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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Graph improvements & Cycle capacity

Cycles view with graph displaying work in progress

Graph improvements

We've enhanced graphs on project and cycle views. They now have separate lines for Started and Completed issues and show you more details around what types of issues were completed.

Previously, the progress line in graphs reflected the sum of completed issues and partial completion of any started issues. This could be confusing, so we've split them into their own lines. This lets you see exactly what is being worked on and what is done.

On top of that, we've added additional content to the cycles graph and sidebar. We show you how much scope was added or removed since the start of the cycle. You can see how a cycle's issues break down by project, label, and assignee, as well as what percentage of issues in those categories have been completed. We are also introducing interactions with those graphs, you can now hover over them to see the exact values of scoped, completed and started issues over time.

Cycle capacity

We've added functionality to help you plan your cycle. Cycle capacity shows how many issues or estimate points you should be able to fit into the cycle based on your team's velocity.

The capacity is calculated from the completed issues or estimate counts from your three previous cycles. If no cycles have been completed yet, we calculate a very rough estimate on capacity based on your team size.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Cmd/Ctrl N in the desktop app now opens the new issue interface. To open a new window use Shift Cmd/Ctrl N .
  • Some element borders are now thinner on retina displays
  • Fixed paging over archived issues
  • Comment drafts are now persisted across navigations and reloads
  • You will now be prompted to save comment draft changes before navigating away
  • Fixed a missing link from a board issue widget to a cycle
  • When creating custom views with Triage issues, the view now correctly shows all issues before the view has been saved
  • Roadmap now opens the All tab by default
  • Improved copy in collection filters
  • Project and cycle are now inherited from the parent issue when converting a checkbox list to sub-issues
  • When two links are added to an issue in quick succession, they will now be shown as two separate entries in the issue history log
  • Logos for integrations will now be better displayed when they are used as the avatar for issue actions
  • Fixed overflowing text in project lists
  • The character = will now be removed from Git branch names if it is present in an issue title
  • Fixed a crash when passing description to the new issue url (
  • Selected issues in the list can now be exported as CSV
  • Issue search results can be exported as CSV
  • We will now only include the first message from an Intercom conversation in the comment body when linking an existing issue to an Intercom conversation
  • Ctrl A / Ctrl E shortcuts now work correctly on macOS for text blocks that contain mentions and links
  • A Windows shortcut to move cards between columns on a board Alt /Altchanged to Ctrl /Ctrl