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Enterprise plan subscribers with SAML SSO enabled can opt to enable SCIM for their workspace. SCIM, or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is an open standard that allows for the automation of user provisioning.

Security Settings page for SCIM in the Linear app


If you have SAML SSO enabled with a supported identity provider, you can contact us to get SCIM enabled for your workspace on the Enterprise plan subscription.

Once SCIM is enabled, you will not be able to manage users from within Linear, they will be kept up to date through your identity provider.


Upgrade to the Enterprise plan

Contact us to upgrade to the Enterprise plan and enable SAML SSO.


Once SAML is configured and our team has enabled SCIM for you, you will see the option to enable SCIM in Settings > Security.

Enable and test

Toggle the option to enable SCIM, and click "View configuration" to get your SCIM base connector URL and Bearer Auth token. Keep these values safe as you will need them to configure SCIM in your Identity provider.

  • In the Okta admin pages, open the Linear application you have for SAML 2.0
  • In the General tab, click Edit and choose SCIM in the Provisioning section and Save
  • In the Provisioning tab, enter the SCIM Base connector URL you generated from Linear
  • For the Unique identifier field for users section enter email
  • For Supported provisioning actions you can enable "Import New Users and Profile Updates", "Push New Users" and "Push Profile Updates." Push and Import for Groups are not supported at this time
  • For Authentication mode field, choose HTTP Header and enter your Bearer token generated from Linear. You can now test the configuration and save