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API and Webhooks

The Linear API together with webhooks lets you extend Linear's functionality beyond what we provide out of the box.

Linear logo and an logo representing the API


Linear's public API is built using GraphQL. It's the same API we use internally for developing our applications. Linear webhooks allow you to receive HTTP(S) push notifications whenever data is created or updated. This allows you to build integrations on top of Linear.

G then S to go to Settings > Account > API to create API keys, create webhooks, and manage OAuth applications



You own your data in Linear and our GraphQL API lets you query all of that data. In addition to querying, Linear has full support for mutating all entities. Any mutations you make via the API are observed in real-time by all clients, giving you immense powers when writing your integrations.

Go to the API section under general settings and read the linked API documentation. Use the generator on that page to create personal API keys. This will let you query and update data available to your user account. For more information, see the API documentation:

For more in depth documentation visit If you have a question the docs don't answer, post it in the #api channel in our Slack community.


Our current webhooks support issues and comments. We plan to support more data objects in the future. Some examples of how you can use this include to trigger CI builds, perform calculations on issue data or send messages on specific conditions. Read more about Linear Webhooks in our webhook documentation.

Read the documentation linked under API in general settings and then from there configure webhooks. The configured URL will be called whenever any issue or comment in that team is created or updated. You'll receive the entire data object as the payload. We'll also let you know what the previous values for all changed properties were.

Third-party apps

Third-party integrations created for Linear can be found on our integrations directory.