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Login methods

We offer multiple ways to login and options to restrict login methods for added security.

Image of the login options available when opening your Linear app for the first time


Linear provides several options for members to log into a workspace and allows for different tiers of restriction methods for added security.

Log-in methods

Google authentication

Members can authenticate into Linear using Google authentication when using a Google supported email address.

Email login

When selecting Continue with Email as the log-in option, an email will be sent to your inbox with a link to log in, or copy the provided login and paste it into the "Enter code" field on the login page.

We recommend whitelisting and/or as trusted senders in your email settings to ensure login emails reach your inbox.


Passkeys allow a secure and fast login without having to rely on passwords. They are supported by all major browsers, mobile operating systems, and many password managers like 1Password. You can register multiple devices to login via passkey from My Account > Security & Access.


With SAML enabled, members can login through their identity provider's website or by selecting the SSO & SAML option on the login page.

Once SAML is enabled, all members are required to log in using SAML. Attempts to log in using Google or email will result in an error (it will appear below the Continue with Email option or through your identity provider's website. The exceptions are:

  • Admins can log in through all methods, even with SAML turned on.
  • Guest accounts will continue to login through the email or Google login methods.
SAML SSO is available on the Enterprise plan, only.

Restrict login methods

Admins can require specific login methods to allow for all members. This setting can be managed by navigating to Settings > Workspace > Security.

Login restrictions are on paid plans, only, with IP restrictions available only on the Enterprise plan.

Additionally logins can be restricted to specific IPs to enable an extra security layer for accessing Linear. Once set, all direct user access to Linear, including web, desktop, mobile, and API access, will be limited to the set of configured IPs.

Ip restrictions setting

Update your email domain

To change your email and/or email domain associated with your Linear account:

  1. Go to Settings > My account > Profile.
  2. Click the pencil icon when hovering over your email address.
  3. A pop-up box will appear for you to enter the new email address you want to switch to.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to both old and new email addresses. You need to click both in order for the new email address to be confirmed.
Changing an email address will change the email address for all workspaces using the old email address. If you want to change the email address for just one workspace, we suggest inviting that email as a new user and leaving the workspace from the old email user.

If your company is changing domains and you'd like to change all emails in your workspace, please reach out to us at from the existing domain and let us know the domain you would like to change to.

Logging out

For security purposes, when signing out of a workspace in a given location, you will be signed out of all other sessions, requiring you to log back in next time you access Linear elsewhere.