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Get visual feedback and bug reports from apps and websites directly in Linear

Userback interface showing a "send to Linear" button
Convert your user feedback into a Linear issue with a single click
Userback interface showing a "send to Linear" button
Convert your user feedback into a Linear issue with a single click
Userback interface showing a submission modal to create Linear issues
Create Linear issues manually or automatically from Userback


Cut out the back and forth of feedback collection and assessment by 70% with Userback's visual feedback and management platform.

This integration connects your web-app or website to your Linear projects via Userback's feedback widget. Get your users and colleagues to report issues, feature requests and general software feedback with annotated screenshots, video recordings, session replay, and technical metadata, without leaving your app or site.

Userback is designed to support Product Managers and software teams crush their most challenging product goals by fixing bugs faster and building software users love with user validated ideas.

How it works

Userback is the visual feedback solution that makes it easy for software teams to collect bug reports and user feedback from inside their apps with annotated screenshots and video recordings.

Allow users and clients to submit feedback directly on your site or web-app and automate the flow directly to where you work in Linear.

Assess feedback faster with rich metadata insights like OS, browser version, resolution, DPI and more and skip the developer back and forth. Complete the picture by automatically attaching full session replays so your team can see every scroll, zoom, and click that lead to an issues instantly saving over 70% of bug investigation time.

Use the widget to collect general or feature request feedback and collect user-validated ideas to introduce into your roadmap and build products users actually want.

Close the feedback loop with high-value customer submissions with private and public feedback portals, or automatically trigger follow-up notifications for CSM teams.

Built for developers, designers and product managers, Userback will save you time by managing feedback for all your web projects in one place.


Sign up for a Userback account and connect your Linear workspace. Once connected you simply select the Linear project that you'd like to send your feedback and bug reports to.

To further automate your workflow, you can choose to automatically send new feedback from Userback to Linear as well as synchronize status changes.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

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