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Turn user feedback into Linear issues to keep your team in sync and auto-sync statuses between Hellonext and Linear.

Create new issues with Hellonext
Create new issues with Hellonext
Link Existing Linear issues on Hellonext
Automatically linked Hellonext posts in Linear


This integration helps you close the customer feedback loop by keeping your team and your customers in-sync. Create new Linear issues from Hellonext posts, link posts to existing Linear issues to have key information synced between Hellonext and Linear. Automatically update customers when new features are shipped or bugs are fixed with status sync between tools.

How it works

The Linear for Hellonext integration is simple yet powerful. Once you install Linear on Hellonext, you'll see a Push to Linear button on the post sidebar which will allow you to trigger the Linear issue creation workflow.

When you click the Push to Linear button, you have the choice to choose which project the issue should be created in, who should be assigned to this issue and customize title and description. Once an issue is created on Linear via Hellonext, you will see a link back to the Hellonext post which gives you easy access to the posts on Hellonext when you need them.

Alternatively, if you would like to link an existing Linear post on Hellonext, you can do so by searching for the Linear issue, and simply clicking on Link button. It is as simple as it can get to keep yourself, your customers and your product team in-sync.

When you don't specify a project, all new issues create via Hellonext are automatically created under Triage view (if you have Triage enabled on Linear).


An administrator on Hellonext can connect Linear with Hellonext under Organization Settings from Admin Dashboard. Once you successfully integrate, Linear buttons will appear in appropriate places to allow your team to create new issues on Linear via Hellonext.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building