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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Similar Issues

Issue creation modal showing possible duplicate issues

Similar Issues

We now use AI to surface existing issues in your workspace that may be duplicates or related issues. When creating a new issue, you’ll see possible duplicates appear under the issue modal. If it’s a duplicate, you can quickly turn your issue draft into a comment on the canonical issue instead.

If your team uses Triage, you’ll see similar issues appear above the issue title when the triage issue matches other issues in your workspace. You can take quick actions to mark the triage issue as a duplicate of the similar issue (with the keyboard shortcut 2) or reference the similar issue in the triage issue.

If you use our Zendesk or Intercom integrations, you’ll also see related issues appear whenever creating a linked issue from the integration, so that it’s easy to review issues related to the customer problem or feature request.

Overview sidebar for Views and Roadmaps

We added sidebars to custom views and roadmaps that show you essential details and let you quickly filter issues. On custom issue views, the overview will show you how issues are distributed by assignee, label, and projects. On project views, you’ll see how projects are spread across leads, teams, roadmaps, and project health. Similarly on individual roadmaps, you’ll see a breakdown of projects by leads, team, and project health. Select a value in the table to filter the view or roadmap to just those issues or projects.

View Owners

You can now assign an owner to custom views. You’ll see the owner displayed when looking at views in a list and in the overview sidebar for any issue or project view. By default, the creator is the view owner but you can change the owner from the overview sidebar.

Rich embeds

We're making improvements to the editor, starting with adding more control over how links appear. When adding an external link, we now give you the option to insert it as an ordinary link, a preview with thumbnail, or a rich embed where possible, including Figma, Loom, and Descript.