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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Faster sub-issue creation

Linear issue with an applied template, showing Changelog issues and sub-issues applied

Faster sub-issue creation

Previously, when you created issues in Linear, it wasn't possible to add sub-issues unless you opened the issue in full screen editing mode. We've improved the issue creation flow so that you can quickly add sub-issues from the modal as well.

Press Cmd + Shift + O to add sub-issues and start breaking the parent issue down into smaller chunks of work.

This new fast sub-issue creation flow is also available in full-screen issue creation flow. Press V to open the full screen editing view, then use the shortcut to add sub-issues without needing to save the issue first.

Templates with sub-issues

We've added sub-issues to issue templates. Now, you can break down your issue template into smaller sub-issues. This works for both team and workspace level templates. To apply a template, use Ctrl Option Shift T from the modal or Option C from the full screen view.

Calendar preferences

If you prefer that your calendar starts on Mondays, now it can in Linear. We've added a personal preference for what you'd like the first day of the week to be in the date picker. Date pickers across the application will respect this choice. Visit your account preferences to customize this setting.

New website

After months of explorations (our design file became so big, it broke Figma), we finally shipped a new homepage:

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] Added an option to filter projects on slug ID
  • [API] Your user account will no longer be subscribed to issues when creating comments using actor=application via an OAuth application
  • Fixed a bug preventing proper mapping or inviting by email when migrating users from another system in the Migration Assistant
  • Fixed a bug where we showed a zero-count link badge on an issue in a view if it had no links attached to it
  • Fixed a bug in the team selector in the invite members dialog
  • Long emoji names are now properly truncated when shown in suggestions
  • Choose when to automatically reopen Intercom conversations that are linked to a Linear issue
  • Fixed a problem with some keyboard shortcuts not working in some views including My Issues and Views
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent typing a space character in some filters
  • Fixed an unnecessary prompt when closing an issue that had not been changed
  • Improved handling for Escape in full-screen issue creation and fixed double confirmation
  • Improved logic when applying a template when using with a template ID defined
  • Fixed an issue where snoozed notifications would not immediately disappear from the Inbox
  • Improved position of the Settings Back button in the desktop app
  • Fixed a double scrollbar on project details on Firefox
  • Fixed support for the Europe/Kyiv timezone and fixed the spelling of Kyiv in the timezone selector
  • Fixed an issue that caused some editor content such as user and document mentions not to be indexed in search
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips would take too long to open
  • Fixed errors when running out of disk space and navigating to an issue whose comments hadn't yet been loaded
  • Issues now have an Open in new window option and shortcut in the desktop app
  • Guest users will now be suspended if your workspace cancels your subscription
  • Fixed a problem where comments and issue history would take longer to load if a user was removed and then re-added to a private team
  • Fixed a bug where notification filters would show up multiple times in the list
  • Fixed a problem with the duplicate issue action duplicating only one level of sub-issues
  • Fixed a bug where the icon input in project details was partially hidden
  • Fixed a problem where clients would retain ghost issues when issues were moved from a public team to a private team
  • Fixed a bug where the Started value would be wrong in the legend of cycle or project graphs
  • Fixed a bug where project names would get too little space in roadmap lists
  • Fixed a problem launching Linear in private mode on Firefox
  • Fixed a bug causing the Slack welcome message to occasionally be posted unexpectedly
  • Improved logic around applying templates to existing issues
  • All projects are now accessible through the O P shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where the header area became undraggable when a list was scrolled
  • Fixed project reminders being sent even if reminder frequency was set to never
  • Slack notifications will now show the correct actor if the action that generated the notification was taken by a third-party application