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We use Figma at Linear and our integration makes it easy for you to collaborate on design.

Linear and Figma logos

The Figma integration embeds artboards or files into Linear descriptions and comments. They can be previewed in Linear or clicked to open the file in Figma.

G then S to go to Settings

Paste the link to embed file

Click on files to open in Figma (no shortcuts)

To update the preview, use E to go into issue edit mode or select the more menu (three dots) to edit a comment, then hover to bring up the refresh button

Connect to Figma under Settings > Workspace > Integrations > Figma. We recommend that you do this in a browser and not the desktop client. Once connected, the integration will work across your full workspace.

Simply copy a link to a specific artboard or file and paste it into a Linear issue description or comment. We automatically convert the link into a design preview. Even if the file changes, the snapshot in Linear remains as it appeared when the comment or description was created.

Click to preview the embedded file without having to leave Linear. We currently support interactive in-app preview of publicly shared Figma files only. We're considering building support for private files in the future. We built this as a custom integration using Figma's API with their OAuth2 authentication instead of using their standard embed to create a faster experience.

By default, we do not refresh the Figma preview so that you maintain the context of related comments and issue descriptions. To update the preview, go into Edit mode in the issue or comment, then hover over the Figma file. You'll see a Refresh button appear, which you can click to pull the latest version. This action cannot be undone.

It can still take some time to load the files and is one of the few places in the app where you might see a loading icon.