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The Notion integration embeds Linear issues and projects into Notion pages. They can be previewed in Notion or clicked to open the file in Linear.


Paste a link from Linear into Notion and follow the setup steps. Alternatively, Connect to Notion from within Linear under Settings > Workspace > Integrations > Notion. Each user in a workspace wishing to use this integration must set it up individually.

If desired, multiple Notion workspaces can be connected to the same Linear workspace.


Embed files

Simply copy a link to a specific Linear issue or project and paste it into a Notion document. Choose whether to paste the link as a rich preview, a less detailed mention, or the raw URL.

Open files

Click the preview, mention or URL to open the associated data in Linear.

Refreshing mentions and previews

By default, we do not refresh the Linear preview so that you maintain the original context in Notion. To update a mention, click "Reload mention." To update the preview, hover over the embedded content, click on the overflow menu in the top right of the content block, and click "Reload Preview" to pull the latest version. After updating, references cannot be restored to the prior version.