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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Linear SDK

Linear Typescript SDK

Over the past couple months we have been working on a Javascript/Typescript SDK for our GraphQL API. While GraphQL is getting more and more popular, it's still often easier to pick up a good SDK and not worry about writing queries manually. This is exactly what our SDK does, and it's actually auto-generated from our GraphQL API and offers full type definitions for Typescript. You can also use it with regular Javascript and either in client or server environment. The SDK is open source and available in our GitHub.

We have also updated our developer documentation: ->

Zapier updates: Comments

We have updated our Zapier integration to include better support for issue comments. With the latest Linear application in Zapier, you'll be able to trigger zaps from newly created comments, and you'll also be able to create comments for issues. We also simplified the payloads for create actions.

Fixes and improvements

  • [API] Added new scope, comments:create, for adding comments
  • [API] Comments now include their URL in the API response
  • When re-focusing a populated search field in the sidebar, you're immediately taken to the search page again
  • Imports with no issues will now show as completed rather than perpetually in progress
  • Fixed the bug causing imports to fail with a "User mapping doesn't exist" error
  • Pressing Tab now indents the cursor properly inside a code block
  • Fixes to applying template assignee and status to issues
  • Fixes to issue ordering when moving issues between board columns
  • Fixes to conversing text into italic with markdown shortcuts