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New updates and improvements to Linear.

New desktop app

new desktop logo featuring Linear's circular white logo with faint grid lines and glow over a purple square background

New desktop app

We released a new version of our desktop app. In addition to under-the-hood updates, we've made visual changes to the application and other small updates to make the app feel more native-like. This includes a translucent sidebar for macOS, which can be customized in account settings. To celebrate the release, we worked with @Gavmn to create a new icon.

You can download the app here if you haven't already. Existing users should receive the update automatically.

Improved board navigation

We've added more keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to move issues on the board view. We already supported moving issues to the top or bottom of a column with and . Now you can also move issues one position up or down with and . To move issues between columns, use and . These keyboard shortcuts work to move a single issue or groups of issues.

Help Center

We've upgraded the help center to make it easier to find and access information when you need it. To open the help center, press ? from anywhere in the app or by typing help in the command line. It will bring up a sidebar with a search box and three key sections: articles from the Linear Guide (our user documentation), workspace and team settings links, and keyboard shortcuts related to your help center search. We pre-fill the results on some views, for example, showing you cycle-related articles and shortcuts when you open the help center while viewing cycles. From here, you can also access links to go to the Slack community, view the changelog, and send us a message.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added ability to copy URLs of multiple issues in the clipboard
  • Improved performance of the command menu
  • Improved the look and feel of code snippets across our website
  • Ordering and grouping issues by status now have issue states sorted in the same order
  • Duplicating an issue in a team with a default template no longer displays the default template instead
  • Fixed a problem with actions being triggered while modal views are open
  • Fixed a problem where filtered cycles were not pre-selected cycle when creating an issue
  • Fixed the users' suggestions popup logic to show only active team users
  • Fixed missing prompt message when closing a new issue with pre-filled data
  • Fixed the notifications email digest being sent too frequently
  • Fixed a bug where project board views would show statuses from other teams
  • Fixed parsing of code blocks when creating a new Linear issue from a Slack message
  • Fixed a bug causing issue imports of stale issues to appear not imported with comments
  • Active issues created from Slack will now be properly added to the team's active cycle if that setting is enabled
  • Clarified the pricing structure of paid Linear plans
  • More images across the documentation, changelog, and blog now display alternate text
  • Fixed duplicate actions sometimes appearing
  • Disabled git integration settings for non-admin users
  • Fixed a bug that caused issue creation through Sentry to fail if no priority was set
  • Fixed a bug where the app could use a lot of CPU
  • Fixed triage issue snoozing
  • Clicking the button to upload files will no longer remove focus from the input
  • Added possibility to copy a list of issues as a markdown list
  • When a comment is edited and a mention to a user is added, that user is now correctly subscribed to the issue
  • When searching for issues in an action, issues with quotes and other special characters in their title will now be matched more accurately
  • You will no longer lose item focus in list view when performing actions
  • and history navigation events no longer fire while text inputs are focused in the Mac app
  • Find more information across our website navigation
  • Teams in context menus are now filterable by their identifier
  • Improved the transition-animation of the command menu
  • When moving multiple issues, the Toast now links the issues that were moved and the team that the issues were moved to
  • Linear is hiring to bring magic back to software through our new Careers page
  • Setting due dates on issues is now undoable
  • You can now assign workspace labels via the "Add labels..." action to multiple issues from different teams
  • Toasts won't close as long as you hover them with your cursor
  • Images across our website load significantly faster
  • Fixed a sync problem that would occur under specific circumstances and could get clients out of sync
  • Updated notification wording to make it more clear when issues were auto-closed by Linear
  • Added support for yaml and xml in code blocks
  • [Zapier] Added priority filtering for new and updated issue triggers
  • [Zapier] Fixed setting issue priority on the create issue action
  • [API] Empty teams will no longer mistakenly return members
  • [API] Exclusive filters will now also match null references
  • [API] Error messages for invalid queries are now more versatile and consistent
  • [API] User queries now support filtering by active and admin properties
  • [API] Fixed an issue where issues created with a cycle but no status would be removed from the cycle