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This integration lets you build custom automations to create or update Linear issues when actions are taken on other apps or using any of Zapier's triggers.

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Zapier is a good solution when you want to build automations or custom integrations for Linear but don't have the resources or time to create something with the API. It may even be more cost effective to build a workflow in Zapier than build something custom.

G then S to go to Settings > Workspace > Integrations > Zapier

Getting Started

Create a Zapier account and then create workflows using our Zapier integration. This integration is open source and you're welcome to contribute to it. Zapier has a free trial after which you're charged based on usage.

You can create workflows with apps such as Typeform, Gmail, Intercom, Google Forms, Discord, Airtable, Todoist, Productboard and more.


Build workflows

Our Zapier trigger can be combined with other app triggers or with Zapier's default triggers to build workflows and automations. For instance, you can set up a Zapier workflow that creates a Linear issue whenever a specific Typeform is filled out. You can use Zapier to create recurring issues (e.g. the same issue every Monday at 12pm).

We currently support the following workflows:

  • Create a new issue upon trigger
  • Create a new comment upon trigger
  • Trigger action when a new issue is created
  • Trigger action when a new comment is created

Issues created through the app also show up as created by “Zapier” and not the user who authorized the application.

Example workflows

  • Create a bug report when you receive an email message with specific keywords.
  • Create a new issue when a tag has been added to an Intercom conversation.
  • Let team members or clients outside of Linear create bug reports and feature requests via an online form.
  • Create an issue whenever a custom database query returns a new row.
  • Create a dealflow pipeline: use a form integration such as Typeform or Google Forms to create a new Linear issue with a custom description.

User-created Zaps

These Zaps were built and are maintained by Linear users, not us. We recommend you do your own assessment for security and permissions before using any third party products made for Linear. If you have a Zap and would like us to feature it here, reach out.