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Jira Link

Use Jira link while trialing or transitioning to Linear so that you can use Linear while still keeping projects up to date in Jira.

If you are looking for a one-time import from Jira to Linear, use the CSV or API credential options in importer.
Linear and Jira logos

Some companies choose to import issues and switch immediately, while others prefer to trial Linear on a small team first or need some time to make the full transition. For the latter, we built Jira link. The feature lets you connect Jira projects to a Linear team so that issues created in Jira are simultaneously created in Linear. Once issues complete in Linear, they'll be moved to completed in Jira so that the project in Jira stays up to date.

G then S to go to Settings > Workspace > Integrations > Jira link

Enable the integration in Linear from workspace settings under Workspace > Integrations > Jira Link. Enter your personal access token, email address and installation or cloud hostname and then select which Jira project to link to which Linear team. For the installation or cloud hostname, remember to remove the http:// and anything after .net.

We've set up the integration so that Jira projects map to teams in Linear. You can link a Jira project to only a single team in Linear, but you can configure the integration so that multiple Jira projects create issues in one Linear team. The list of your Jira projects is fetched when the integration is first configured; if you have new Jira projects you need to link to Linear teams at a later date please reconfigure the integration.

Once the integration is enabled, anytime you create a new ticket in a linked Jira project, a copy of the same issue will be created in Linear. The Jira issue will include a link to the copied issue in Linear. The Linear issue will include the original title, description (including any embedded images), and a link to the issue in Jira.

New issues created through Jira link will be sent to Linear's Triage status if that feature is enabled, or to the first workflow status under Backlog if Triage is toggled off.

When linked issues are marked Completed or Canceled in either Jira or Linear, the linked issue will update status accordingly. Changing either issue's status in other ways will have no affect on its paired issue.

Outside of marking a Jira ticket as done when completed or canceled, no other updates will be made or shared to the corresponding Jira ticket. The Linear issue functions separately from the Jira ticket, not affecting the experience on either tool, while making it easy to keep progress updated in Jira while using Linear. This is intentional, as the feature is meant to make it easier to trial and transition tools, not to use both tools at the same time.

When issues assigned to a Jira user are created in a linked Jira project, we can map the Linear issue's assignee to the corresponding user in Linear. To take advantage of this feature, individual users in Linear must first link their Jira accounts to Linear under Settings > Linked accounts > Jira.

You can manually link to JIRA tickets from the ... menu > Add Link > Jira Issue, or from CMD K "Link Jira issue"