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Combine Linear with Discord for a powerful integration that keeps everyone in sync.

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Create issues and search for them from the Discord app. The wrap command will post a summary of your day's work in the channel.

/linear issue to create an issue in Linear

/linear search to search and then post an issue

/linear wrap to share a summary of your issue updates in the last 24 hours


Connect to your Discord server to create issues from Discord messages, search issues, and use the wrap command.

Integration setup

A Linear admin must first enable the integration for the workspace. One they have, you can go to Settings > Workspace > Integrations > Discord to connect your Discord account to Linear. Every Linear user must individually link their account in order to use the Linear integration in Discord.

Once connected, anyone with a Linear account will be able to do the following:

  • Create Linear issues from Discord with the /linear issue command.
  • Search and display Linear issues in Discord
  • Post a wrap, a summary of your days work, in your Discord channel.


Create issues

Type the /linear issue command into any channel to create a Linear issue. You will need to fill in the issue title and team and you will also have the option to add a description, status, assignee and project.

Search issues

Type the /linear search command into any channel to search Linear issues on your workspace. The application uses the same search as the app, so you can search for issues by issue ID or words in the title, description, or comments. Once you select the relevant issue and click enter, this will be posted to the channel for all members to see.

Post your daily wrap

Type the /linear wrap command into any channel and click enter to post a summary of any issues you started or completed in the past day.

Link Discord messages in Linear issues

  • Click on contextual menu icon to the top right of the issue
  • Click Add link
  • Click Discord message

Unlink issues

You can remove a Discord link from the Linear issue by right-clicking on the issue attachment.

Filter for Discord links

From any Linear view, you can filter by issues linked to Discord messages. Click F then select Links and then select Discord.