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Get accurate estimates for your next sprint with for Linear issues interface showing voting options for estimates
Estimate Linear issues with ease in interface showing voting options for estimates
Estimate Linear issues with ease in
Choosing Linear issues in
Choose from recent issues or search from the topic editor
PlanningPoker voting
Vote and find consensus


Use the planning poker technique to get everyone on your team involved in the estimation process. brings the team together in a real-time estimation session, connects to Linear for easy ticket selection and helps the team find consensus on effort and story points. Effortless estimation on the web, in Teams, Zoom, and Webex.

How it works

Planning projects is difficult, especially when you are working remotely. During a planning meeting, teams estimate projects/cards while sitting around a table and showing hands-on the count of three. This worked well before the pandemic, but it's not so efficient in the remote world. This app moves the planning meeting into your meeting window, making estimation effortless and accurate.

Create real-time voting rooms and invite others in your team to vote collaboratively, find consensus easily and discuss edge cases.
Set up custom card sets that match your SCRUM setup, prepare issues to vote on in advance & manage voting order.

Customize your avatar, modify room permissions & generate summaries with ease.


Create a room or join an existing room on
Click Menu > Integrations or "Edit topic" > "Import", choose "Linear"
This will open the Linear authorization screen, you should give consent.
Linear is now integrated, issues from your history will show up in the topic editor autocomplete field.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building