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Connect Linear tickets to Thena requests and receive updates on status changes

Thena integration selecting Linear issues
Thena integration selecting Linear issues
Thena app updating with status changes
Thena searching for Linear issues
Linear issue in Thena


Linear tickets and Thena Requests are seamlessly integrated to ensure any updates or developments on tickets are promptly communicated back to the corresponding Request, facilitating efficient collaboration and tracking across platforms.

How it works

Thena's integration with Linear streamlines communication between teams by linking tickets and requests seamlessly. Through OAuth authentication, users can connect their Thena workspace with Linear, allowing for efficient tracking of changes and progress on tickets. With each ticket created or modified in Linear, corresponding notifications are relayed back to the associated request in Thena, ensuring all stakeholders stay informed.

By pasting links to existing Linear tickets in the internal triage thread or request drawer, users can effortlessly attach them to requests. Additionally, the integration allows for the creation of new Linear tickets directly from Thena's interface, simplifying the process further. Whether initiated from the request drawer or Slack's additional actions modal, newly created tickets are automatically linked to their respective requests, fostering a cohesive workflow between platforms.

Thena's integration also supports the attachment of multiple Linear issues to a single request, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of customer context. Conversely, users can link multiple requests to a single Linear ticket, enhancing collaboration and visibility across teams. With notifications spanning changes in status, titles, due dates, and more, teams can stay updated on ticket progress without leaving their workflow, ensuring efficient resolution of tasks.


The Linear Integration works on the User Token that was used to connect to Linear. This means that the new tickets created on Linear will come in as the user who authenticated the app on Thena.

If you re-authenticate with a new user, all subsequent tickets on Linear will start showing up with the new user.

We recommend that you create a service account on Linear e.g so it's easier to identify that the tickets were created via Thena.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

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