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Get detailed issue reports from your app directly to Linear

Creating issues from Shake's app
Creating issues from Shake's app
Bug reports have useful metadata with Shake such as device and version
Linear issue created from Shake showing device information


Shake is an all-in-one reporting tool for mobile apps. To report an issue — a user shakes their phone, describes what’s wrong, and taps submit. All the data is collected automatically and compiled into reports that can be sent to Linear instantly.

Every Shake report in Linear automatically includes useful data developers need to debug: device info, screenshot, permissions, metadata, and more.

Shake also has a two-way sync feature that lets Shake and Linear communicate. For example, changing the status of a Linear issue will automatically update it in Shake.

How it works

Shake helps speed up debugging. Users and testers can report issues instantly, without any manual hassle. Each report comes pre-filled with over 50 data points and can be forwarded to Linear instantly. They include device info, permissions, a complete history of taps, network requests, and logs to help fix them faster.

Shake is used by app devs, product managers, founders, and QA engineers — with the purpose of saving time spent squashing issues and preventing bad user reviews. Issues are now easy to identify, and even easier for developers to solve.


Integrate Linear with Shake by visiting Dashboard › Apps. You’ll be asked to authenticate Shake.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

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