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Login methods

We offer multiple ways to login and options to restrict login methods for added security.

Image of the login options available when opening your Linear app for the first time


For free and Standard plans, members can login to their workspace via Google SSO or email codes. Upgrade to the Plus plan to restrict login methods or configure SAML.

Option/Alt Cmd/Ctrl Q to logout

Cmd/Ctrl K to search and find actions in the command menu


Google SSO

Members can authenticate into Linear using Google authentication if they have a google email address. It's possible to login with email even if you've created the account via Google SSO, simply follow the login instructions once you select that option. On the Plus plan, it's possible to restrict login to only Google SSO.

If you login with Google, it'll be as secure as your Google email account (we recommend using 2FA).

Email login

If you do not use Google SSO or prefer email login, you can login via email with email codes. Every time you login, we'll send you a login code to your email. The desktop app and browser should keep you logged in unless you logout of the app, clear history/cookies on the browser, or use private browsing mode.

Restrict login methods

For added security, you can force members to only use Google SSO or only use email. Read more about restricting login methods.


For SSO & SAML or to force login with Google, we offer a Plus plan that requires members to login through an identity provider such as Okta, Google, OneLogin and more. If you have SAML enabled, you can login through your identity provider's website or by selecting the SSO & SAML option on the login page. This is available on the Plus plan only.

Switch accounts and workspaces

You can login to multiple accounts in Linear and switch between workspaces without reauthenticating. To add an account, click on your workspace name in the top left corner to launch a dropdown, then select Add an account. To switch workspaces, open the same menu and select the workspace.

Change emails or update domains

If you'd like to change the email address associated with your Linear account, open up Settings > Profile and click the edit icon when hovering over your email to follow the steps.

If your company is changing domains and you'd like to change all emails in your workspace, please reach out to us at from the existing domain and let us know the domain you would like to change to. Even if you have just a few users impacted, reaching out to us so we can process the domain change will ensure you don't run into any problems along the way.