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n8n’s next-gen, node-based approach lets you build workflows with more sophisticated logic, with the possibility to write and run custom JavaScript code

Selecting parameters in the Linear node
Selecting parameters in the Linear node
Choosing the trigger event types

Overview helps you design automations that extract, transform, and load data between your apps and services.

How it works

n8n offers two Linear integrations: the Linear node and the Linear Trigger node.

The current Linear node supports the following operations:

  • Create an issue
  • Delete an issue
  • Get an issue
  • Get all issues
  • Update an issue

The current Linear Trigger node supports the following events:

  • Comment Reaction
  • Cycle
  • Issue
  • Issue Comment
  • Issue Label
  • Project

Use the n8n Linear nodes to build workflows that automatically manage your issues or notify you on time about your project progress.


Visit the Linear integration page and Linear Trigger integration page on n8n to learn how to configure the nodes and get started with workflow automation.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building