with items under Q2 2022 and Q3 2022.
Customize a public Linear roadmap with a custom domain and theming


Complement Linear with a smart user feedback repository to close the feedback loop, a beautiful changelog that writes itself, and a customizable public roadmap. The app is designed to save you time and built exclusively for Linear.

How it works

The smart user feedback repository is a place for all user feedback that is not covered by Linear's integrations–for example, notes from sales calls, user interviews, emails, or chat messages. With customer segmentation and a smart mechanism to close the feedback loop, you can link the feedback with projects and issues from Linear and mark it as processed. As soon as the item gets done, the linked feedback will jump back into your inbox so that you can follow up, close the feedback loop, and make your users really feel heard.

This integration also creates a beautiful changelog that writes itself. When you mark a project done in Linear, we automatically create a changelog draft for you. With the click of a button, you can fill the draft with issues you completed since the last changelog, categorized by labels. If you want a beautiful cover image, but don’t have the time to design one, you can just upload a screenshot and then add a background gradient, border radius, and padding to the image directly in Productlane.

Make your Linear roadmap public for your users or just share it with your team to let everyone add feedback with a customizable public roadmap. Because you might not want to make everything public, we add newly created projects into a draft state in Productlane. From there, you can decide if you want to hide or show it on your roadmap. You can add your own domain and customize the colors of the roadmap in both light and dark mode.


Sign up for Productlane with your Linear account. To grant access the first time, you need to have admin rights. After that, all of your colleagues from the same Linear workspace can easily log in to Productlane to view and create feedback. Just send them the link to the Productlane login page.

Productlane needs read and write access so that you can view and create issues and projects directly from within Productlane. You can update access anytime in Linear's API settings.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building