Project updates

Project updates enable you to keep your team members informed regarding the health and progress of a project.

Project updates view in Linear

Project updates are short status reports that keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your projects.

Project updates consist of two main components, a health indicator that provides a high-level signal of the current state of the project and a rich text description to provide more in-depth information on the status and progress.

Project update health indicators

To configure Project Updates for your workspace, click G followed by S to open your workspace settings and click into Project Updates to change settings.

You can also set the cadence of project update reminders here. Reminders will appear in the project lead's inbox at the specified weekly cadence.

You need to be a member of a project to post an update. If you are already a member, click into "Updates" in the top right of a project view and click on the edit icon here to post a new update.

If you are not a member, click Cmd/Ctrl I to open up the project details and click into Members here to add yourself as a project member.

Add new project update in Linear

Project updates appear directly on the roadmap, giving you a clear and structured progress overview of all projects in your workspace. Just click into the Updates icon to view previous updates.

You can also click into project updates when you are viewing projects in a specific team or when viewing one specific project. Just click into the same Updates icon in the top right of your view.

You can turn on project update reminders for project leads in your Project updates settings. Once turned on, you can decide the frequency reminders should be sent as well as the day they should be sent on. These reminders will show up in your Linear inbox and you will receive email notifications if these are turned in your Notifications settings.

You can add these notifications and customize which Slack channel they go to in Project updates settings or in Slack integration settings.

Alternatively, to turn on notifications for one specific project, click on the bell icon in the project view and then click into Slack notifications. Once here, you can turn on Slack notifications for project updates and choose which channel you would like the updates to be posted in.

You can read more about project notifications in general here. If you don't have the Slack integration already set up, you can read more about how to do this here.

How we work: The project lead adds weekly project updates. As well as viewing these in Linear, we have these set up to appear in a specific channel in our Slack workspace. We can then easily discuss each update in a Slack thread originating from the original posted message and/or in our weekly syncs.