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Combine Linear with Slack for a powerful integration that keeps everyone in sync.

Linear logo and Slack logo
The Linear integration for Slack shows up in a few places in your Linear settings depending on what part of Linear's app it touches. We point out where to enable each feature below.

Create Linear issues from Slack messages and set up personal and channel-specific notifications. Create new issues using the /linear command or from Slack threads using message actions. When you share issue and project links in Slack, it’ll create previews below the link. This integration also enables anyone in your workspace to send team and project-specific notifications to Slack channels and receive personal Slack notifications.

/linear then Enter from any DM or channel to create issue. Only you will see the issue.

Click on the More actions menu (three dots) from a message or thread to create an issue. The new issue will be posted to a channel.

Connect to your Slack workspace to create issues from Slack messages, view expandable links, take issue actions from Slack, and set up Slack notifications.

Go to Settings > Workspace > Integrations > Slack to connect your Slack account to Linear. You must be a Slack admin to do this.

Once connected, anyone with a Linear account will be able to do the following:

  • Create Linear issues from Slack with the /linear command or message dropdowns
  • View expandable links in Slack that show key issue, comment, or project details
  • Take quick actions from Linear links shared in your Slack workspace
  • Enable personal Slack notifications
  • Send team and project updates to dedicated Slack channels

Slack notifications are configured in different places of the app. Anyone can configure them as long as the integration for Slack has been connected.

  • Set up team notifications from team general settings or from the integration settings page. Authenticate to Slack and then choose in what channel to post them.
  • Set up project notifications from individual project pages. Click on the bell in the titlebar on the top right of the app, authenticate to Slack, and then choose in what channel to post them.
  • Set up personal Slack notifications from notification settings. Authenticate to Slack and then choose which notifications to receive.

Type the /linear command into any channel or direct message to launch the issue creation modal. This does not work on threads.

You can also click on the more actions menu (three dots) to create an issue from an existing Slack message. Doing so will prepopulate the issue description field with the content of the message. This works on channel and direct messages as well as message threads.

If you use the /linear command, only you will see a Slack message that the issue was created and it will not post an update to the Slack channel. If you create an issue from a Slack message by clicking the more actions menu (three dots), a notification with a link to the new issue will be posted to the channel.

Team notifications will post updates to a specific Slack channel when issues in that team are created, receive comments, and/or update status.

We recommend creating a separate #linear or #linear-team channel in Slack for these updates, especially if you choose the option to post status updates (we post every time an issue status changes).

Project have two types of notifications: Slack channel notifications and personal notifications.

Project Slack channel notifications will post updates to a specific Slack channel when issues in that team are created, receive comments, and/or update status.

Personal notifications for projects are not directly tied to Slack. They'll subscribe you to receive a notification whenever an issue is created in a project, which you will get in the Inbox (and personal Slack notifications if you have set those up to receive those in notification settings).

Receive the same notifications in Slack that you normally get in Inbox, email, or desktop push notifications. Once enabled, the notification settings page will let you choose which issue, project, and team updates you want to receive via Slack. A Linear app will appear under Apps in your Slack workspace which is where these notifications will be sent.

Once you've connected the integration for Slack, we'll show expanded links anytime you post issue or project links in Slack.

Issue links show the issue title, description, status, assignee, and creation date. They also give other Linear users in Slack the option to update the assignee, comment on the issue, and subscribe or unsubscribe to the issue directly from Slack.

Project links in Slack will show a preview with the project name, description, status and target date.

Go to workspace settings to quickly import your team's favorite emoji to Linear. This is great for building team morale and creating a consistent experience in your team's workflow no matter which tool you're using.

Separate from the integration, you can also join our community on Slack! Find the Join Slack link in the avatar drop down menu or click here. We have a community of Linear users who share tips, feedback, and discuss how they're using Linear with their team. There's also an #api channel for people building apps on our GraphQL API.