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The first step to using Linear is to create a workspace for your team.

Linear workspace switcher

Your workspace is your home in Linear and where all issues and interactions live. Within your workspace, you'll create teams to group people who work together, create issues in specific teams, and use cycles and projects to define sets of work.

We recommend that companies stick to a single workspace as that's the conceptual model we use when designing the product. When you create your workspace, we'll automatically create a default team with the same name and you can create additional teams later in settings.

G then S to go to settings to configure workspace settings or invite members

Option/Alt Cmd/Ctrl Q to logout

Cmd/Ctrl K to search and find actions to switch workspaces

You'll be prompted to create or join a workspace when you create your account. If you're an admin, visit workspace settings to add a workspace logo and configure settings and integrations.

Admins will be able to edit the roadmap, add or remove members, import or export issues, change plans, and view or update billing information. Settings is also where you'll configure workspace-specific integrations including GitHub and GitLab, Slack, Figma, and Sentry. These can be configured by anyone in your workspace as long as they have the requisite permissions from the integrated service.

By default, your workspace will be on the free plan which means all members can access admin functionality including adding and removing members, exporting data, and deleting teams and the workspace. Upgrade your workspace anytime under Plans to define admins and access additional features such as Google Sheets.

You can delete workspaces under settings if you're an admin (or on the free plan). This is irreversible so do so please do so with caution.

You can create multiple workspaces in Linear under a single account (e.g. tied to a specific email). If you're using Linear for different purposes such as work and personal issues, we recommend you create these workspaces under separate Linear accounts. Click on your workspace name and then select Add an account from the dropdown **if you'd like to switch between workspaces under different email accounts. You'll be able to switch between workspaces–even those under different email accounts–without having to log out of any of them.

Generally, we recommend companies work within a single workspace. Some companies choose to create multiple workspaces as a workaround for stricter permissioning.

Go to Settings > Workspace > Import/Export to export your workspace data in CSV. Alternatively you can export data using the GraphQL API