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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Templates for Slack, Intercom & Zendesk

When creating a Linear issue from Slack, the template dropdown shows three available templates: Bug report, changelog, feature request

Slack templates

You can now apply a template when creating an issue from Slack, so that it is easier to follow best practices and capture information for issues such as bug reports and feature requests.

Add templates to your Slack integration from workspace template settings or the Slack settings page. You can make up to 5 issue templates available in your Slack integration, which any Linear members in your Slack workspace can view and apply when creating issues from Slack. If you have a default template set for your team, it will show up as an additional (6th) template option after the team has been selected.

When using a template, any fields set in the template will be pre-filled for you such as the assignee, label, project, status, and description. If your issue template has sub-issues, they’ll be created automatically with the parent issue and can be edited in Linear.

Intercom & Zendesk templates

We’ve also added templates to Intercom and Zendesk to make it easier to follow your existing workflows and file high quality bug reports and feature requests coming for your customers.

Like with Slack, you can choose up to 5 issue templates to add to your support integration. Enable the desired templates for your integration from workspace template settings or any team template settings page, or from the templates section in the Intercom or Zendesk settings pages. Once enabled, they’ll become available in those applications in the Linear sidebar under Templates. When applied, the template will pre-fill available fields such as title, description, status, and label as well as create sub-issues when applicable.