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A browser extension for Linear. Create Linear tickets, auto-complete with all the debugging information developers need, right from the tab you're on.

Meet Jam, the fastest way to do bug reports.
Meet Jam, the fastest way to send screenshots & recordings to Linear
Meet Jam, the fastest way to do bug reports.
Meet Jam, the fastest way to send screenshots & recordings to Linear
Create a jam, then send it straight to Linear or share a link with your team.
You can screenshot, record, annotate, and send to Linear, all from the tab you're on
Debug and add comments directly from jam reports.
Jam always auto-includes browser & device info, url and debug logs for devs


Jam cuts your bug reporting time by 20x. With Jam, you can quickly capture your screen and send screenshots and screen recordings to Linear tickets in just two clicks. Every Linear ticket you create with Jam automatically includes device and browser information, page URL, console logs and network requests to help your engineers debug and fix issues faster.

Jam is used by product managers, designers, founders and QA engineers to bug bash so bugs never hit customers. Jam makes it fast for you to capture bugs and UI tweaks, and fast for engineers to debug - so you can all enjoy a more productive day and a bug-free product.

How it works

Jam is a browser extension that makes it extremely quick to capture front-end bugs and UI tweaks and send them to Linear. With Jam, you can capture a screenshot or recording, annotate it, and send it to a new Linear ticket in a few clicks.

While capturing a bug with Jam, you can configure all Linear fields like project, assignee, and labels right from the Jam modal. Every Jam bug report in Linear automatically includes all the information developers need to debug: browser info, device details, page URL, repro steps, console logs and network requests.

One special feature is Jam lets you rewind and create a Linear issue of a bug that just happened. When you encounter a bug, click Share your last minute and Jam will rewind your screen and create a bug report for you, complete with developer logs.


Install Jam's Chrome extension by visiting Jam will ask you to authenticate into Linear. Any team member of a Linear workspace can set up the integration.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building