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Develop an impact-oriented strategy

Doubleloop interface
Map out your strategy to see correlations
Doubleloop interface
Map out your strategy to see correlations


DoubleLoop is a visual strategy mapping platform that connects your work and metrics to give you a real-time dashboard of how your strategy is performing. Use it to send out automated reports and analyze how your strategy can be optimized.

DoubleLoop customers such as product and growth teams at Amplitude and SpotHero have used DoubleLoop to:

  • Discover metrics they thought were important were actively hurting their business
  • Find work initiatives that were not aligned with the company objectives and successfully refocused efforts on more critical areas
  • Realize two different teams were actively trying to move a metric in opposite directions
  • Increase company-wide morale by enabling better autonomous decision-making

How it works

Pull in work from Linear to DoubleLoop so you can map your work to your objectives, KPIs, and more


Create a DoubleLoop account and connect Linear from the DoubleLoop integrations page.

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building