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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Board Ordering

The new board ordering menu, with Priority selected.

Board Ordering

We are adding the option to choose between different board ordering preferences. Previously, it was only possible to order issues on a board manually. With this change you can now order issues on your board by priority, creation date, due date, or many other options.

You can find these Board Ordering choices in the “View Options” in the right uper corner of your issues view.

When issues are orderdered by a specific property, you are able to drag them between different columns of your board. The position of the issue within a column is determined automatically. This ensures that the order of your issues is consistent across list and board layouts.

Cycle Descriptions

We are adding the ability to add short descriptions to cycles. When planning a cycle, use the description field to specify a goal or focus area of the cycle so that everyone on your team is aligned.

Fixes & Improvements

  • [API] OAuth apps can now provide a custom avatar URL when creating Comments or Issues with a custom user name
  • [API] You can now specify createdAt dates in the past when creating issues and comments
  • It's now possible to filter by team in inbox even when using project updates
  • Fixed a few places where the outline for focused elements would be truncated
  • Reduced the amount of "New version available" messages you're likely to see
  • Improved logic when duplicating an issue with sub-issues, now all children inherit a team and a project from the parent issue
  • Improved accuracy of search results when querying an issue number without the team identifier
  • Default milestones are no longer created when Roadmap feature is being toggled on
  • Correctly display integration logos and names in the inbox if those are responsible for sending the notification
  • Fixed bug where Shortcut imports could be missing stories that were not in projects
  • Issues snoozed from the API are now correctly hidden when the "Show snoozed" filter is disabled
  • Document suggestions with the same name now include the associated project name
  • We improved the search matches when searching for issue identifiers while mentioning an issue
  • Fixed a bug where using the "match any filter" option with a state filter would yield incorrect results
  • Fixed intercom integration showing an error for conversations without linked issues
  • Improved error handling when commenting on an issue
  • Links to issues in private teams no longer include the issue title in the URL
  • We now show instructions when attempting to enable desktop notifications in Brave with push service disabled
  • Users can now be filtered by username in more places across the app.
  • Unassigned Intercom conversations will now remain unassigned after they are reopened by Linear
  • Updated formatting for Intercom notes produced by the Linear Intercom integration
  • It's now possible to filter by estimate even if some teams in the view have estimations disabled
  • Fixed a problem when pasting content into placeholders
  • Fixed a bug where clicking refresh in a Figma embed would open the Figma link
  • Fixed a styling issue when accepting triage issues on small screens
  • Fixed styling issues in cycle and project badges on boards when using a larger font style
  • Fixed an error that caused archived issues to be selectable when referencing active issues
  • Fixed a bug where filters would not be correctly applied on inbox
  • Fixed project updates notifications not properly marked as read in the inbox
  • Fixed images in issue descriptions synced using Jira Link not transferring over properly
  • Fixed long threads of comments being cut offinwhen printing the issue page
  • Fixed a problem where cycle history wasn't correctly calculated when the team had estimates disabled
  • Fixed the styling of new issues in board views
  • Snooze actions now appear when typing "remind" in the command menu
  • Completed issues are no longer reopened if a linked GitHub PR is edited
  • Cycle details now have tooltips detailing the exact time when a cycle starts and ends
  • It's now possible to select items from the different columns on a board
  • Fixed copying branch name from issues with special characters in issue titles
  • If issue creation fails for some reason, we recover the issue so that you can try again
  • Fixed an issue where you weren't able to close certain modals when text inside was selected
  • Fixed an issue where project update reminders were sent to some orgs with the never setting
  • Linear issues created automatically by the Sentry integration now correctly links from Sentry to Linear
  • Issues imported from GitHub will no longer sometimes lose images in their descriptions
  • Fix a bug showing the emoji reaction button on the wrong comment when hovering one with the cursor
  • Improved CSV export and handling of null values
  • Changed minute marker in short date format from 'm' to 'min' to avoid ambiguity with 'mo' (month)
  • Escape key in fullscreen issue editor now unfocuses the editor
  • Fixed "Delete team…" option showing to users that do not have permissions to do so in contextual menu
  • The "Copy image" action is now correctly disabled on browsers that do not support it